How to Run a Successful Virtual Event in 2023

Working from home is nothing new anymore. Since COVID-19 started, both schools and workplaces have decided to take things online. Having a camera and microphone is not enough to have a successful and engaging virtual event. Since it has become common to have meetings online, you need more to keep others entertained. In this article, we will give out some tips and tricks!

Zoom meeting

1. Prepare, prepare, prepare!

One of the most important things you can do is come prepared. Let’s say you are running a meeting on Zoom. The first thing you can do is check if everything works by proof-checking the microphone and the camera and making sure that the participants won’t have difficulties seeing or hearing you. After that, you can check if your presentation is fully ready to be seen and if you have everything you need. You can also rehearse your speech, it could help with performance anxiety if you have it! Make sure everything is ready before you start the meeting.

2. Engage your audience

It is important to keep your audience engaged for them to be responsive and for your meeting to go well. This means that not only during the meeting but also before and after, you can prepare some activities or questions for your audience. Preparing activities for them will ensure that they have been engaged and left the meeting with new knowledge. Activities after the meeting are especially important because they could leave a big impression.

3. Time-management

Running any kind of event is not easy and it is sometimes hard to stay on time. Typical events last up to 90 minutes and it is hard for anyone to concentrate for that long. This is why it is important to try to keep your time under control meaning you need to make your presentation short and sweet. Using a ticket scanning app for fast ticket redemption can help streamline entry, keeping your schedule tight. Make sure it fits under the wanted time because if you start rambling and jumping to different topics, you will lose the concentration of your audience. If your meeting has to be longer, provide your audience with breaks so they can relax a bit and then come back energized.

4. Boost it over social media platforms

Connect social media optionSocial media has become very popular lately and it can be a very powerful tool. Using social media the correct way can help you bring in more audience and make your meeting known. If you make an engaging social media advertisement, more people will be drawn to it and therefore be more interested in your virtual event. Social media could definitely help in broadening your horizons and keeping your audience engaged and entertained.

5. Add fun activities

When we mentioned activities, it was directed more towards work-related activities that are strictly focused on the content of your meeting. But, you don’t have to only prepare those kinds of activities, you could add fun ones as well! Online meetings are a great opportunity to use different types of games such as quizzes, polls, or even board games that you can find online! Doing a fun activity before or after your meeting will make sure your audience comes back because they’ve had a good time and have positive emotions toward your meeting.

To Conclude:

In this article, we have touched-upon virtual events and how difficult it is to keep your audience entertained nowadays. I have offered to give you tips and tricks to make sure it turns out to be successful and have provided you with 5 of them! If you want to make sure your meeting goes well and it turns out to be a successful virtual event, make sure to follow these steps.

Valentina Djakovic
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