Best Fly-in Social Share, Subscribe and Next Post WordPress Plugins

After starting your blog, sharing quality content for a month or long, staying active on social networks and keeping the discussion with all your loyal readers, you need to start focusing on one thing.

That thing is, how you can decrease the Bounce Rate. If you’re not sure what it is then bare with me as I’m going to introduce it to you and all related factors.
Also, as promised in the title itself, I’ll let you know the best Fly-in WordPress plugins. You can use those plugins as they can help in decreasing the bounce rate and add many other benefits of automation.

What’s Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is a simple calculation of the activities of all readers visiting your blog, and it is calculated on daily basis.

If Bounce rate is 80%, then it clearly means that 80% of the total visitors have left your blog from the very first page they entered. It also means that they were not interested in reading other posts or news published on your blog and also that your blog isn’t offering interesting content to them.

So, again the ball is in the court of Quality Content. If your blog doesn’t have quality content, then it will have very high bounce rate, and that’s not a good sign at all.

But, keeping a good content isn’t enough. You have to do more.

More, so that a higher volume of visitors are checking out their second or third articles on your blog and staying alive for as long as possible.

It first decreases the Bounce Rate and secondly it means that your blog is offering quality information that visitors are finding valuable.

Even if you’re showing social sharing buttons in that side pop-up then still it can elegantly increase social sharing counts that will bring social traffic that does count among SEO scorecard.

Trust me, this road can lead to hundreds of little benefits and finally to the success you may or may not have the dream of.

Benefits of having Flyin WordPress plugin

There are two major benefits of using a flyin WordPress plugin.

First is that it will play a vital role in decreasing the bounce rate, of which we were talking till now. So, it is a cool way of achieving the success I mentioned above.

Secondly, it uses a very special mechanism to achieve that much-needed success. Just when a reader has finished reading the post, a pop-up will appear either from left or right, elegantly showcasing few more related post.

This thing is done so elegantly that the reader doesn’t feel like you’re throwing more posts on him. Rather it feels so natural that the reader tends toward checking those related posts.

So, you’re achieving the goodies while maintaining the user experience. Go ahead, call it a Win-Win situation.

Best Flyin WordPress Plugins

Unfortunately, there aren’t many options available in this niche but still I found three of them, two premium, and one free (also available in premium version).

Just to update your knowledge, you may find few more plugins over the web, but do check whether they have been updated or not. Because the one I found were no longer running fresh updates. And you always have to stay away from such plugins.

#1 Next Post Fly Box For WordPress (Premium)

Next Post Fly Box For WordPress

This is a premium plugin offering all possible ways to decrease elegantly the Bounce Rate. It allows users to add Next or Previous posts, or showcase related posts, random posts or from a specific category. In short, it covers each and every need you may have.

The Options Panel at the Dashboard is pretty simple to use, and it does offer some customization too. These customizations can help you change the way pop-up looks and appears while visitor reaches the bottom area. It is also responsive in nature so expect it is working on mobile devices as well.

Full Details & Download

#2 Monarch (Premium)

monarch plugin

It is a premium social sharing plugin that does offer a flyin option offering simple tools to the visitors of your blog to share quickly the post they just finished reading. The limitation with this plugin is that it can only showcase the social sharing buttons.

It elegantly reminds the visitors to share the post before leaving. Thus, it can severely increase the number of social sharing that is a good sign for the SEO of your blog. Also, it is one of the best social sharing plugins you can use.

Full Details & Download

#3 Bloom eMail Opt-In Plugin (Premium)

Bloom Email Opt In Plugin

We have recently purchased this plugin and are currently in the process of integrating it on 85ideas. We are super excited for Bloom and for many reasons too, it allows us to personalize further our opt-in message instead of the generic message site-wide. We will be switching from MyThemeShop WPsubscribePro, which will still recommend, but if you have a bit more to spend it well worth you getting Bloom. Bloom as made it on to this collection because of its ability to fly-in. Look out for our case study of what happened when to switch, subscribe to get notified.

Full Details & Download

#4 Hello Bar (Free | Premium)

Hello Bar

You may have been knowing this plugin as a notification bar one, but it does provide flyin pop-up option too. To activate it, you need to visit its official website, sign up for the fresh account, enter the article you want to link along with related details and save it.

Now you can either implement that flyin pop-up through a plugin or by adding its code to part of your WordPress website. Using these features is free, but you can, of course, opt for premium ones.

There are few limitations with this plugin. You can only display one post, and that too is fixed. To display another post, you need to edit the campaign again through Hello Bar website. But it does offer some attractive features like you can implement email subscription form in the flyin pop-up and few more things.

Not to forget, Hello Bar can be used to showcase a notification bar on top of your website, to display any important news or reminder. You can even keep an eye on how those pop-ups are working through statistics available in the Dashboard area at Hello Bar website.

Full Details & Download

Wrap up

This is it! I hope you found the plugin you needed and also this guide updated your knowledge with all related stuff. You should share it with all your fellow blogger friends. Spread by word and help others. Peace.

Editorial Staff

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