How to Make Money on Pinterest

What Is Pinterest

Website designPinterest was founded in 2010 and quickly became a popular method to organize and share photographs. These images can be beautiful and informative, and they are typically linked to blog entries or other websites.

With Pinterest, you can construct your unique collection of photographs from people you know and those you’ve met online, and brands you admire. If you’re interested in making money on Pinterest, you’ll have plenty of chances. Find out how you may profit from Pinterest in the following paragraphs.

Use Your Passions to Gain a Community and Make Money

You can earn money from your interests and hobbies. Utilize your enthusiasm to build a following on Pinterest, which you may then monetize. You can achieve success by identifying a target audience and creating high-quality content.

You can start by opening a Pinterest account and pinning content relevant to your target demographic. Depending on the size of your following, you may be able to sell your products or partner with others to promote them.

Contests Are a Great Way to Promote Your Products

It is possible to profit from the popularity of Pinterest contests. Contests are a popular way for companies to encourage customers to engage with their brand. To get people talking and thinking about your brand, you should follow Pinterest’s instructions on this.

Find a Business to Sponsor You

Influencer taking selfieYou can approach companies in your niche for sponsorship if you have a following on Pinterest. Marketers who want to pay you to advertise their goods and services might easily find you if you have a large following on Pinterest.

Promote their brand on your Pinterest profile for a set period (six months or a year) in exchange for an agreed-upon time.

Earn Money by Re-Pinning the Pins of Other Users

Promote each other’s material by re-pinning one other’s work. Pinners in your specialty will notice your boards and follow them due to your re-pins. To attract others to re-pin your pins, you must be active on Pinterest as a social network.

The Use of Affiliate Programs

Affiliates are in high demand by businesses wishing to sell their products for a fee. Sign up as an associate with companies whose products are similar to your target market.

You can include affiliate links on your pinboards to promote your pinning products. Your earning potential rises using affiliate links to link your pins to your website.

Make Use of Pinterest’s SEO Features to Increase Your Visibility

Five SEO Tips for Improving Your Local RankingsPotential clients must discover your boards and pins for you to earn a profit on Pinterest. Using search engine optimization techniques, you can find on popular search engines like Google and Pinterest.

Teaching Pinterest Tips and Tricks

It’s possible to generate money training other Pinterest users if your strategy works. Create and sell classes and e-books on the marketplace based on what you know. If you’re earning profit from your plan, this is helpful.

Help Others on Pinterest! Shop the Look You’ve Created

If you’re already wearing and using what you’re promoting, “Shop the Look” pins are a great way to earn extra money. Create your “Shop the Look” pins when your account is created. You’ll get paid a commission if someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase.

Create a Branded Shared Board

Woman in officeYou can collaborate with a company that will pay you to establish a shared board if you have a sizable following. Curating a shared board is a great way to acquire exposure and money, especially if your field of expertise is related to your firm.


Pinterest is an excellent way to make money. It doesn’t matter if you run a business, an e-commerce store, or a service; the platform has something for you.

Profiting from Pinterest can be done in a variety of ways. Invest your time in a couple of them relevant to your specialization and experience, and you’ll be on your way to making extra money.

Nina Medanic
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