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7 Pros and Cons of Using Animation Web Designs in 2021

A website is the face of your business on the internet, and a good website can greatly increase brand visibility. According to this New York web design company, website design is of a great importance while building brand awareness since it can attract more users, improve the overall engagement, and add visual interest to the website.

When it comes to website design, there are several new and innovative design ideas that you can incorporate. Here, the sky’s the limit because a website can look like anything you want it to be. However, whether you should go in for something completely out of the box is also a decision that you has to weigh out.

One of the big website design trends that designers are incorporating into sites is animation. Even though this might be something that draws a lot of attention, it is something that can often overwhelm the user. One of the biggest mistakes that people tend to make when trying to build a website is incorporating all the ‘cool’ features that are trending at the moment. While you may want to add everything to your website, that won’t look good in the final product. When it comes to animations, in particular, going in for too many elements on the page can work against you, rather than for you. For a well-designed website, there must be a clear balance between interactive elements and standard panels that are easy to maneuver around and use.

Incorporating animation in web designs brings a dynamic and visually appealing dimension, and animation studios in New Jersey excel in creating captivating digital experiences. These studios leverage cutting-edge techniques to infuse websites with engaging animations, enhancing user interaction and conveying information in a more compelling manner. Collaborating with animation studios in New Jersey ensures that websites stand out with seamless and creatively executed animations that leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Understanding the different aspects of web animation implementation is essential when trying to formulate a look and feel that works well for the brand. To help you understand the different aspects of this, we have made a list of the pros and cons of implementing animation on a website.

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The Pros

Without a doubt, an animation is something that can work well for a website if done in the right manner. Here are some pros of using animation in website design:

1. Grabs Attention

One of the first reasons why brands tend to prefer having animation on their websites is because of the attention-grabbing factor that it provides. People visiting the site are always more intrigued by elements that move and which are interactive. By adding animation, the site tends to stand out more when compared to static sites that don’t have any animation or interactive elements.

2. Promotes Your Brand

The main purpose of a website is to promote a brand or a company in a positive light, thereby making it more appealing to the masses. Having a site that looks good with the Best Branding Themes can bestow faith in the minds of the people with regards to the business, thereby improving the visibility of the brand as a whole. People are more likely to engage in a brand and give it positive feedback if it looks good and functions efficiently, and animation is something that can significantly help with that.

3. Makes A Site Seem More Legitimate

With the sheer number of scam sites on the internet, one can never be too careful when it comes to buying products or seeking some kind of service. Normally, scam companies don’t invest as much into their websites, thereby making them seem incredibly simplistic. When a customer visits a site that has good animations and which is good to look at, they automatically feel like they can trust a brand. Having something as simple as an animated drop-down menu or a slideshow of the brand or company can help the customers who are trying to figure out whether a site is legitimate or not.


4. Improves Customer Loyalty And Satisfaction

No one wants to spend time on a site that is buggy and ugly to look at. Customers who visit a site want to look at something that is aesthetically pleasing, and which draws some amount of positive attention. An animation is one of the best tools to use in this regard since simple things like videos and hover-over animations can make the customers feel like this is a site that they can trust. Having an animation short on a website is also a great way to offer customers a certain amount of benefit which they previously might not have had. Integrating animated explainer videos and using the Best Rating Plugins are great ways to engage audiences who are on the lookout for a new site to depend on.

customer loyalty

The Cons

As ideal as having multiple animations on a website would be, there are certain limitations that one experiences as a result of these. These can affect the visibility of the brand and can dissuade customers and readers from visiting the site. Here are some of the reasons why staying away from animation on a site might be a better route to go in for.

1. Your Site Works Slower

While the look of a website is an important factor that affects the number of people visiting it, the overall functionality of the site is just as important. No one wants to be stuck on a site that takes longer to load, especially if there are other faster-loading alternatives available. Having animation on a site increases the total size of the website and its elements, making it a lot harder for networks to download. The more animations prevalent on the video, the slower it becomes for those who don’t have fast internet connections. However, you can use the Best Caching Plugins to alleviate the slowdown caused by having animations on your site.

2. It Might Not Always Improve The User Experience

While animations may look good on a website, they don’t always enhance the user experience. There are several cases when the user experience gets ruined because of the presence of animations that overpower the content on the website. Because of this, animations can sometimes ruin the site, rather than improve it. It is always important to note that the website must always function in a way which is easy for its customers to use, and anything that takes away from that should be omitted.

3. It Can Be Distracting

A lot of animated elements on the website can irritate and distract users. It may result in a customer to abandon a website no matter what incentivized them to come to your site. For example, having big bright colorful animations across a page might not be ideal for an information-based website, and can actually cause people to lose focus from the content that they were going over. When designing any kind of website, being able to keep the customers and users focused on one element is necessary, and adding animation when not needed is something that can make this harder to use than it needs to be.


There is no doubt that animations can elevate the look and feel of a website, but there are also some downsides of implementing something eye-catching. A web designer and developer must properly weigh the pros and cons as applicable to the kind of site that they are making to figure out whether or not animations are actually needed within the website they are working on.

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