20+ Free Calligraphy Fonts For Designers

Typography is a very crucial part of any design such as websites, brochures, banners, logos and more. It is extremely important that all the design elements including the font type and font size are in coordination with the design. The right font can make or break a design, if the font isn’t readable the rest of the design wouldn’t make any sense to the readers. Free Calligraphy Fonts are very important for websites as well, it makes the content more appealing and readable. So, when designers are creating a website or a banner, they need to go beyond the usual fonts and look for calligraphic fonts.

Calligraphy is a technique of creating artistic lettering, it has evolved and now we have free calligraphy fonts which are somewhere between writing and drawing. These lend a lot of depth and uniqueness to a project. Fortunately, there are a lot of calligraphic fonts that are available on the web. But, it is a task to search the right kind of Free Calligraphy Fonts in those hundreds of options and it can kill a lot of precious time of designers. I have sifted through a variety of fonts and rounded up a list of 20+ free calligraphy fonts for designers.

If you wish to improve the presentation of your product and impress the customers, just use the right Free Calligraphy Fonts. However, it is difficult to get a font that is classy, especially when you don’t want to pay for services for a professional calligrapher.

These fonts can’t be compared with average fonts. These Free Calligraphy Fonts use a script style that emulates the appearance of handwriting. We have provided for you a huge collection of calligraphy styles that you can select from.

Types of Free Calligraphy Fonts

There are 3 existing types of calligraphy fonts, this includes, Arabic, eastern and western. Each type shows the handwriting and language of different regions across the globe. English handwriting is reflected by western calligraphy, whereas eastern calligraphy demonstrates Asian alphabets. Arabic calligraphy is completely based on the Arabic alphabet.

In this post, we will provide you all the premium calligraphy fonts that you can find online. But, we will talk more about western calligraphy. Western calligraphy fonts are eye appealing and professional. The best thing about them is that they are free. Therefore, you should download them, go through each before you pick the one you want.

Although these fonts are for private use only, some of them can be used for commercial tasks. We will indicate for you if the font is for commercial purposes or private use below each font. If you prefer fonts for commercial purposes, you should go through the licensing agreement.

Alex’s brush is a classic font that is very clear and eligible. It has a very decent spacing between letters, this means that this font can be used in dense paragraphs of content.

The list includes free as well as premium fonts, make sure to go through the license for the free fonts to avoid any hassle in the future.

1) Madelina

beautiful calligraphy fonts

Madelina font is likely to impress you with its beautiful handmade calligraphy style. It’s a good idea to use decorative characters of this type for writing invitations on business cards and greeting cards. The font also looks good on branding materials.

2) The Breakdown

The Breakdown obviously makes a difference as the font with a beautiful and elegant design. If you choose to get the full commercial version of this font, then you’ll receive a set of alternate glyphs as well as contextual ligatures. So, you’ll be able to create your own style.

3) Natasa

Natasa is the new type of art font. The font has the modern style design. The font makes it possible for craftsmen to design whatever they want.

4) Bring Heart

Bring Heart is the modern style calligraphy font with a beautiful and elegant design style. There is no doubt that craftsmen will find it easy to integrate this font with designs of different types.

5) Bluebell

Bluebell is the modern style calligraphy font that has a beautiful and natural look. This font can be used for the projects of different types including advertisements, label designs, wedding designs, logos and branding, product design and packaging.

6) Austina

Craftsmen will certainly find it easy to design business cards, greeting cards, branding materials and other types of projects with the specially coded Austina font. It’s pretty easy to get the access to the Open Type features with programs like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and many others.

7) Brother Lands

Brother Lands font has a solid brush style and a personal charm. This nice font is a good option for projects like t-shirt design, fashion design, branding projects, magazine design and others.

8) Hijrnotes

Hijrnotes is a very unusual font. Hijrnotes has big uppercase and small lowercase. Above all, the font is elegant and easy to read. You can use this font for designing name cards, neon signs, flyers and quote typography posters.

9) Monopola

You’ll find it hard to customize this font for any of your design needs. The font can be used for different types of projects including apparel design, label, cards, headers, etc.

10) Dogma Script

free calligraphy fonts

Are you looking for handwriting calligraphy that has the new and modern style? If so, you should definitely pay a close attention to this font. Dogma Script is a good font for designing books, magazines, logos, packaging, labels, business cards and greeting cards.

11) TradeMark

TradeMark is the perfect option for brand design. You can also use this font for designing other types of graphics such as badges, signs, etc.

12) Watermelon

Do you need a juicy calligraphy font? If this is the case, you obviously need to take advantage of Watermelon font. The font is free if you use it for non-profit purposes. However, you will need to purchase a license if you would like to use this font for commercial purposes.

13) Wellington

Wellington is an innovative and fun font that delivers multiple significant benefits to designers. If you choose to use this font you’ll get a set of lower & uppercase letters, multilingual support and a large range of punctuation. This font can be used for a variety of projects such as product packaging, greeting cards and branding projects.

14) Anghones Script

Anghones Script is an easy to use font. The font is well-known for its flowing character that makes it easy for you to create any type of messages.

15) Striped King

Striped King is the type of font that looks good on different types of projects. The font makes a big impression on designers with its elegant and stylish look. Striped King comes with more than 500 glyphs.

16) Candlescript

Candlescript is a smart choice for titles and headers. The font can be used for different types of advertisement purposes. With this type of font your text will look very professional.

17) Deliciously

Deliciously font impresses with its beautiful and playful style. The font also has a full set of lower & uppercase letters and multi-language support. It makes a lot of sense to use the font for designing logos, branding projects, quotes and product packaging.

18) Glatang Script

Glatang Script is a unique art font with classic and modern letters. Each of letters has been meticulously designed. Your text will look beautiful and clean if you choose to use this font.

19) Fanesia

Fanesia is a beautiful handwritten art font that comes with 412 glyphs and 237 alternate characters. The font also provides designers with initial and terminal letters, alternates, ligatures, swashes as well as multiple language support.

20) Winter Calligraphy

Would you like to add a personal touch to your project? In this case, you should definitely take advantage of Winter Calligraphy font. This stunning new handwritten art font has hundreds of alternates. You’ll definitely find it easy to use this font for any type of project.

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