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18+ Best Free Hand Drawn Fonts

Hand drawn fonts are quite the trend right now, everyone wants to do something unique. These are nothing less than a work of art and have their own appeal. They add a lot of quirkiness and human feel to any project. More and more designers are using it in their projects. Fonts play a large role in the look and feel of the content of the website or any design. Apart from making your website or designs unique, it also adds a personal touch and makes the design stand apart from the crowd.

These fonts also fit perfectly in guides, storyboards or online tutorials where hand drawn fonts are used to pull the reader’s interest as well as make it easy to understand things. Hand drawn fonts are used in comics as well as illustrations, nowadays some of the websites are hand-drawn style and sketchy.

If you’re not in a mood or you have paucity of time to draw your own set of unique fonts, you can easily download these fonts and use in your projects. Check with the creator before you use it for a commercial project, there might be clauses. We bring you a list of 18+ best free hand drawn fonts for you to use in your design projects, websites or anywhere you need.

Docallisme on Street

Docallisme HAS

Docallisme on Street was created by an Indonesian designer Amry Al mursalaat. It is a quirky graffiti style font that can be used to make a bold statement.

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Sweet Pineapple

Sweet Pineapple

Sweet Pineapple was created by Jenn Coyle, it is a beautiful hand-drawn serif font. The font set contains uppercase, lowercase letters, common symbols and numbers. The font is perfect for any website or headline or body copy. The font is available to use for free or in commercial projects with attribution back to MediaLoot.

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FFF Tusj

FFF Tusj

FFF Tusj is a handwritten version of Georgia created by Magnus , it works best in projects that require bold, large letters or to highlight something. The font is available for free as well as commercial use.

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My Turtle

My Turtle

My Turtle by Billy Argel is a fun hand-drawn font with outline effects. It is a playful design and is available for free use.

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Skinny font

Skinny is a popular hand-drawn design created by the artist known as notfon1234. As the name suggests, the letters are thin and has spacing and characters. The font can be used for any commercial projects.

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LeHand Font

Lehand is the first font created by the Mexican designer, Ferdie Balderas. The playful handwriting style font is perfect to use for your next design project or experiment.

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Before Breakfast

before-breakfast font

Before Breakfast is designed by Simon Stratford in under 10 minutes, he designed the font on an iPad app iFontMaker after being challenged to create a font with the app under 10 minutes. Simon designed the font before his breakfast under 10 minutes hence the name given to the font. The design is styled like a slab font and can be used in any design project or headlines.

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Mawn’s Handwriting

Mawns Handwriting fonts

Mawn’s Handwriting is created by the well-known graphic designer Mans Greback. The designer specializes in logo, fonts and typography; the font is free for personal use. The font set contains uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols.

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Scribulous Scrawlin’

Scribulous Scrawlin font

Scribulous Scrawlin’ is designed by Alphabeta85, it is a chalkboard style handwritten font. The font set contains Capitalized, non capitalized, numbers, symbols and punctuations. The font is only available for personal use.

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Hell Yeah

Hell Yeah Font

Hell Yeah is designed by Ramiro Baldivieso, it is a cool and quirky hand drawn font inspired by rock and roll music and motorcycles. The font is absolutely free for use.

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Very Berry

Veryberry Script Font

Very Berry is a created by webdesigngeek, it is chalkboard style hand-drawn font. The font has open type features and works perfectly with open type aware software.

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Fortune Hand Written Web Font

Fortune was created by Nathan Brown, the font is cursive with a childish, sloppy charm. Fortune has a unique design, letters have a chunky shape. The font set contains uppercase, lowercase, common symbols and accented letters. The font is free to use for both personal as well as commercial projects with attribution back to MediaLoot.

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Version Type

VersionType A Free Font

Version Type is a sans-serif font created by the veteran designer Victor Coreas. The font is condensed, playful and loose. It is available in uppercase, lowercase, vowels and punctuation. The font is available for personal use, students or non-profit organizations.

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Sketch Slab

SketchSlab Webfont

Sketch Slab font is created by Tony Thomas, it is hand-drawn serif font that is perfect for headlines or can be used in collages. The font is available in uppercase, lowercase, numbers and common symbols. Sketch Slab font is free to use for personal as well as commercial use with attribution back to MediaLoot.

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Architect’s Daughter

Architect's Daughter font

Architect’s daughter was created by Kimberly Geswein, the font is inspired by architectural grids. It is a neat design and can be used for any personal projects.

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Sketch Block

Sketch Block font

Sketch Block was designed by Likas Bischoff, the font is bold and perfect for headlines. The font is eye-catchy and is available for personal use.

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Journal font

Journal is created by Hans Gerhard Meier, the design is perfect for journals. It is one of the popular designs by the designer. The font set includes Uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters.

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Mink Type

Mink Type Free Font

Mink Type was created by New York based art director Filiz Sahin. Mink type is a quirky, hand-painted design by using brush tools in illustrator. The fonts have 3 variations, uppercase, lowercase and you can also create a custom design.

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Final Word

Hope you like this list of hand-drawn fonts, the collection is hand-picked and features some of the coolest designs. Let us know in the comments if you use any of these fonts for your net project or you’re one of these designs. Feel free to suggest fonts that you find cool and should be in this list according to you.

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