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The Psychology Of Image Styles: How To Choose The Right One For Your Brand

There is a reason why we look at what we look at, and that is the psychology of image styles. For example, if you look at a certain type of picture, you will feel a certain way. A dog running through a field on a sunny day might make you happy, while a melancholy rain scene can make you feel sad.

But it isn’t just what the image is depicting that can make you feel a certain way, everything from colors, shapes, and the techniques the artist has used in the imagery can lead to you feeling a certain way.

Marketing images are the same way. You want to make images that are memorable and fun for your customers to look at, and also images that they can attach to your brand.

This means that along with hiring a good artist and also trying to tell a story with your images, you should also try to use psychology and get inside the heads of your audience. Here’s how to do that.

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Catch The Emotions Of Your Audience With Lifestyle Images

The biggest tool that every single marketer has for getting into the head of their audience is emotion. If you can make your audience feel something, if you can get them excited about the sizzle and not the steak, then you are starting to get into the world of psychology and marketing!

Lifestyle images (images of people doing things) are the best way to get your audience to start empathizing with whatever you have to share or sell.

This is because humans know how to fully empathize with one another, even through some images, so don’t be afraid to use images for your own needs. If you want your audience to feel a certain way, then make sure to place a few images in your marketing content to get their emotions going.

You want your audience to feel real emotion, so always look for what your customers are going to feel. For example, if you are selling exercise bikes or some type of gym membership, don’t focus on the product… instead focus on the six-pack, the toned abs, and the healthier form that will come out of using the product. If you can make your customers feel the end result, and show them that your products are the way to get there, then they will buy.

Make Your Image Interesting

Of course, live-action photos are fun and can do a lot of different things to your viewer’s emotions, but they aren’t always the most memorable because you can see live-action photos everywhere. But you can create cartoon images that bring the novelty of big business to your small business.

Plenty of massive businesses are all animated in their marketing and have some serious cartoon images to back that up. Cartoon images can help you give your business some serious character and can allow you to tell your story in marketing, and if your business is all about storytelling and getting your customers to travel down a series of steps to get a result, then showing them what to do in a cartoon is going to help them interact with your business.

Use Images To Share What Your Business Is About

Compare going to the website of a lawyer to the website of a party planner for young children. One of them is going to be much more serious and reserved than the other, which will be more colorful and fun. Both of them use images in their marketing, but both use different images and these communicate what their business is about.

So make sure to get a tone for your business, and then figure out what images, colors, and other visual items are going to share what your business is about. Your business is going to be defined by the images you put up for it, as many of your clients are going to get a reading of your images before they read a single item on your website.


Change Your Images As Your Business Grows

Many business owners are able to change every single part of their business at the drop of a hat, whether to keep up with trends or take on changes that are happening in the world. However, most businesses won’t change their styles as their business grows or adapts, leading to both a website that doesn’t look good and also a marketing plan that just doesn’t work for your business.

So make sure to take the time to update your images and the style of your business as you go on, because the more current your image marketing is, the more customers you will bring into your business.

Get Inside The Head Of Your Customers With Images!

You can have the best SEO and the best content in the world, written by an amazing marketing team, but if you don’t have the correct images and website design, then you will be at a severe disadvantage with your marketing for your clients. So put some effort into the design of your business and into the images of your blogs, and you will find much greater customer interaction with all of your content.

Plus, you will find that your content just looks amazing because of all the extra effort you are putting into it.

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