Five Games and Activities to Do with Family and Friends in 2023

Whether you have a large family or want to get closer to your friends, a great way to do that is to do things that you like doing. If you’re looking for resolutions that include getting closer to the people you love, playing games, and doing other activities as a group can really make a difference. It’s also fun! Whatever your goal, below are five games and activities to do with family and friends in 2023.

Song Trivia

microphoneNowadays, there is no shortage of different games you can find online. There is an app or a prompt for just about any mix of people. When it comes to fun things families and friends like to do together, a great idea is to do song trivia. You can guess the names of different songs and the artists who wrote and performed them based on different hints. If people in your family like music, pop culture, and trivia, this could be a fun game together. Or, if you want to test your friends’ knowledge, song trivia is a good game for a night over a couple of drinks.


While only two players can play chess at a time, this complex and dynamic game can excite the whole family or group of friends. If you are all getting into chess at the same time, everyone can talk about the game, opening moves, end-game, and more. Chess has been around as it has been for a reason. It is a game like war, learning a language, or playing an instrument. Get into it with your friends and family. You will have everyone excited about the game and how to get better at it.

Make Your Own Video Game

Mastering WordPress for Gaming WebsitesIf you know how, making your own video game can be a great activity with your friends and family. Of course, there is a lot of programming involved and a lot of 2D artistic renderings—there’s a reason there aren’t many video game developers—but it can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling to play the game that you made. Are you into video games? Do you have friends or family who also love the field and want to give making your own game a shot? In 2023, make your own world with friends or family.


Poker is a serious game that you can play with many people. Texas Hold ‘Em is the professional version of poker that has become incredibly popular around the world. It is a game that balances luck and skill. Playing the odds and the other players is essential to being good at poker. In poker, each player is dealt two cards. After the blinds, which are like taxes to play, five cards are presented between rounds of bets. Everyone can use these cards to make a five-card hand. The player with the best five-card hand wins. Texas Hold ‘Em is the perfect game to play with your friends or family at gatherings.

Tabletop Games

concordia gameTabletop games can be as silly or serious as you want them to be. There are, in fact, some very serious board games out there. There’s a game for every personality. Whether you want to start a months-long campaign or be done in an hour, there is a tabletop game for every family and friend group. Think about the people you will play with. What will they like? If you bring the right game to the people who will enjoy it, you will bring the group together over a shared mentality, interest, or pace. Don’t dismiss tabletop games! They can be very fun and interesting.

In 2023, make a resolution to not only see family and friends more, but to also do fun and interactive things you will all enjoy. Certain games and activities aren’t for everyone, of course, but you can always find something the group will like doing together. Whether it’s Monopoly, Cards Against Humanity, chess, or a long-term tabletop game like Dungeons & Dragons, there is a way to disarm a group and facilitate a fun, easy-going time. If you have been arguing with your friends or fighting with your family, it might be nice to lower the tension with a silly game or a full-blown hobby.

Nina Medanic
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