15 Best Free WordPress Admin Themes for your Dashboard in 2021

With the latest stable release of WordPress being updated to version number 4, many significant changes and upgrades have been incorporated. WordPress is nowadays used for websites of all shapes, sizes, and functionalities. The scaling ability of WordPress makes it a perfect fit for everyone who want to have their own web presence.

While there is nothing wrong with the commonly prevailing admin panel of WordPress, even this aspect of it could be tweaked to your liking. Why does your WordPress dashboard need to be so bland? You can definitely spice it up by doing off with unwanted functionalities and considerably improving the way it looks and functions.

15  Best Free WordPress admin themes

How dreadful might customizing your WordPress admin panel may sound like, the availability of themes make the task easier. No need to tinker around with code anymore. Change the way your WordPress dashboard looks by installing a theme.

Below are 15 of the best free WordPress admin themes to spice up the area where you spend most of your time as a content developer for your WordPress-based website.

1. UltimoWP [Screenshots – Download]

UltimoWP WordPress Admin Theme

Bored with your plain old WordPress dashboard? Install UltimoWP and instantly upgrade the way your WordPress admin panel looks and functions. The number of editing functionalities offered with UltimoWP is amazing! For corporates and startups alike, who would like to personalize their WordPress backend experience, UltimoWP is an incredible solution.

In addition to a cleaner look and feel, UltimoWP allows users to personalize even the login screen and addition of your company logo at login page or the footer. This theme offers eight different color schemes to choose from for your newly renovated WordPress dashboard panel. You can also choose to enable/disable the display of menu items through the Admin menu manager of UltimoWP.

2. Cream6 Admin panel [Screenshots – Download]

Cream6 Admin WordPress theme

Another one among the cool free WordPress dashboard themes is the Cream6 Admin panel. This is a free CSS-based, responsive iteration of your WordPress dashboard. Although the theme is in no way adding tons of functionalities to your website, it simplifies your WordPress dashboard experience. Unclutter, your backend with this theme and the responsive layout, makes it easy for users to manage their WordPress websites on the go.

The outcome WordPress dashboard is clean, and highly editable through the use of CSS code. For people who are well-versed in CSS codes, this is a great theme to customize your WordPress experience the way you choose to. Even for others with no prior experience with CSS, Cream6 Admin panel offers the amazing simplicity and freshness to the drab WordPress backend of the past.

3. Material Admin [Screenshots – Download]

Material Admin WordPress theme

The design trend of 2015, the material design is everywhere from mobile apps to desktop web sites and print catalogs. Thanks to Google, the material design is now by far one of the most popular design trends right now. Material Admin is a free WordPress dashboard theme that takes this very designing concept and is integrated into your WordPress installation. Smooth typography, clean backgrounds, and gradients, prepare your WordPress backend for an eye-candy look.

The use of contrast is perfect in this theme, and it gives a rich and vibrant feel to your website’s dashboard panel. Use this theme for a completely fresh look and feel, that isn’t outdated in 2015.

4. Blue Admin [Screenshots – Download]

Blue Admin WordPress theme

Want to give your WordPress backend a bit more relaxed and informal feel? Blue Admin WordPress theme is the way to go. This clear and concise WordPress theme is pretty rare to be found anywhere. The navigation menus could easily be customized by using this free theme.

One of the biggest advantages of Blue Admin theme is that this theme comes with a perfectly documented CSS and PHP code, which makes it easier if you wish to change any aspect personally. Support for Right-to-left or RTL languages like Hebrew, Arabic and Urdu is also supported by this theme.

5. Slate Admin [Screenshots – Download]

Slate Admin WordPress theme

Slate Admin is one of the best minimalist WordPress dashboard themes that takes simplicity a bit further. WordPress gets a bit intimidating for first-time users, and Slate Admin WordPress theme makes sure that you have a simplified and minimalist version of the dashboard. This WordPress theme brings back the joy of creating content on WordPress platforms. While we become more feature freaks, this clean theme aims at bringing peace to the art of writing on WordPress.

Two color schemes are offered by Slate Admin WordPress theme to choose from. While one is a classic black color scheme, the other is a vibrant purple color scheme. The entire concept of not complicating a theme with features, rather simplifying it down is what Slate Admin theme incorporates perfectly.

6. Helios [Screenshots – Download]

Helios Admin WordPress theme

If you are one of those WordPress customizing advocates, Helios is one of the best WordPress dashboard themes that you would ever come across. The Helios theme would let you choose the color scheme by its Hex code. Use your favorite Hex code values to customize everything including custom background color, navigation menu colors, posts/pages, forms, font colors and much more.

You can easily make your WordPress backend more vibrant and colorful using your favorite color combinations throughout. Some preset themes are also available for users to choose from when it comes to customizing their WordPress dashboard using Helios.

7. Tamed Admin [Screenshots – Download]

Tamed Admin WordPress theme

Another cool iteration of a calm and minimalist WordPress admin theme is the Tamed Admin. This WordPress theme brings peace and serenity to the backend of your WordPress-based website. While this theme does not affect the frontend layout and design, it does simplify the backend significantly.

The excess clutter of a WordPress dashboard panel only adds up to becoming more unproductive while on the network. Tamed Admin makes sure that the backend code and the layout gets uncluttered to help you stay better focused on the content creation aspect of your website.

8. Phu Admin Theme [Screenshots – Download]

Phu Admin WordPress theme

The color scheme used by Phu Admin is one of the best customization options that it provides. While the default color layout of WordPress dashboard panel gets a bit bland, Phu Admin theme adds that bit of needed flair. While not making the entire layout of your WordPress dashboard colorful, Phu Admin adds only that bit of needed color patterns to make it stand out.

Use this free WordPress theme to add some amount of bright color flair to your WordPress dashboard panel. While not entirely reworking your WordPress installation, Phu Admin makes sure that your WordPress backend definitely stands out from the crowd.

9. Bootstrap Admin [Screenshots – Download]

Bootstrap Admin WordPress theme

Twitter’s Bootstrap is pretty well-known among front-end developers and the simplicity of code and beautiful layouts as output makes it a perfect fit for designing websites. Based on this very network is the Bootstrap admin WordPress theme. A clean and basic theming of your WordPress backend panel could be achieved in an instant using Bootstrap admin.

Completely revamp your WordPress dashboard with this open-source WordPress theme. The entire layout and the sub-menus are clearly represented with this free theme. If you need a simple-yet-powerful WordPress admin panel, Bootstrap Admin is the way to go.

10. Infogeek Admin [Screenshots – Download]

Infogeek Admin WordPress theme

Has WordPress’s admin panel has left you short of options to customize its backend layout and design? Infogeek Admin is a great free WordPress theme that offers three additional customization options for your WordPress backend. Among the three choices offered are – Infogeek Clear, Infogeek High Contrast, and XTND.

Each of these three variants of WordPress themes offers different kind of design, and color schemes to play around with and settle for the one that best fits your needs. A minimalist, clean, white layout; A high contrast blue layout, and XTND – A dark layout based theme are the three color scheme variants that come packed with Infogeek Admin free WordPress theme.

11. Fancy Admin UI [Screenshots – Download]

Fancy Admin UI WordPress theme

Inspired by modern-day flat and minimalist design, Fancy Admin UI is a free WordPress dashboard theme that brings sophistication to your WordPress layout. Fancy Admin UI comes in two variants – Gray and Blue, and this theme gives your WordPress admin panel a cleaner look and professional feel.

Accessibility and a cleaner color scheme layout are the hallmarks of Fancy Admin UI. This free WordPress theme transforms your entire dashboard and unclutters everything, leaving a strong professional impression of your WordPress layout.

12. Live Admin Customizer [Screenshots – Download]

Live Admin Customizer WordPress theme

Live Admin Customizer is a free WordPress theme that lets you customize every color scheming aspect of your WordPress dashboard panel. This WordPress theme provides users with up to 5 custom WordPress dashboard layouts, in addition to the numerous personalization options that it comes with.

Live Admin Customizer WordPress theme provides you with five variants of color schemes for your WordPress installation. Additional customizations are easily accessible to users by accessing the CSS files provided along with the theme.

13. ShiftShort Admin [Screenshots – Download]

SHIFT Short Admin WordPress theme

If you need a powerful and vibrant, yet professional looking theme for your WordPress installation, ShiftShort Admin is a great free theme. This theme simplifies your WordPress dashboard to a cleaner and professional layout, along with a pleasant color scheme.

ShiftShort Admin provides users with many different Icons and font faces to further customize the WordPress dashboard experience. The ‘Customize’ section of this theme allows furthermore editing and theming options to personalize your WordPress back-end. An option for a custom login page is also provided with the installation of this free WordPress theme.

14. Reimagined Admin theme [Screenshots – Download]

Reimagined Admin WordPress theme

If minimalism is not your forte, and you need something powerful, vibrant and elegant, Reimagined Admin is a great free WordPress theme. Reimagined Admin is by far one of the most powerful WordPress themes, with numerous customization options to its name. Changing the appearance of your WordPress dashboard panel, the background image, login screen, customizing the menu order or the Admin bar; Reimagined Admin has it all.

Customizing footer copyrights, login screen, admin and navigation bars, and every little aspect of your WordPress admin window is pretty smooth and straightforward using Reimagined Admin theme. Go bold and beautiful with this pretty theme.

15. WP Flat Admin [Screenshots – Download]

WP Flat Admin WordPress theme

Given the vast applications of flat UI design in the present times, WP Flat Admin makes the most of this design trend to bring it to your WordPress dashboard panel. This free theme makes use of Design modo’s flat UI, which is based on Twitter Bootstrap. This theme completely customizes your login screen and WordPress dashboard panel, by giving it a clean Flat UI look.

The code gets constantly updated on GitHub, and this leaves even more room for further improvements to the theme over time.


So, we come to the end of this collection of our 15 most recommend free themes for your admin area. What do you think of these free themes for your WordPress Admin panel? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.

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