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Ten Best WordPress 404 Page Plugins to Redirect and Log Errors 2021

Are you afraid of errors on your WordPress platform? Well, most of the time, we do not like errors. But, sometimes, these errors are useful in creating value for the visitor or the webmasters—one of the similar errors in the 404. The infamous 404 has a very vibrant history, and I guess you already know the meaning of the term 404 as you landed on this article.

Today, we will list the best WordPress 404 error plugins that spice up the error page. But before moving on, I like to discuss the 404 error term.

Client-Server interaction takes place by exchanging useful information over the internet. But, sometimes, the client can request something that the server has no clue of. All other interaction takes place successfully, but the server could not return a resource that the user/client is looking for. To tell the visitor about the mishap, the 404 error is shown, which means that the requested resource cannot be found.

The error message can seem overwhelming for many of the non-tech visitors, and there comes the role of the Best WordPress 404 error plugin.

So, why the wait? Let’s start the list of Best WordPress 404 error plugins. The plugin will help you cope with the 404 pages in a structured manner.

Best WordPress 404 error plugin

1. WP 301 Redirects

WP 301 Redirects

WP 301 Redirects is our top pick when it comes to 404 page plugins. The plugin helps you reverse your traffic loss and works on bringing in new users and increasing conversions.

With WP 301 Redirects, you can be sure that all of your visitors will find their way to your new URL. Whether your old one had a typo in it or changed it, this plugin successfully redirects each user to the correct site. Also, you don’t have to worry about bots finding your page because WP 301 Redirects takes care that all bad bots are ignored.

Furthermore, the plugin will monitor any changes in post or page URLs and automatically create a redirect rule if the change occurs. As a result, the users won’t hit the dreadful 404 pages but will rather access the correct website.

Since the performance, statistics, and analytics are an important part of any website; WP 301 Redirects comes with built-in charts to get all of the information about your performance. In addition, the plugin is straightforward to use and you have fast and reliable support at your disposal, which you can contact at any time.

2. WordPress Ultimate Redirect Plugin

WordPress Ultimate Redirect Plugin

WordPress Ultimate Redirect Plugin is an amazing 404 control plugin. With the help of the plugin, you can control the different aspects of the 404 web page. In addition, the plugin comes with pre-defined themes to choose from, with each of the elements configurable.

Moreover, the plugin lists the web pages that get the 404 redirections. Once they are found, you can easily use different redirections such as 301 or 302.

The 404 page contains a search option, and the plugin also captures the search terms for understanding what the visitors are searching for.

Download || Demo

3. 404page


404 pages are linked to the theme, and we all know that customizing the 404 pages requires custom coding and programming skills. This can be quite overwhelming for many of us, and there comes the role of 404page.

The 404page enables you to customize the 404 pages just like any other page of the theme. You can also choose to set any page as the 404 pages and see the magic roll in front of your eyes.


4. All 404 Redirect to HomePage

All 404 Redirect to Homepage

Suppose you are looking for a simple solution for the 404 error page. Then the plugin, “All 404 Redirect to HomePage,” can work for you. This simple plugin uses the SEO 301 redirection technique to redirect all the 404 pages to the homepage.

According to the author of the plugin, it helps to make the website much more SEO-friendly.


5. Genesis 404 Page WordPress Plugin

Genesis 404 Page

The theme 404.php template file is tough to customize, and with different themes providing different 404 pages, the proposition becomes more complex. However, with the help of the Genesis 404 Page WordPress Plugin, you can easily configure the 404.php template.

The plugin only works with themes that the Genesis Framework powers.

6. AskApache Google 404

AskApache Google 404

Google love optimize SEO page, and you can also have optimized 404 pages with the help of AskApache Google 404.

The plugin handles HTTP errors in a structured manner and provides a Google search bar on the 404 error page. Additionally, the plugin utilizes advanced techniques such as Google Search APIs, AJAX code, and other SEO-optimized techniques to make the 404 web page as SEO-friendly as it can be.

The latest update has also included the option of adding recent posts and related posts. In addition, you can also choose to enable the Thickbox for instant previews.

7. 404 to start

404 to Start

404 to Start is similar to the plugin; All 404 Redirect to HomePage. It redirects all the 404 web pages to the start page using permanent or temporary redirection.

The choice of redirection can be either 301 or 302.

8. Google 404

Google 404 Plugin

No one denies the power of Google and the importance it plays in searching content. Now, you can also add the Google search to your 404 web page. With this, the visitors can easily search for what they are looking for.

But, it has one drawback. The drawback is the user will not stay within the website.

9. Smart 404

Smart 404

Smart 404 is one of those plugins that can automatically eliminate the need for the 404 error pages. Instead, the plugin automatically searches the website for similar articles or blog posts and diversifies the user to that specified page.

With this, the users won’t be able to see the annoying 404 pages and, at the same time, read something similar that they were looking for.

So, How is it useful? First, it reduces the bounce rate of the website and hence increases visitor retention.

10. Easy 404 Redirect

Easy 404 Redirect

Unlike the plugin that I discussed above, which redirects the 404 web page to the start page or website homepage. Easy 404 Redirect plugin gives you the choice of redirecting the 404 web page to any other page of your liking.

This way, you can redirect the 404 web page to your landing page or any other page that can bring more visibility to your website.

Wrap Up

There are tons of other errors that you can come up with in WordPress, but the only error that is common and most frequent is the 404 error. The partial reason can be either a server issue(deleted previous content that the user is now trying to access) or a client problem(trying to access resources that are not present in the very first instance). Whatever may be the reason, it is a nice tactic as a blogger or WordPress webmaster to take care of everything, including the 404 error page.

The error page plugins make it easy for visitors to understand the message and in an enjoyable manner. The plugin discussed here will eradicate all the problems that a website can go through the 404 error page. Therefore, our top recommendation is definitely WP 301 Redirects, a plugin that will be a solution to all your problems.

Do you like your default WordPress 404 error page? Do you want to customize it? Then, the above-listed resources will help you to get started with it.

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*Last updated 01/04/2021

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