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How Does Recording a WordPress Tutorial Helps Your Business? + Special Tips

Videos have become the easiest way to teach or pass on a message and screen recording is no different. It allows you record the screen, add animations, and present the video in such a way that the viewer grasps the information quickly. If you have a WordPress website, you should screen record a tutorial to help your customers navigate through the pages. There are also special WordPress video themes that you can use to integrate your video tutorials.

Reasons you should make a WordPress tutorial using a screen recorder

Recording images and videos on your computer or mobile screen is the easiest way to pass on the message. Here are four reasons you should use a screen recorder to create a WordPress tutorial:

  1. Educate viewers

If you have a special discount going on and want to teach people how to claim it, you can make a video for it using a screen recorder. The best about these videos is that they are self-explanatory and need very little narration.

  1. Showcase your product

Whether you are pitching your product to a client or presenting it in front of new employees, you can record them on your WordPress website. What better way to showcase your product than on your website where there is product description, specifications, and customer reviews.

  1. Create presentations

Showing your website is a crucial part of every presentation you have to give. Include a small screen recorded clip to add weight to your presentation.

  1. Create social media content

Add a personal touch to your social media accounts by occasionally uploading bits and pieces of your WordPress website. You can use it to announce new product launches, contests, and giveaways.

Movavi Screen Recorder Studio is the best software to record your WordPress website tutorial. The screen recorder offers multiple features including editing the recorded video, adding animations, and voice over in the background.

Tips for creating top quality screen recorded videos

There’s only one difference between a casual video and a top quality video — planning. Here are six tips that will help you in creating high quality videos using a screen recording:

  1. Create an outline

Write down a rough outline, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time editing the video. Use it like a roadmap when you use Movavi Screen Recorder Studio to record the video. When you don’t have a proper plan, you tend to make any cuts and the video looks jumpy.

  1. Reserve a special time to record

You don’t want a dog barking or cars honking in the background to disturb you while you are recording the video. It is not only distracting but looks very unprofessional. The best time to record is when there’s complete silence, so you can focus on the task at hand.

  1. Practice twice before final recording

Adjust the configurations and screen size and practice screen recording at least twice to check if everything is alright. During the first or second time, you might make the mistakes that you can avoid the third time. If you get the recording correct in the first go, you don’t have to shoot it once more.

  1. Test the recording software thoroughly

Sometimes, there might be error in the software or it might not have the features you want. It might not work on your computer or you might be missing some data. It is best to test the software in advance, so you can get right to business while recording the video.

  1. Keep the video short

You have to agree with us. Long videos are boring and the viewer loses attention after a couple minutes. Keep the video as short as possible and developing an outline will help you do that. Make sure the video is smooth and offers maximum information in very little time.

  1. Speak clearly

If you are planning to add audio to your WordPress tutorial video, use a microphone so that it is clear and loud. Go to a quiet room, close down the door, windows, and curtains to absorb noise. You can add a background music to hide the little distractions in your audio. Always keep a glass of water next to you, so you can drink it regularly to clear your voice.

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Movavi Screen Recorder Studio makes video recording easy and hassle-free. Download the software today and start recording.

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