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Best Cheap Web Hosting 2021: Cheapest Web Hosting & Domain!

Best Cheap Web Hosting 2021: Cheapest Web Hosting & Domain!

Best Cheap Web Hosting

Finding the best quality cheap web hosting service provider can be challenging. Every website has different requirements from the host. Furthermore, you will be required to compare the features of the hosting company, all as you look for the best deals.

This can be so much to deal with, particularly if this is the first time building a website or purchasing hosting. Flytonic WordPress Customization Services can come in handy if you want to build a great website. This includes the amazing Affiliate WordPress Themes designed you users in mind.

Many hosts will provide very cheap first-time purchasing, and later on, raise these rates twice or thrice after you have initiated the contract. Some website hosts will offer free bonuses, once you register like the free SSL certificate or free domain names.

Read on to find out more about the best cheap web hosting plans. You will learn the core hosting features that are essential in web hosting and how to evaluate your hosting needs to make sure you can pick from one of the cheapest web hosting service providers below.

Overall Best Cheap Web Hosting


Bluehost- cheap web hosting serviceAbout the top-notch web hosting at the cheapest rates possible, Bluehost is the best service provider. Most of the other web hosting providers that offer cheap rates end up frustrating users with poor performance, offers lousy support, unforeseen issues, and are largely unreliable. However, Bluehost is completely different. It is for this reason that they have risen to become the best web hosting service providers across the globe for the price. They always provide exceptional value for money.

Things To Look Out For In A Cheap Web Host

Finding the best web hosting does not have to be expensive. Today’s increased competition in the web hosting market, has greatly helped reduce hosting plans among the top host providers.

However, all cheap hosts are not created equal. Some provide better overall security, performance, and incredible features.

There is a series of different factors that you will also want to consider when selecting a cheap web hosting service provider. Also, there are additional considerations that you may want to consider including the resources you need and the level of control that you want.

In most cases, if you are looking for the cheapest web host, then you should have minimum needs. Chances are that you will not be looking for VPS or dedicated servers. If this is your first website then you want to find the smallest budget host to set up your website.

No matter your hosting needs, following are some of the features you may want your cheap web host to have:

  • It comes with enough storage and bandwidth for supporting a small site and gets you via the initial phases of the growth of your website.
  • The plan is fitted with the basic security features to keep your server and website safe.
  • Includes website email accounts.
  • The starter plan also includes very cheap domains or entirely free domain names.
  • Allow you to install WordPress and other great blogging platforms with a single click installation.

Is Cheap Web Hosting Best For you! A Closer Look

If you are just setting up a new blog, have basic needs of your website or you are running a low traffic website, then basic and cheap web hosting plans will be the best option. The plans only cost a few dollars every month and you will get everything you need to support your website.

Cheap web hosting comes in different styles. However, the most common form is shared hosting. About the shared hosting, you are dividing the price of the physical server with many others. It is for this reason that these costs are incredibly low. The overall number of accounts in the server is based on the hosting provider being used.

Why Shared Hosting is Right For You!

  • There are enough server resources to support your website into a medium growth stage.
  • It is created for beginners, therefore, setting up the server and website is pretty easy.
  • Your web hosting plan comes with everything you require to set up and grow your website.
  • The costs can be quite low, which means you can easily get started without any money.

Cheap Web Hosting is Ideal For the Following Websites:

  • Side Projects: are you wondering whether your current project will be successful? Then you can start with the cheapest web-hosting plan or find free web hosting.
  • Simple website builders: websites with low site traffic or only a few webpages requires fewer resources from the host.
  • Small business owners: many small businesses just need a quite simple website that will rank for local terms and provides them with the best local presence.
  • Bloggers: in most cases, bloggers have simple website needs and low traffic, mostly in the beginning. Furthermore, the easy installation of WordPress makes this pretty easy.

Top Cheap Web Hosting in 2020

Now that you already understand the common web hosting terminologies and have a clear roadmap on the exact features to look out for, this is the best time to check into the cheapest hosting plans available today. The following are the best 10 cheap web hosting service providers of 2020.

1. BlueHost

BlueHost is one of the most popular web hosts around the world. As of today, they host more than 2 million sites. You will find that there are highly recommended by website owners and popular bloggers the world over! While they are not always the cheapest web hosts, they are the best when it comes to getting your real value for your money.

Bluehost- cheap web hosting serviceThe good thing about them is that they have market-leading uptime to ensure your website will virtually be down whenever you need it. Also, you will be glad to find breathtaking loading speeds. This ensures that your visitors will never have to wait longer for your website to load.

Beyond the high-performance levels, you will also get unlimited access to the support staff.

Furthermore, included with these cheap shared web hosting plans are the free domain names for the first year of service alongside 1-click installs for different tools, site builders including the highly popular WordPress.

As of now, the cheapest web-hosting plan only costs $2.95/month. Nevertheless, to find this amazing package, you ought to subscribe to the 36-month plan. If you want to register for a less period, your monthly rate would be $4.95 per month for 24-month plans.

This cheap shared plan also includes 50GB storage space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited support for 5 email accounts, a free SSL certificate, and great support.


  • The interface and control panel is pretty easy to navigate for newbies from website setup to managing the hosting account.
  • It is highly recommended by WordPress and you can install it on your site with 1 click.
  • This comes with many extras that are included in the plan, such as integrated security features, unmetered bandwidth, and free SSL certificate.
  • You get a free domain name after you purchase the hosting plan. Select from the wide range of high-level domain extensions like .online .tech .org .org and .com.
  • The website loads very quickly and you will never be offline.


  • Website migrations from other hosts are not included in the registration price, you will be required to pay the additional fees.
  • The renewal rate after the first term jumps in price, price locks up in the low rate you will have to register for an extended contract.


2. HostGator

HostGator is known around the world as one of the most popular web host brands and this is for good reasons. HostGator has over the years been in the industry for almost 20 years and today hosts more than 10 million sites. This means there are millions of people that trust this website.

hostigator- cheap web hostingYou will be glad to know that the basic shared hosting package will also offer you a significantly high uptime and a reasonable performance level. This is more than enough for a site that is only getting started.

The beginner shared web hosting plan comes with a free SSL certificate, automated backups, a one-year free domain, unlimited storage, and bandwidth.

The cheap web hosting plan is currently available for only $2.75/month, but you must register for the 36-month plan to get this plan.


  • It is a very starter friendly web host, therefore it’s pretty easy to create your website, WordPress installation, or use this bundled site creator.
  • Free migration from other hosts is also included after you register for an account.
  • There is a wide range of 45-day refund guarantee that offers you enough time to try out the service.
  • You will get unlimited access to a helpful and knowledgeable support team with a pretty fast response time.
  • It has high uptime, so your website will always be available online.


  • Added features such as true Gmail integration, daily backups, and improved security will cost more money.
  • The monthly web hosting cost increases after the initial contract has been initiated.
  • It is not the quickest web host on the block, so the loading speed of your website might be an issue.


3. Hostinger

Hostinger is without a doubt one of the most affordable web host service providers today. As mentioned earlier, most of the web hosting companies that provide cheap rates end up having unforeseen issues, offer lousy support, become unreliable, and have poor performance.

hostinger web hosting serviceHowever, Hostinger is quite the opposite. You will be glad to know that even with these very low prices, you will find 24/7 customer support, quite fast servers, and high uptime.

The most common shared hosting plan includes server features such as support for hosting a single website, 100GB bandwidth, weekly website backups, unlimited storage, and one Gmail account.

In case your website outgrows the most basic shared web hosting plans, you will find different other types of hosting available such as VPS hosting and cloud hosting.

As of today, the cheap shared web hosting plan only costs you about $0.99/month, which makes it the cheapest web hosting on this hand picked list.


  • There is a one-month money-back guarantee to try out the available service.
  • A higher-level web-hosting plan comes with highly advanced security features.
  • Basic servers are completely optimized for WordPress websites, which help you, achieve high-level performance.
  • Make use of this free website migration if it’s your first time purchasing.
  • They have very cheap introductory rates, you get started with less than a dollar every month.
  • Stunning web hosting performance, pretty fast loading speed, and incredibly high uptime.


  • Zero SSH server access
  • Cheap shared web hosting plans that only support a single domain
  • Monthly hosting costs only increase after the initial contract is up.


4. SiteGround

SiteGround is by far a high-quality beginner web host that is often chosen for its quality and excellent performance of the support staff. If you have trusted SiteGround to host your website, you will have incredibly high uptime levels, plus pretty fast load speeds. SiteGround is currently ranked at the top when it comes to both uptime and speed.

SiteGround - cheap web hostingOnce you choose the shared web hosting plan you will get unlimited access to 10GB disk storage space, sufficient bandwidth for about 10,000 visitors every month, integrated security features, and infinite email addresses.

Since SiteGround was established in Bulgaria, they are in a great position to serve users from around the world. For instance, the web host accepts different currencies. They offer a wide range of functional datacenters. This makes it easier for you to pick the data center that is closer to where your visitors come from.

The biggest challenge to this shared web hosting plan is that it only hosts a single website with traffic of 10,000 users every month. It is for this reason that this is a great plan for you to get started. However, you will be required to eventually upgrade if you want to grow your website.

As of today, you can register for SiteGround’s cheap hosting plan for an affordable rate of about $3.95/month.


  • There is a 1-click install of the highly popular software like WordPress.
  • You will get unlimited access to the free SSL certificate including access to Cloudflare CDN.
  • In case you are migrating the website from another web host, you can take full advantage of the free migration from this website.
  • You will have great access to a friendly and responsive support team.
  • Your website loads quite fast, with no downtime even on the most affordable plan.


  • There is no free domain name that is included in this starter-shared plan.
  • In case you register for the monthly plan, you will have about a $14.95 builder fee.
  • The low introductory rate is only available for the first time, upon which the price will jump up.
  • The basic web-hosting plan will only host about 10,000 visitors every month, upon which you will have to upgrade.


5. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a highly popular web hosting service provider around the world. The super bowl ads plus popular advertisements were a bigger part of what helped this company grow in popularity.

GoDaddy- cheap web hostingThe Economy package is the cheapest host package they provide. This provides users with real value for money. The cheap plan is fully equipped with amazing features such as unlimited bandwidth, 100GB storage space, one-year Microsoft office 365-business email, and a free domain name. these extra features are very useful when it comes to things such as business email, contact management, and more.

The web-hosting plan also includes 24/7 customer support and a super high server uptime. Also, you will get a 1-click installation for multiple applications like WordPress.

The only limit to this cheap plan is the capacity to only host a website. incase you want to add other websites, you will be required to upgrade the server.

Now you can register for GoDaddy’s cheap hosting plan with only $5.99/month.


  • 24/7 customer support is very helpful and responsive
  • there is a wide selection of amazing host plans that you can upgrade as the website grows.
  • Even the cheap web hosting plan is super high.


  • The basic web hosting plans miss out on many features, which are common in similarly priced hosting plans.
  • Things such as backups, site migrations, and SSL certificates will need more cash.
  • There are many hidden upsells during the registration process, so you might end up paying more.

Wrapping Up

Just because you have found a cheap web host, this does not mean it will be low quality. Essentially, every web host listed above can be said to be a high-quality host that supports your site and offers everything you want.

Almost every site on the web today is hosted via a shared web hosting plan, the high volume of that making use of the web hosting plans listed above.

There is no such thing as best hosting, just the best web hosting for your website needs. This means they provide you with high-level performance, security, and an affordable rate.

Before choosing the best cheap web hosting for you, it is important for you to first consider your needs. Keep in mind, the best web host is that which perfectly fits your needs.

With the best cheap web hosting working with you, its now time to grow your website, build your community, and turn your site into a flourishing business.

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