Designing a Website for Dentists? Here’s What You Need to Cover

People from all walks of life now refer to the internet to get information about stuff that matters to them. Where to eat the best hamburger? Which hotel offers the cheapest overnight stay? Which of the cars available on the market today are efficient? 

Given that, professionals such as home improvement specialists, handymen, painters, and even dentists should start making their online presence felt. If you are tasked to create a website for a dentist or group of dentists, there are elements or features that you should never leave out. We discuss these items here, and we also explain why they’re important.

Easy-to-Navigate Website Design

Nowadays, there are a lot of people who are interested in starting their own website. Sure, they have all these great ideas to share, but not a lot of them know how to package these ideas into readable web design and format. This is perhaps the main reason you should pay considerable attention to the website design and layout. 


You can make the dental professionals’ lives easier by having their websites designed on certain platforms such as WordPress and even Blogspot, which already has a host of templates that are designed with ease of use in mind. Through these templates, you can share articles, infographics, and even video demonstrations. Just make sure, though, that the content is really easy to understand. 


If taking care of website design tasks is too much, you can seek the help of online businesses that focus on website design. Some of them are even niche-specific, so they develop designs solely for dental websites and similar pages.

Informative On-Site Blog

As mentioned in the introduction, people go to the internet for information and guidance. If you are putting up a site that promotes dental professionals, it’s not enough to just share their contact details so that bookings can be made. Obviously, these details are a given, and we don’t even have to talk about them so that you incorporate them in your design! Besides contact details, you also have to be engaging, and you can only do that if you share informative content.

Reserve a space on the website for easy-to-read blog posts where the dentists themselves or those who are familiar with their work share details that readers might find useful. They might discuss remedies for dental plaque and other common issues. The articles might also be about recent breakthroughs and findings in dentistry. 

Why bother with these things when they do not directly translate to money? Informational content makes the website authoritative. It makes the people behind it appear legitimate and knowledgeable about their business and domain. And websites that are perceived as having expertise and authority are ranked well on Google, hence they become more visible to their target audience.

Clear Information and Testimonials about the Dentists

Needless to say, it’s really important to share details that really convince the readers or viewers to use the dentists’ services. In very visible parts of the page, put short articles or text that succinctly describes the dentists’ credentials and experience in the field. This will make them look more credible to people.


In addition to that, it also helps to add testimonials from previous patients. This extra detail makes the dentists more human rather than just a name on the screen. 


Creating a website is a systematic process. It should maximize the use of each element that is incorporated in the design. When you as the designer have a solid understanding of what contribution each element has to user experience, you are surely on the right route to creating your first viral content for your clients.

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