11 Free Font Generator Online 2021

Fonts are the medium for connecting with the audience. Quality fonts, on the other hand, are hard to find. If you are a typography lover just like me, you already know how hard it is. Fonts are used in every aspect of computing. It can be used by websites to showcase their content, in graphical logos, in Microsoft office, and in hundred other ways. Keep reading to learn more about the best 11 Free Font Generator Online 2021.

The biggest example is our 85Ideas blog, where we have chosen easy to read font for better typography experience.

For developers and designer, it is necessary to find good fonts for their blog. The font quality and appearance can be the deciding factor in the success and failure of the project.

And, if you are just starting out your font, you might not want to buy a font and then figure out that you needed some other font. To make sure that experimentation is easy, free fonts are available.

But, that doesn’t solve the problem altogether. Finding “Quality” free fonts is more challenging than finding free fonts.

In today’s post, we will go through quality free font generator online. These generators can help you get free fonts for your project.

Best Free Online Font Generator

Currently, it is really difficult to get free premium fonts online. Some of the free fonts that you will get may lack the appropriate license for commercial purposes. You can use fonts for many applications like web designing, logo designing, MS-Word, among other things.

These fonts can be used very easily in all places which need amazing and handy fonts. The best part is that these fonts give your projects a beautiful and unique look.

If you wish to have a lot of fun, you can customize or make your own fonts without spending a single dime. You can make your own fonts applying the style you want and later customize them according to your requirements.

Glowtxt is the best free font generator which you can get online just for free. It is also the best tool that can be used to quickly generate amazing texts. You can use this strong tool for making texts in a special GIF image format. The most amazing thing about this is that the fonts will appear on your social networking websites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

If you wish to create a fresh and attractive text, stylish text generator is the way to go. It comes with many language features, unique symbols, among other things.

Without much ado, let’s get started with the best free font generator online.

Free font generator online

Fontsquirrel Generator

Free Font Generator Online

Font Squirrel Generator is one of the best free font generators I have seen. If you are not a font nerd, you can use the basic or optimal settings to generate a font.

But, if you think you are a font expert and understand every small detail about fonts, you can try the expert mode. The expert mode contains all the different options for customizing the fonts. You can change the rendering, vertical metrics, font formats, etc.

Font Meme Text Generator

Font Meme Typography Resource

Memes are the 21st-century mode for the passing information in a witty way. Many use it to send emotional, meaningful message and also offers a great way to fix up with the problems of the society. Social media platforms are full of these memes and if you are planning to create one for you, then Font Meme Text Generator is for you.

The website also contains some of the best font memes of all time. Check them out!


Download Free Fonts by Cool Text

CoolText is a website dedicated that offers free graphics and text generator. There are hundreds of fonts to choose from. You will also find categories to select fonts from. Some of my favorite font categories include comic, horror, Grunge, Graffiti and Sans Serif.

You will easily find your favorite category listed on the website. On the bonus, the website also offers free creative logos for your project. Do, try them out.

Calligraphy Font Generator

Calligraphy Font Generator Online

Calligraphy Font Generator is a simple text font generator that aims to mimic the calligraphy style of many popular fonts. Good examples include Hanford script, precious, aspire and others.

Other options available within the font generator are the ability to choose a font and also choose background colors.


FontArk Advanced online font editor

FontArk is my favorite font generator tool. All you need to do is type your content and let it generate the fonts. Now, you need to do it tweak the generated fonts and you will be good.

It uses real-time multiple glyph editing systems for easy manipulation of the fonts.


Create your Icon Font

With fontastic, you can create fonts. The font generation is easy and intuitive. The platform primarily focuses on creating fonts for your icons, and if you are an app developer, the place is heaven for you.

Icons deployment is super easy with the help of the font. You can also push the fonts on multiple icons and manage all your projects at one place.


1001 Fonts

It is not exactly a font generator tool, but it is worth sharing in this list. The website is aimed to provide new and fresh fonts every day.

All the fonts available on the website are free of cost and you can download them with a simple “Download” button.

You can also contribute to the website by adding you won font collection or using the donate button to keep the site alive.

HandWriting Font Creator

Handwriting font creator

If you ever wonder that can computer use your handwriting? Then, the answer is astounding, Yes. This simple font creator takes your document and creates a font out of your handwriting.

Once the font is created, you can download the font and use it just like any other font. This will give your work a personalized look and appeal and many people may also want to know how you do it.

A scanned template is first needed to be uploaded. The template will be uploaded and you should select the output format and click on “Start”. Once done, you can now use the font by downloading it.


FontStruct Download Fonts

FontStuct is a platform for building, sharing and downloading fonts. The platform is completely free and you won’t have to pay a single penny to use the system.

You can create new fonts with the help of the FontStructor editor. It uses geometrical shapes to make things happen.

You can also download other fonts from the gallery. It is full of surprises.


Fontello icon fonts generator

Fontello is yet another icons fonts generator. The website is full of icons and you can select them and create amazing fonts for your project.


Fontie webfont generator

With Fontie, you can upload a font and then make any changes you want according to the requirement. There are three major options that you can use. They are subsetting, hinting, and Output.

Over To You

I hope you found the list of free font generator online useful. All the website listed above will help you create your custom font and provide the necessary personality required to your current project.

So, which free font generator you are going to use for your next project? Comment below and let us know.

Also, share the article with your social media friends and font lovers. They will love it!

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