30+ Creative Typography Pinterest Boards for your Inspiration

The beautiful thing about art is that it never ceases to reinvent itself; it takes up a new form and instils creativity into those who seek it. We have witnessed Responsive designs, Material/Flat designs and the likes during these past few years in mobile and web designing. Another key design trend that definitely caught attention of many designers and art admirers alike is Typography. Typography is a beautiful way to arrange Fonts in an aesthetic manner that inspires creativity among its audience. Many web design agencies and designers make the most of this Typography scheme to impart authority and cultivate their creativity. It is also one of the best sources for design inspirations to designers on a creative block. What could be a better outlet for design inspiration than Pinterest!

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Pinterest quickly grew to become one of the most influential websites of the modern times and with millions of users on board, a design inspiration is just around the corner. Pinterest is all about the visual artistry in its different forms and nothing captures it all together better than this beast of a social network. You can easily find thousands of Pinterest boards on Typography and get inspired. We will save you the pain of sifting through all of those Typography boards and here you will find only the best of all those boards to get inspired with Typography.

Get inspired with our round-up of the Best 30 Typography Pinterest Boards.

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Daniel Bear Hunley | Typography & Lettering | 438 Pins, 1,443,751 Followers

Daniel Bear Hunley Typography Pinterest Board

Follow Daniel’s amazing Typography and Lettering Pinterest board for getting inspired with his designs. Cool Typographies with handwritten fonts and dynamic backgrounds make Daniel’s pins irresistible for those looking for creative inspiration.

Mike D | Typography | 682 Pins, 1,613,714 Followers

Mike D Typography Pinterest Board

Mike D’s Typography Pinterest board provides a creative blend of beautiful minimalistic designs paired with amazing Typography and Lettering fonts. Follow his board for some creative inspiration in the way typography is made use of in real life.

Rosie Simons | Typography | 437 Pins, 453,374 Followers

Rosie Simons Typography Pinterest Board

Rosie Simons’ Typography Board On Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for many creative designs, based on Lettering fonts and Minimalistic Typography designs. Get your dose of a plethora of beautiful Typography fonts collection, curated perfectly by Rosie.

Victor Kowalski | Typography | 243 Pins, 174,400 Followers

Victor Kowalski Typography Pinterest Board

Victor Kowalski has perfectly curated some of the best Typography based designs and portraits. This Typography board is exceptionally awe-inspiring. Among some of his best board, this Typography board gets a lot of attention from many people due to the designs contained within.

Nathan Strange | Typography | 152 Pins, 939,843 Followers

Nathan Strange Typography Pinterest Board

Nathan Strange’s Pinterest Board on Typography is a perfect amalgam of beautiful typography layouts and the way they are finding a place in our daily lives. Many of the designs are real-life examples of Typography layouts in use and his number of followers stand testimony to the quality of images shared on his boards.

Gabriella Freire | Typography | 98 Pins, 768,613 Followers

Gabriella Freire Typography Pinterest Board

Gabriella Freire’s amazing Typography Pinterest Board is a collection of some of the best Minimalistic approach to design. Amassing hundreds of thousands of followers, Gabriella’s Typography design pins are just as creative and fun as it could get.

Elizabeth Anne Designs | Typography | 377 Pins, 25,468 Followers

Elizabeth Anne Designs

Elizabeth Anne’s Typography board on Pinterest is an interesting and inspiring collection of the Typography designs and layouts put to their best use. Clean, minimalistic and uncluttered, Elizabeth’s pins could bode well for you if you are on the look for some minimalistic Typography design inspiration.

Samee Lapham | Typography | 1,365 Pins, 85,154 Followers

Samee Lapham Typography Pinterest Board

Samee Lapham’s Typography Board on Pinterest is a perfect combination of minimalistic and full-fledged design layouts based on Typography and Lettering fonts. A great stop to grab some Typography inspired designs on Pinterest.

Andrea Giordano | Typography | 1,223 Pins, 116,665 Followers

Andrea Giordano Typography Pinterest Board

Andrea Giordano’s Typography board on Pinterest is another great source of inspiration for those looking for inspiration in Typography layouts. Her pins are a blend of both the minimalistic approach to Typography and also the fun and colourful side to it.

K. Holt | Typography | 5,855 Pins, 84,282 Followers

K Holt Typography Pinterest Board

K Holt’s Typography boards on Pinterest are a beautiful and awe-inspiring collection of some of the best portrait designs that you could ever find. These designs will show you paths less travelled in the field of Typography layouts and designs.

Shot of Ideas | Typography | 4,135 Pins, 328,155 Followers

Shot of Ideas Typography Pinterest Board

Home to more than 300,000 followers, Shot of Idea’s Typography boards is on of their most followed Pinterest boards. Trendy Typography designs with a twist to them are what you’ll often come across in their 4,000+ pins on this board alone!

David Hellmann | Typography |92  Pins, 242,968 Followers

David Hellmann Typography Pinterest Board

David Hellman’s Typography Board on Pinterest take a unique approach to Typography layouts and designing. Here you will find a better source of Typography inspiration, with designs not particularly common everywhere.

Schnittenfittig | Typography | 530 Pins, 273,435 Followers

Schnittenfittig Typography Pinterest Board

One of the best Typography pins by Schittenfittig could be seen above. This Typography board on Pinterest is a perfect amalgam of design, storytelling and Typography to inspire creativity in their audience.

Itziar San Vicente | Typography | 643 Pins, 143,841 Followers

Itziar San Vicente Typography Pinterest Board

Itziar San Vicente’s Amazing Typography Pinterest Board is all about the use of Typography and Lettering layouts in inspirational quotations and awe-inspiring backgrounds.

From up North | Typography | 1,795 Pins, 45,182 Followers

From Up North Typography Pinterest Board

From Up North’s Typography Pinterest Board features a collection of al possible types of Typography layouts, ranging from minimalist to ornate and outlandish designs.

Ruslan Maszkow | Typography | 1,117 Pins, 403,569 Followers

Ruslan Maszkow Typography Pinterest Board

Ruslan Maszkow’s Typography board on Pinterest is a more playful way of looking at Typography layout designs. From funky, playful to minimalistic approach to Typography, you will find your hunger for such designs fulfilled at this Pinterest Board.

Design Quixotic | Typography | 3,501 Pins, 111,921 Followers

Design Quixotic Typography Pinterest Board

Design Quixotic is another one of the best Pinterest Boards on Typography and Letter forms. You will find all kinds of Typography layouts and handwritten forms in an awe-inspiring layout at this Pinterest board.

Kat Allen | Typography & Lettering | 1,135 Pins, 73,744 Followers

Kat Allen Typography Pinterest Board

Kat Allen’s Typography & Lettering board on Pinterest is a beautiful collection of eye-catching and mesmerizing designs based on Typography and handwritten fonts. Playful use of words and the Typography layouts make a great case for this Pinterest board.

Elisha Schnell | Typography | 474 Pins, 22,962 Followers

Elisha Schnell Typography Pinterest Board

Elisha Schnell’s Pinterest Typography board is exactly what one would call a perfect blend of minimalistic Typography layout and handwritten fonts. With inspirational text and backgrounds, Elisha’s Pinterest Typography board is something every designer should take note of.

Andrew ‘Oyl’ Miller | Typography | 1,320 Pins, 14,845 Followers

Andrew Oyl Miller Typography Pinterest Board

Andrew Oyl Miller’s Typography board on Pinterest is strikingly inspiring to even the regular of eyes, who aren’t much art seekers. An eye-candy for designers is what this Pinterest board is all about.

Courtney Blair | Typography/Lettering | 2,866 Pins, 9,691 Followers

Courtney Blair Typography Pinterest Board

Courtney Blair’s Typography board on Pinterest is a beautiful play on Lettering fonts and Typography layoouts, perfectly blended onto striking backgrounds.

Future Tomorrow | Typography | 1,092 Pins, 1,642 Followers

Future Tomorrow Typography Pinterest Board

Future Tomorrow is another popular Pinterest user, whose Typography board with over 1,000 pins draws attention from the likes of many users. Peculiar and strikingly inspiring Typography designs form the part and parcel of this Pinterest Board.

SmallBlackRoom | Typography | 2,388 Pins, 11,010 Followers

SmallBlackRoom Typography Pinterest Board

SmallBlackRoom’s Typography Pinterest Board could be a great source of inspiration for anyone looking to find solace in Typography and Lettering font layouts.

Inspiration DE | Typography | 1,095 Pins, 4,388 Followers

Inspiration DE Typography Pinterest Board

Beautiful, artistic and inspiring designs are abundant on Inspiration DE’s Typography Pinterest Board. This Pinterest board oozes every inch with awe-inspiring artwork.

Christian Antolin | Typography | 1,204 Pins, 41,645 Followers

Christian Antolin Typography Pinterest Board

Christian Antolin’s Typography Board on Pinterest speaks of inspiration and beautiful typography layouts everywhere. Monochrome Typography layouts paired with striking attractive ornate designs make up this Pinterest Board.

Valerie Jar | Typography | 346 Pins, 2,207 Followers

Valerie Jar Pinterest Typography Board

Valerie Jar’s Typography Pinterest Board is an amazing collection of nature’s depictions in the form of Typography and Lettering fonts. Strikingly inspiring, this Pinterest board oozes of beauty in every inch.

Peter Hong | Typography | 516 Pins, 36,261 Followers

Peter Hong Typography Pinterest Board

Peter Hong’s Typography board on Pinterest showcases some of the best designs in Typography and Lettering fonts. You can also come to face with some beautiful artworks on Chinese lettering fonts at this Typography board.

Willowday | Typography | 94 Pins, 26,882 Followers

Willowday Typography Pinterest Board

If you are looking for some inspiration based on Typography and Lettering fonts, Willowday would be one great Pinterest Typography board that should be added to your list.

Jocelyn Melisa | Typography | 180 Pins, 25,311 Followers

Jocelyn Melisa Typography Pinterest Board

Jocelyn Melisa’s Typography Pinterest Board is a work of art and you would find many Typography works associated with natural elements in her Typography board. An inspiring work of blending nature with Typography are some of the common pins you would find on her board.

Cici | Typography Fonts |1,290  Pins, 203,480 Followers

Cici Typography Pinterest Board

Cici’s Typography board on Pinterest is a beautiful and inspiring collection of Typography and Lettering font based designs. With some quotes and beautiful backgrounds thrown into the mix, you are in for a round of inspiration through her Typography Board pins.


What do you think about these Typography Pinterest Boards? Did any of your favourite Typography board went unmentioned in this list? Feel free to share your favourite Boards in the comments section below and Inspire Creativity.

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