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8+ Best Review & Rating WordPress Plugins to Enable Rating System Easily 2021

Reviews and ratings are the systems that are becoming part of every website which is looking to increase user engagement and share quality information. There are certain plugins that can easily implement a system using which either you or any reader of your blog can rate or review any product or post you had published. I’ll let you know here the best WordPress rating plugins of 2021 to enable rating system easily.

Follow this guide and you can find not just the plugins but also their descriptions. So you’re getting the complete information right here. Still if you face any issues or wish to know any related thing then start a fresh discussion thread.

Best WordPress Rating Plugins

Certain plugins can help you pin just ratings or reviews and some may even let you pin both together. It’s up to you what requirements you have and then try matching with below mentioned ones.



Let’s start with LIKEBTN, a powerful like button plugin that’s packed with tons of features and layouts.  This plugin is not only easy to use and looks great, but it also comes with quite a few features that similar like button plugins don’t have. These include Google Rich Snippets, AddThis sharing, real-time statistics, donation collection, and much more. In addition, the plugin is available for much more than just WordPress. In case you ever decide to switch to another CMS, the plugin is also available for Wix, Joomla, Blogger, Weebly, Drupal, and many others.

LIKEBTN offers a free version available on the WordPress plugin directory, but then gradually goes up in price as you increase features. The prices range from $7.99 and run up to $31.99 per year. At any rate, this is a very affordable and comprehensive solution for users looking for the best WordPress rating and review plugins.

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#2 Gravity Forms Star Rating Field

gravity forms rating plugin

Do you currently use Gravity Forms? As previously reviewed as one of the best form builders for WordPress, Gravity Forms is one of the most popular form builder plugins with millions of installations so it wouldn’t be surprising if you use it also.

Gravity Forms Star Rating Field plugin allows users to insert rating fields on your Gravity Forms with 14 different rating styles. It has the option to show rating text on tooltip and current rating value on hover and click. There are customization tools for these rating labels and includes the ability to add unlimited rating options on each field.

This premium plugin is reasonably priced at $18 and I recommend Gravity Forms users to give it a try since it will be very easy to use and configure.

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#3 kk Star Ratings

kk Star Ratings Plugin

Next up on the list is kk Star Ratings, which is developed by Kamal Khan and it is available for free from the WordPress.org plugin store. Once it’s installed and setup then your blog will allow its readers to rate each and every article. Through this rating system, you can engage users and allow them to provide their feedback within few seconds.

These rating systems can be shown even on Google among SERP once you enable the Google’s Rich Snippet option within the plugin. Setting it up is pretty simple as everything is well labeled and I’m sure you won’t find any issues at all.

It allows users to put rating system either on top or bottom of a post, you can even select the side (left or right). Individual inputs can be tracked with IP in order to control duplicate inputs. On top of all these, it’s very light weight. Try it yourself, it’s not going to cost you anything.

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#4 WP-PostRatings

WP PostRatings Plugin

Another free plugin here that can help you sort out the purpose. Once it’s installed it will offer you to paste a special code of its own wherever you wish to enable the rating system. You can add this system to posts, comments or pages (any number of them).

It’s very light weight and uses AJAX codes to perform better. The code can be placed even in the widget area. You can even show posts or pages according to ratings which simply helps users to find the best articles of your blog.

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#5 Polldaddy Polls & Ratings
Polldaddy Polls Ratings Plugin

As the name suggests, this one can help you add ratings and even polls. It’s developed by a very popular developer who is part of Automattic (a well-known WordPress development company). You need to opt for a WordPress.com account that will provide an API key.

You need to put that key in plugin once it’s installed. This is how it’s activated and then you can put in ratings and polling systems anywhere you wish. It’s incredibly credible tool that can really be useful.

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#6 Google Places Reviews

Google Places Reviews Plugin

Remember Google Places? You must have added your business listing over there. If you’re running a business website then this plugin is really helpful as it can help you show those listings over the website pretty easily.

The plugin is available for free and everything is pretty simple to setup. You need to put in an API of the listing you wish to show and once it does then you can see the listing, ratings and even the reviews over your website. Isn’t it cool?

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#7 WP Product Review

WP Product Review Plugin

This is another plugin we got here, but it comes up with a different approach. Rather than asking users to rate or review it will provide you a system where you can break down the review of any product and publish it on the website or blog.

Just like an authority website does, remember? You can review a mobile phone and break down that into different categories like Display, Processor, Battery, etc. This is how it’s going to work and if you wish to share a lot of reviews then start using it now.

It comes in free and pro version and it even supports Shortcodes. Apart from its unique feature I had mentioned above, you can even enable rating system for users. So you’re getting the basic feature along with the product breakdown review option.

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#8 WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer Reviews Plugin

Let me now share one unique plugin at last. It can help users to not only rate a post, but they can even share the whole review. They need to put in their name, email ID, rating and detailed review at last. So this is a very unique and detailed way to get input from your readers about whatever information you’re sharing or product you’re recommending.

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#9 GD Star Rating

GD Star Rating Plugin

If above plugin isn’t having enough options for you then try our next one. It’s a premium solution you can use right away to add up rating systems almost anywhere you want. You can add them to posts, comments and even use widgets to show them up in the sidebar. You can even put them in the footer, off course.

Using the whole plugin is pretty easy and simple because of well documented and labeled options. It also supports Google Rich Snippets so that you can show ratings in SERPs that can eventually boost the traffic.

Earlier it was available for free but no more. You need to sign up for the developer pack (option available on website) and in that bundle you’ll have this plugin ready.


So this is all I got here and hope everything I came up helped you. Allow them users to rate your articles that can help you rank better on search engines (in return). While the review articles can help you publish a breakdown review of any product you’re recommending. Finally, it’s all on to you now. Good luck.




*last updated 01/05/2021

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