6 of the Best Free & Premium WordPress Translate Plugins

Your website will be seen and read by people throughout the world. The mantra to success for your website is to create an instant connection with your customer. What better way to connect with people than to talk to them in their language. It helps and this is the reason you should consider using a translate plugin. Language is considered one of the key factors to increase the sales of your website.

No matter how great and interesting content you write, it will be useless to most of the international audience just because of the users not understanding English won’t get you. This might result in high bounce rates. The fact of the matter is that English is losing its online dominance and people like the websites having content in their language. For making your website global in the true sense you need to localize it.

The biggest question that pops up in our minds is that is it really important to localize our website? I will give the answers using sheer facts. According to a survey by W3Techs, only 25.9% of total internet users are the ones who understand English. And we have around 53.6% English content. We put in our souls to write good quality English content but it is actually not appealing to our widest band of the global audience.

The only solution to the problem is to make your website multilingual.

This should be least of your worries actually. All you need to do is to download a plugin from the outstanding collection of plugins in WP. In this article, I will introduce you to various WP translation plugins.

  1. Weglot — trusted by over 20,000 companies and boasting a wide range of powerful features, Weglot is a clear winner in this category. It has a quick and easy installation, SEO optimization and offers over 60 languages! For more information, please see our full review of this plugin.
  2. WordPress multilingual plugin (WMPL) — created in 2009 this plugin has served thousands of customers. Due to its functionality and the features that it offers it has been rated as the best WordPress translate plugin. It links you with professional translation services and hence you can hire someone to translate your content as well. All in all, it helps your website become multilingual easily and fast. You have options for over 40 languages and even the facility to add your own language using language editor. The best thing is that you have a reliable support behind it with content that is compatible with most WordPress themes.
  3. Polylang (free + premium) — this is one-stop destination for people seeking to manage a multilingual website. It is one the most famous translate plugins. This plugin makes your life even easier as it downloads the specific language pack from WordPress once you select that language. It is easy to switch between languages; you just need to use a widget from the navigation menu. This is available for free too. The translation gets hassle-free as you get fully compatible content. For advanced facilities, you can even opt for a pro version.
  4. Qtranslate X — a super powerful and easy to use the multilingual plugin from the WordPress store. It is the advanced version of qTranslate. The feature that stands out for this plugin is that the user can switch between the languages with a single click. It takes no time in translating the language. There is no additional request to the servers, everything happens on your local browser only. It also supports professional human translation. This plugin also generates language specific sitemaps using Yoast SEO.
  5. Gtranslate (free + premium) — it is yet another powerful option in the store for you. Gtranslate is language translator that can translate any HTML website and supports over 500000 multilingual websites at the moment. This is your best bet if you wish to have a strong online presence. Once you download it, it will translate your content immediately without you going through any pains. It opens the translated page in a new window altogether. This is search engine friendly and associates a separate URL for a different language. This is one of the most diverse plugins available in the market. It supports over 100 languages.
  6. Lingotek translation — it is one of the most loved and easy to use plugins in the WordPress plugin store. This plugin uses the technology of cloud-based localization and translation. This is perfect for someone who is starting to get a hold of it. The best thing about it is that it offers a free translation service so you don’t even need to worry about the budget problem. It makes the translation too fast by streamlining the process. You can say that this plugin is a little advanced than the other ones in the market.

I have listed both the problem and the solution. All the plugins that I have mentioned in the article are equally useful and effective. It is just the matter of choice. The one that suits your needs perfectly is the best for you. The choice that you make should be based upon the mechanism that you wish to work upon. Some of the plugins give fully automated service while others offer some manual working too. No plugin in the entire WordPress store is free of cons, it is just that which one has the pros that fulfill your needs best.

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