78+ Beautiful Calligraphy Fonts for Designers (Free)

This post was inspired by a comment from an 85ideas readers, who ask what font we used for our Mag theme. I have since searched the web to find some amazing free fonts you can use to create a professional and fun logo for your business. Another motivation for this collection is for my personal reference for my future projects to help my find suitable fonts. Our easy of use I have tried to categorize my find that you can easily navigate to via the table of content.

The authors terms and conditions for use of these fonts could change at any point, so please double-check before downloading. Also, let us know how you got on in the comments below.


Ailerons Typeface

Ailerons Typeface

Ailerons Typeface is designed by Adilson Gonzales, the font is available for free for personal use. The font is stylish and bold, inspired by the aircraft models from the 40s.

Pier Sans Free Typeface


Pier Sans is designed by Mathieu Desjardins, Pier Sans is a sans serif font with four styles, it is modern and structured typography. The font is ideal for any design and text needs, be it a website or a logo.

Geomanist Regular Modern Free Font

geomanist font

Atipo designs Geomanist font; this free font has a clean and artful design with a mixture of geometric shapes and a humanistic beat.



Armonioso script is designed by Francesco Canovaro, it is modern and stylish with a curvy script. The font has a vertical calligraphic design with a harmonious type, the font is free for personal use.


Anders font


Manifesto font


Higher font


Reis font



PEYO Regular


Wolf in the City


  • Web fonts

  • These  fonts are great for when you want to change your websites font to something more unique. With web fonts, you can easily change your text logo which is great for SEO because bots are not yet able to read images. You typically apply these fonts to your site by CSS media queries.


Poly font


Braxton free font

Evgeny Tkhorzhevsky designs Braxton; it is a beautiful brush flavored script font that has well finished calligraphic designs. The font is perfect for any kind of use such as websites, logos, banners, print, motion graphics and more.



Stalemate font

League Gothic

League Gothic font


Amaranth font


Josefin Slab

Josefin Slab

Tikal Sans

Tikal Sans font


Bevan font


Kreon font


Vollkorn font


Lato font


Ubuntu font

  • Tattoo fonts

  • Personally I really like these types of font but rarely get the opportunity where I feel appropriate to use. I typically see these sorts of fonts being used on more creative websites like a design blog.


inuTattoo Script 

inuTattoo Script tattoo font


AngillaTattoo font

Blessed Day

Blessed Day tattoo font

True Love

True Love tattoo font


Hustlers tattoo font


Mardian tattoo font


Antlers tattoo font


Precious tattoo font

  • Handwriting fonts

  • These types of fonts are mainly used for signatures logo/ slogans, well in my case this is what I use them for. I would be very interested to hear your use for these types of fonts, please enlighten me in the comments below.


SUNN Free Handwriting Font

Sunn is a free handwriting font designed by the Rit Creative team, it is a beautiful font with a clumsy yet strong approach. The font is ideal for logos, headlines or short descriptions.

Runaway Font

Runaway Font Free

Runaway font is designed by lulian Maftei, it is an elegant hand drawn font that consists of lower case letters as well as an edited version in the uppercase letters. The font is ideal for logos, web design and print.

Nella Sue Font

Nella Sue Font

Nella Sue Font is designed by Jenna Sue, the font has a soft, handwritten approach that is perfect for any kind of use. This is a free version, available for personal use, the premium version has more than 400 glyphs with accented characters and ligatures.

Mountiane Typeface

MounTiane Typeface

Adil Budianto designs Mountiane Typeface, it is a powerful and bold font, ideal for logos, typography and more.

Featherly Font- Wedding Font

featherly wedding font

Featherly font is designed by Joanne Marie, it is an elegant, hand drawn, a modern calligraphic font with beautiful swashes. It is perfect for invitations, greeting cards, handwriting and more.

Mari & David

Mari and David font

Fabfelt Script

Fabfelt script Free font

Fabfelt script is designed by Despinoy Fabien, it is a beautiful hand drawn font and is free to use. The font has a retro appeal to it, perfect for a vintage theme banner or a logo.

Serendipity Script

Serendipity Script Free Font

Serendipity script is a beautiful and best-selling font, now available for free for personal as well as commercial use. It has 90 different hand-drawn characters in various different languages and dialects.

Wisdom Script


Wisdom Script is designed by James T. Edmondson, it is a beautiful font with a lot of ligatures. The font comes with a lot of licensing options to choose from based on your need.

Aphrodite Slim Pro

aphrodite slim font

Aphrodite Slim Pro is designed by Sabrina Lopez and Maximiliano Sproviero, it is a lighter version of its sister Aphrodite Pro but it has more detailed characters. It contains more than 1000 glyphs, the font is quite stylish with many curves.


Dickie font


VersionType font


Skinny font

Whatever it takes

Whatever it takes font

Bispo Nova

Bispo Nova font

Before Breakfast

Before Breakfast font


engine font


Chomp font


Pops font


Amatic font


  • Retro fonts

  • Wanting a vintage feel to your brand then  these fonts might be just what you were looking for. Honestly, I have yet to use them as I have yet to be involved in a project that requires them.



Sabo font


Bobber font


Glasoor font


Streetwear font

Pompadour Numerals

Pompadour Numerals font


Kilogram font


Rispa font


Vincent font



Sensei is designed by Ezeqviel Ergo, the unique and beautiful font is inspired by manga style and is available for free.


krinkes font

Krinkes is designed by Mans Greback, it is a beautiful font with two versions, a regular version and a décor version that comes with large decorative capital letters. Both versions come with numbers and swashes, the font is perfect for logos and headlines.

  • Typewriter fonts

  • As the name suggest this compilation is base on the type of text you would see in the 1800s when typewriter was first introduced.  They give a really good vintage feeling which you could use on your next design project.



VintageOne font

Special Elite

Special Elite font

My Underwood

My Underwood font


Telegraphem font

  • Stencil fonts

  • We typically see these fonts use on posters and for labeling of commercial building or in the military. The great thing for me is there are a lot of these types of font as floating around the web which you could use to give your work that handcrafted feel.

Kanji Font

Kanji Free Font

Kanji font is designed by Pedro Azedo, it is entirely different from most calligraphic fonts, this font is inspired by the logographic Chinese characters. The font can be used for logos, headlines, print and banners.

Slot- Free Font

Slot Free Font

The slot is designed by Adrien Coquet & Hugo Dath, it is unique and elegant with rounded and semicircle pattern. The font is free for personal as well as commercial use.

Maxwell (free type family)

MAXWELL Free type family

Maxwell is designed by Ryan Pyae, it is a beautiful font with round corners and has a retro feel. The font is quite versatile and can be used for any type of graphic design.

Stela UT

Stela UT font


Butcher font


Popcorn font

VAL Stencil

 VAL Stencil font

The Typographer’s Toolbox

Typographers Toolbox

The typographer’s toolbox is designed by Nicky Laatz, this is a premium font pack of 16 hand-lettered and brushed fonts that are ideal for topographic projects. The pack also includes 80 doodle illustrations that can come handy for your projects.

  • Grunge fonts

  • Back in the early days of this site we had a grunge logo which you can probably see via web archive. These types of fonts were popular back then in 2009 and we are certainly seeing it coming back in 2015.

Abusive Pencil

Abusive Pencil font


Pointy font


Marcelle font

Wrap up

I hope you like this handpicked collection of the most beautiful calligraphy fonts and will use in your projects. Let us know the fonts that you liked most from the collection and have used in your projects.

We welcome your suggestions and feedback about our articles, let us know in the comment section below. If you like our effort, share it with your family and friends and help spread the word!

As with everything here at 85ideas, we continuously update your content and new find. If you found some value in this collection then please consider sharing it as it helps us get the message out.

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    Posted at 07:14h, 21 June Reply

    This font is also very beautiful, graphicriver.net/item/fontmagic-square/11631074

    • Brian H
      Posted at 16:18h, 23 June Reply

      Hi Jake, that is a really cool font but it’s not free 🙁

  • Fin
    Posted at 22:21h, 18 August Reply

    Feast your eyes on Stencil SS Font Family by kaliberda crtv.mk/s0G5b You can download Stencil SS Bold for free.

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