Five Reasons Your Company Needs a Digital Asset Management Software Solution

Five Reasons Your Company Needs a Digital Asset Management Software Solution

Digital assets are essential to the growth of your business. These are online materials that your company owns and uses to realize value. Most business owners utilize digital assets to enhance their marketing efforts. These include videos, blogs, audio files, logos, presentations, eBooks, spreadsheets, images, graphics, PDFs, documents, etc.

As you may have known, digital assets can enhance the value of your firm.  However, it would be a good idea to manage them adequately. One of the best ways to achieve this is by using software solutions, such as Llumin CMMS+.

This article explains why your business needs an automated digital asset management software solution. Read on to know more.

Digital Asset Management Software Defined

Woman standing in room with computerDigital asset management software allows you to manage all your online assets from a centralized location. It’s an organized library that lets you distribute or share files with employees and other stakeholders efficiently.

The solution enables the automatic monitoring and tracking of your digital business assets. Ensure you purchase the best digital asset management tool and work with a reputable service provider.

You can consider Brandfolder or any similar company to help you with your workflow automation and accessibility to relevant files.

Why You Need a Digital Management Software Solution

There are several reasons you would want to use software to manage your digital assets. Some of these are as follows:

1. Saves Time

Little clockYou have several things to address as a business owner or manager. For instance, you may want to supervise your employees, attend business meetings, connect with customers, and attend non-business-related issues, all within the same day.

This means that you may not have adequate time to search for your digital assets from the business system when you need them. This is where an automated software solution comes in.

You can organize an easy retrieval of your online materials with digital asset management software. It lets you key in a few keywords to have the required digital asset displayed on a computer screen. This enables you to save time for other essential tasks.

2. Enhances Security

Security wordOnline security is a big concern to any business enterprise, whether large or small. This is vital when unauthorized persons access your online files and use them illegally. For that reason, you might want to take proper precautions to secure all your online materials.

Leaving your digital assets scattered all over your business system exposes them to cybersecurity threats.  Hackers can access them easily without your knowledge, and before you realize it, it will be too late to take adequate preventive measures. You can avoid this by using software to manage your digital assets.

A good system enables you to monitor your digital assets closely. Therefore, you’ll likely get an alert when an unauthorized person accesses any of them without permission. From here on, you can take the necessary actions to keep your assets safe.

Besides, most modern digital assets management solutions come with advanced security features like firewalls, antivirus, password protection, automatic updates, etc. The said features help secure your digital assets and protect them from cyber hacking attempts.

3. Improves Access Control

Your employees are essential to the growth of your business. They assist in managing your firm by performing critical tasks daily, like marketing, selling, accounting, etc. They are a crucial component to the eventual success of your company.

However, not all employees should have access to your digital assets. Provide access to only those who need to utilize them for work-related concerns.

It can be a daunting task to control who can access your digital assets if they’re scattered all over. The best solution is installing software to enable you to grant privileges to your employees from a single location. This allows you to manage your digital assets better.

4. Minimizes Document Loss

Man looking confusedIf you want to minimize the chances of losing your digital assets, you might want to install management software in your business system. Other storage solutions like physical drives and USBs can get misplaced or stolen, so go with the one you can completely trust the safety of your digital assets with.

You risk losing all your digital assets due to theft or plain failure to recall where you kept them. You can also lose your files if the device you saved got wet by accident.  These instances can cost you money and time to develop other new assets. Thus, avoid this hassle by having a digital asset management software solution.

An automated online asset management program lets you store and retrieve your digital assets from a centralized location. This minimizes the chances of your documents getting misplaced or lost. So, even if you lose some of your digital assets by mistake, you can always retrieve them because most digital asset management software provides a backup solution for your files.

5. Streamlines Collaboration

How Employee Work-Life Balance Contributes to a Positive Team Culture? How Are You Helping Your Employees Maintain Work-Life Balance?The dawn of the internet and new technologies has enabled employees to work remotely or across departments. You can find two or more staff members working on the same digital asset but from different locations. This calls for a high level of collaboration.

Most traditional digital asset management solutions don’t allow collaboration when employees work from different places. Such employees might encounter difficulties in coordinating with each other.

Meanwhile, digital asset management software solution makes it easier for employees to share files and work together. It’s one of the best strategies to streamline collaboration.

Apart from improved collaboration, digital asset management software solutions enable you to access your files anytime and anywhere. This can be from home, office, at a restaurant, beach, and even when traveling. You only need your laptop, phone, or tablet and an internet connection.


Digital assets are essential when it comes to marketing strategies. Business owners use them to pass on promotional information to their target audiences.

You can also take advantage of digital assets to take your business one notch higher. However, you must ensure you’re utilizing the best software solution available to manage them.

When purchasing digital asset management software solutions, consider cost, scalability, features, and quality. You also need to ensure that you source your system from a reliable service provider. This allows you to get the best value from the system.

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