Grungy paper texture

135+ Free Really Old Paper Textures

Here is the ultimate collection of 135+ free paper textures! We have scoured the internet high and low for all of these wonder samples and let me tell you; it wasn’t easy. There should be a link under each photo for downloading.

If you know of any that we have missed please let us know in the comments below. Thanks!

Be Sure to read:

4 Old Paper Texture Pack


A pack of 4 old paper textures to serve your purpose well with quality and high resolution.

Free Download and Demo

6 Old Paper Texture Pack

6 Old sheets of paper textures

Another set of old paper textures with six unique and high-resolution textures available in it.

Free Download and Demo

32 Wrinkled Paper Textures

Free Wrinkled Paper Textures

As the name suggests, this pack has total 32 real-looking wrinkled paper textures to the use.

Free Download and Demo

9 Natural Paper Samples

Natural Paper Texture Pack

It has nine naturally looking paper textures for bringing out your creativity and high-resolution.

Free Download and Demo

13 Paper Backgrounds

Paper Pack 6

A pack of 13 unique and elegant real paper textures for you to use while being out of the box.

Free Download and Demo

9 Paper Textures

Paper Texture Pack - 9 papers

Yet another set of textures with nine high-resolution options to select from.

Free Download and Demo

5 High-Resolution Grungy Paper Textures

5 High Resolution Grungy Paper Textures

For those who wish to use grungy samples, here are the five best in high-resolution options.

Free Download and Demo

14 High-Resolution Grungy Paper Textures

Here is another set of grungy textures with 14 options to select from.

Free Download and Demo

5 Raw Paper Textures

Raw Paper Texture Pack

If you like raw paper textures, then here is the pack of 5 excellent fresh textures for you.

Free Download and Demo

4 Vintage Paper Textures

Vintage paper TEXTURE PACK

Old things never get too old to abandon their use, so here are four vintage real old paper textures for your use. Talking more of vintage, here is another pack of vintage paper textures with nine options available.

Free Download and Demo

8 Paper Textures

Textures Paper

Want to keep things plain and simple, here are eight simple and high-resolution samples.

Free Download and Demo

Old Newspaper Textures

Old Newspaper Texture

If you wish to make your things newspaper style, here is the old newspaper texture for you.

Free Download and Demo

Torn Yellow Paper

Torn Paper Big Yellowed 3

A completely torn apart real old paper texture in yellow color for to use.

Free Download and Demo

Old Paper Texture


Here is one for you, a classic real old paper background.

Old Paper


Well, the old paper seems to be a favorite one and here is another one real old paper texture.

Old Paper


One more real old paper texture with completely different looks.

Free Download and Demo

Stained Paper

stain paper

Want to try something different, here is this stained real old paper background for you.

Free Download and Demo

Lined Paper

lined paper

One more different from leak real old paper lines texture for the bloggers or designers.

Free Download and Demo


notebook 1

As the name is yelling, it is one more school time real old paper texture for you guys.

Free Download and Demo

Graph Paper

Graph Paper

Got something to show on two axis, here is the graph-paper texture for you.

Free Download and Demo

White Paper

crinkle paper

White is always the best for some of us and hence this white paper texture.

Free Download and Demo

Old Book Page


An old book page paper texture for making things look 100 years older.

Cardboard Texture

cardboard texture

Something different! A carboard texture for the extra fun individual!

Free Download and Demo

Grungy Paper Texture

Grungy paper texture

One more compelling grungy paper texture to use.

Grunge Floral Paper Textures

grunge floral paper texture

Printed with flowers, this is a unique option for a more abstract look.

Free Download and Demo

Old Paper

Grungy paper texture v8

Mix it up with this really old looking paper texture.

Grunge Paper Texture

Grunge paper texture

Grungy with a splash!

Grungy Paper Texture

Grungy paper texture v6

The namesake look alike of grungy paper texture is completely unique in looks and design.

Free Download and Demo

Old Paper Texture

Grungy paper texture v11

One more timeworn paper texture for you!

Paper Texture

texture paper

This one is kind of gross. But maybe you have a use for it!

Plain Paper

Old Paper Texture1

This one is pretty plain, but has some spots here and there.

Shipping Paper Texture

Brown Paper Texture

The shipping paper delight! Use this for packing all of your personal belongings when you move.


Grungy paper texture v4

Different, unique, weird, you get the idea.

Vintage Music Paper

music paper

For the old music lovers, here is this vintage music texture.

Free Download and Demo

Crumpled White Paper

Crumpled white paper texture

Looks like a used up piece of printer paper.

Grungy Paper Background

A stunning looking real old grungy paper background for the creatives.

Pirate Paper Texture

Grungy paper texture v1

Become a pirate with this amazing texture!

Bright Morning


Seriously, what is this? If you use this texture don’t tell me about it.

Notebook Paper Textures

Grungy paper texture v7

Super wrinkly, old, stained notebook paper.


We have tried to bring you the most versatile and usefull paper texture you can find. Some are kind of gross, others are awesome. Hopefully, you can find a happy medium and one of these will work for you. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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