6 Amazing Medium Styled WordPress Themes Best for 2020

Since you’re here so you’re aware of what Medium is but in case if you don’t know about then your blogging career is just started yet (no matter how long you’ve been here). The kind of content and media files they share is truly awesome but this isn’t the only reason behind its Medium’s success. The whole web design is also there at the base.

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If you’re looking to drive your WordPress driven blog with the same kind of theme then you probably got to be looking for Medium styled themes. And here is the compilation of the same.

I had found all Medium styled WordPress themes and filtered out best. You just need to go along the list over here and I’m sure your search meets the end here.

Although there are many other neatly and similar designed themes available but still the addiction Medium styled one got is isn’t that durable. The one reason that comes at top is the simplicity which makes the theme to look gorgeous.

There are also many other impressive features that are part of the original package which you may or may not find in these pseudo ones but I’m sure you’ll find some satisfactory results.

Let us begin with the list now and I hope you find at least one theme to look forward with. Here is your favorite brunch.

#1 Flytonic


This Flytonic theme over here not only copies design elements from Medium but also from Exposure which are both highly popular websites. You need to pay $69 for it and if you wish to know one good reason to buy it then you should trust other 10k users who already bought it. It comes compatible with high resolution display and you can off course expect better support and free upgrades in near future.

The theme package is fully responsive and even Retina ready and also optimized for Search Engines to ensure higher rankings easily. It also comes integrated with All in One SEO Pack (plugin). It comprise of very clear, clean, simple yet elegant design which is fully customizable. Every changes you need to do can be done easily through its Control Panel available at the Dashboard.

It truly emphasis on increasing higher readability because of which it was even featured among top themes on the Google. Live demo and showcase sites are also a highlight which can help you see real live sites and visualize them live.

Full Details & Download

#2 Literatum – Just Write

Literatum WordPress Theme

This is the second premium theme you can look upon, particular if you’re a writer or running a journal. It is perfectly designed to ensure higher readability and I’m sure you’re definitely going to like its user interface and whole design and feel. Managing different functionalities of WordPress and offering better feature is the main highlight over here.

Other feature includes dynamic AJAX navigation and filtration, featured images in every category, custom author avatar, video covers for posts, read time, combined CSS and integration with third party comments (including Disqus and Facebook). The whole layout is responsive and cross-browser compatible. Check it out it’s demo.

Full Details & Download

#3 Social Blogger

Social Blogger

If you want to have a true medium style website, Social Blogger is the perfect solution. This theme is as close as you can get to a Medium.com style website. In fact, the theme was very much inspired by the site.

Social Blogger not only gives you a great blog design, but also takes advantage of BuddyPress and bbPress to bring the social component into your blog, making it a true Medium style experience.

With this theme, you can grow a community of members around your blog. Your members will help generate more content by participating in forums, comments, and even creating new posts. This feature is a pretty big draw, and a sure fire way to help grow your blog organically.

The company that designed this theme is known for great support and pretty much constant product updates, helping you sleep better at night knowing your site is in good hands.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#4 Remobile Pro Theme

Remobile Pro Theme by StudioPress

Personally I’ll go with this theme and that’s because it’s developed and maintained by StudioPress developers. It comes with Genesis framework which is lightweight and yet powerful enough to do endless customization (as per limitation of theme). The pricing is bit high ($99.95 for both theme and Genesis framework) but I’m sure it is going to bring better results than any other. The theme is very simple in design yet maintaining elegance pretty well.

The reason why I’m praising is that it is totally SEO friendly, very lightweight, compatible with lots of plugins and different versions of WordPress (including latest), fully responsive and on top of all, comprises of 100% secure code. Ask anyone in the industry and I’m sure you won’t find any single complaint about them.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#5 Casper

Casper Ghost style WordPress theme

Casper is the theme developed on Ghost blogging platform and comprise of very simple and neat design. It doesn’t have any clusters or any kind of elements hurting user experience and readability at all. In fact, this theme is always listed among those which ensures higher readability. It is very light in weight which makes it ultra-speedy and on top of all, you don’t need to worry about payment, it’s FREE.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#6 Blink

Blink Medium Clone Theme

It is almost an exact copy of the Medium web design. Every post comprise of headline with excerpt and the featured image on the back (which is high resolution, off course). It also comes with Live Customization tool and lots of other tools to ensure your blog is setup very clean and looks elegant. It is compatible with Retina display, if you’re wondering about.

Child theme support is another iconic feature along with multiple post grid layouts, custom fonts, Plug and Play (for media content), robust code and translation ready. It comes with free one year support and upgrade with proper documentation.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#7 Knews

Knews magazine theme

If you’re looking for a theme that is compatible for touch screen devices then Knews should be your choice. It is inspired by the Medium design style and looks awesome. It is responsive and comes with free upgrades in future and dedicated support. It is also very well documented.

The design part is slightly unique which is going to help your website stand out of the crowd and it is capable of displaying high-quality images pretty neatly on background (as featured image). Using its theme builder tool, live customizations are possible.

Over to You

I hope this compilation had the theme matching all requirements at your end. If you have any better that I should have added above, then I’d love to hear its side in discussion section. I’d conclude this guide by reminding you the fact that always check reviews and support pages before making the final purchase. Peace.

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  • LittleDew Store
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    This one is also fine themevan.com/item/wonders-medium-like-wordpress-theme/ I used it for my blog for a few months before I changed my blog to online shop, it’s easy to use.

  • Danny Brown
    Posted at 23:00h, 23 March Reply

    Man, I gotta say, that Social Blogger is as close to the Medium experience as I’ve seen, nice job! Can you use it without the BB implementation? Also, are there customizable features on the backend, like URL colours, full screen image inserts (in-post), Inline Comments, etc?


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    Thank you

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