12 Best Free HTML5 Website Builders in 2021

Whether you were a developer or an average person who wish to create and run his website, a decade ago, it wasn’t a simple task. And, everyone was looking for a simple tool that can do the job on automation. In the current era, where WordPress is dominating the website builder script race, many free HTML5 website builders are available. Read on to learn more about the Free HTML5 Website Builder.

A decade ago, there wasn’t any better builder available which can create a decent looking website. And now, there are many builders available which are all promising to deliver better results, and thus, it is hard for us to find out the best ones.

Creating a great website can be fun and a pain-free experience if you follow our guidelines. Forget the cryptic words such as HTML or coding. Today, the main challenging is finding the best website builder from the wide selection of website builders that are currently available in the market.

As you might guess, there are many website builders out there each of them offering you great plans to create your website. Because these are usually hosted in the cloud, you never have to worry about the web spaces. All you what you need is a PC and a reliable internet browser such as the Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or google chrome.

While you can agree with us that this sounds like a great deal, you should not take our word for it. It is always important to check for yourself so that you can make an informed decision based on our best free HTML5 website builders in 2020.

A decade ago, it would have been very difficult to create a great website if you don’t know coding and designing. There are numerous free themes and website builders during that time, but none of them could have matched what you can get now.

Fortunately, it is quite easy today. Nowadays many tools have been created to make it much easier for you to create a professional website.

Read on to find a detailed list of the best free HTML5 website builders that can be used in building new websites.

12 Free HTML5 Website Builders

Getting over with the dilemma straight, here is the compilation of best free HTML5 website builders. You can pick any of the below-mentioned builders, and I am pretty sure that you are going to like the experience with each of them.

Every tool will allow you to select a layout, upload images, change header and titles and upload your content or update the existing one. In short, the front-end design is entirely customizable, but keep the requirements on your side limited, since none of these tools can create a 100% customizable website like WordPress or Joomla does.

#1 Site123

Free HTML5 Website Builders
Site123 is a great resource for new users looking to build a website from scratch. Using ready-made styles and layouts, Site123 makes the design process easy and efficient, all without needing to know coding. If you’re in the market for a great HTML5 website builder, definitely give this a look.

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#2 IM Creator

IM Creator

This is the first and the best tool out there which can help you begin with instantly. You can choose a template of your choice or start with the default one. In very few clicks and after typing the content you want, the website is ready.

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#3 Breezi Nitrogen


Opening the website, clicking on Try Me button at the centre and there you go. You are right into the builder i.e. writing the content and selecting apps for skins which you want to be part of. The UI is very simple and everything looks elegant.

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#4 WIX

Free HTML5 Website Builders

This particular tool got millions of users and I am sure you are also going to join them. Clicking on Start Now button and creating a new account using the email address and a set of the password can begin the tool and the only thing left is to set the things up according to your likeness.

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#5 Doodlekit


I personally liked this tool as it offers almost every feature which are required to make a website. The process is little long but yet simple. Select a template, edit few things and make changes as you like, add your content, select few customization like the background image, icons, fonts and border designs and there you go. It also comes in the premium version.

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#6 Strikingly


The tool can be started of using Facebook or normal email ID and password sign up the process and once you are done with it, you get into a well-featured and reviewed  the free HTML based website builders. You can understand how good it is by knowing the fact that it has been featured in almost every top notch tech website and magazine.

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#7 Dunked


This builder works at simple three steps, choosing a template, adding content and customizing design elements. This is just like any other in our list but still it works differently because of a different set of templates, customization elements and more importantly the elegance of the tool’s design.

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#8 WebEden


A 15 pages website is free to create using the three step HTML builder but if you want to go anything bigger, you need to pay a price. The free one works responsive for website and tablet, but it doesn’t work for smartphones and feature phones.

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#9 Jigsy


The reason why this tool is worthy is it offers drag and drop feature. This makes everything easy because you don’t need to choose or put things. You can do those easily by dragging and dropping at the right place. The rest of the things are all same.

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#10 Cabanova


This tool comes with a user interface like MS Word and offers better text customization than any other tool I have added above. The tool allows to add Google Analytics (a tool which helps to keep track of traffic on your site), create hidden pages and also embed a flash game.

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#11 Tripod


This tool offers the kind of same HTML builder as any of the above, but it does offer additional features as add-ons. These add-ons can help you bring any kind of possible additional functionality or design element. Most importantly, the site built is responsive and thus works fine even on mobile devices.

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#12 Webs


The tool’s user interface is the best feature in here which is because there is everything on a single page. You can pick things from the bottom bar, drag them and drop anywhere you want to put them. This is how simple it is to create a website.

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#13 Zyro


The UI sometimes look simple, but some places are really confusing. This is how I can describe this tool. If you are interested then I recommend trying on your own. It will not be that hard to start, you just have to create a new account and login.

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14. Webeden


Users can today make use of webeden even though they don’t have any previous knowledge about cgi, php, ftp, eCommerce, or Webhosting. This is a great internet store site builder that includes free hosting, free email, free domain name, and free google AdWords.

15. SendPulse


Some businesses don’t really need the whole website and that’s why SendPulse with its landing page builder is a go-to service. It is actually a fully-fledged marketing automation platform with various channels for lead generation and nurturing. Apart from creating a landing page, you can easily turn it into an online store as SendPulse provides integrations for payment systems.

You can also add a widget for a preferred messenger to your landing page and have it connected to a chatbot – be it Facebook, WhatsApp, or their latest feature – an Instagram chatbot. These chatbots can generate leads by requesting emails or phone numbers. Gathered customer data can later be stored in the free CRM tool by SendPulse which helps with the management of your customer base.

Over to you

That’s all, folks! I can already see the smile on your face since now you have dozens of tools to try and create the best website you always dream of using any of the Free HTML5 Website Builders listed here. To make sure that the website receives organic traffic, you need to add high quality and user engaging content.

HTML5 is the latest version of one of the oldest website building programming language and apparently it is dominating the web space. To be honest, I am not sure which particular one out of the above all is the best (number one), as every one has its pros and cons.

I know you have a lot of questions to ask. Start firing them up in the discussion section and I will try my best to come up with a working solution ASAP. The good news is that you never have to worry about spending a dime of your hard earned cash if you choose any of the above Free HTML5 Website Builders.

If you are looking to build a business or a personal business, then any of the Free HTML5 Website Builders you have found here can greatly help you get exactly what you are looking for.

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  • Ray
    Posted at 11:41h, 23 May Reply

    Love the article, Pawan but I was wondering why Weebly is not on your list. They are one of the best free website builders and have been using HTML5 for some time. Also Wix shows some ads on free websites so I wouldn’t go with them – their paid option is much better.

    • Editorial Staff
      Posted at 21:25h, 25 May Reply

      That’s a good point Ray, I’ll have to look a little more into this. May be time to update the list again!

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