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Best Geo Target Plugin For WordPress 2021

Best Geo Targeting Plugin For WordPress 2021

Are you looking for a Geo Target plugin for WordPress? Which is the best Geo Targeting plugin for WordPress? Ever wanted to display different content on your WordPress website based on where your visitors come from? If, so, Look No Further! You have come to the right place. The Geo plugin by Flytonic will do exactly that. Geo IP redirect plugin to learn more about what the Geo Target plugin will do for you.

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This is insanely important, especially when running an online store, promoting affiliate offers or doing anything with a worldwide audience.

Or, it could be that you want to redirect users depending on their current location (vital for multilingual websites). It also comes in handy if you want to block traffic from certain areas.

Geo Target plugin for WordPress

No matter what you want to achieve with geotargeting, you can rest assured that this geotarget plugin by Flytonic has something for you. In this geotarget plugin review, we’ll go through everything about the geotarget plugin offers as well as in-depth discussion of how it works and share specific ways through which it can benefit your website.

The Geo target plugin will help webmasters to build customized content for users. It plays a major role when it comes to viewing your website. After installation, the settings of the plugin can be configured via the plugins option panel in the dashboard.

The plugin focus on visitors coming to your website. This Geo target plugin utilizes your visitors IP address. It doe this to offer information regarding where your visitors are located. It then updates this information on your web content.

Best Geo Targeting Plugin For WordPress

Why Use the Geo Target Plugin

There are many reasons why you should opt to use this Geo target plugin by Flytonic. The same applies to offering different content to viewers across the globe.

Making your website available in the native language inspires confidence. This allows your visitors to interact with your website.
It will be much easier for you to connect with the local target audience. It entails mentioning some local events and utilizing the local personal demos.
It is easy to optimize coupons, events and offers and operate targeted marketing. It works for campaigns and local adverts. You can boost customer service by informing your prospects regarding parking arrangements. Others include operating hours and delivery areas.
Companies with local branches will be in a position to send customers to local sites or nearby stores. It will be easier for you to display shipping and country specific tax information. It is only the region specific legal notices that will be displayed. It will be easy to provide real time content and information.

You don’t want the local businesses and audience to waste bandwidth trying to access other countries traffic. As a result, you are able to limit high spam traffic, leading into conversion rates that don’t match. To improve your websites security you should take some measures. More so, in cases where your website is not safe for foreigner cyber criminals (hackers).

Benefits of the Geo target Plugin

Are you looking for the Geo target plugins to help in Geo marketing for your site? If so, Flytonic Geo target plugin is a perfect fit. The Geo-target plugin is a great geo-marketing tool which allows you to control your WordPress website. The plugin allows you to integrate JavaScript and PHP codes. Others are alternative short codes, custom widgets and templates. And pages, Google map posts, re-tags, geographic information or engaged content.

Geo targeting WP plugin

This allows you to specify the default geographic location for your WordPress website, woocommerce, spam protection, SEO redirection and WordPress blogs. The geo target plugin helps you make better SEO, captures your landing pages, blog and increase conversion.

This WordPress plugin utilizes a combination of paid and free services. They provide information regarding places. Other essential features that you will find in this plugin includes country SEO redirects. Others include the GEO defender blocking website to access various locations. And the essential live banner short codes for different notices. Including cloud flare CDN support or exclude or include content based on the SSL support and location.

Geo Target Plugin for WordPress

Once the Geo target plugin has been activated on your website. You can then click the geo targeting menu to configure how the plugin worGeo You can do this on your websites admin area.
The first thing you need to do when installing this plugin is to define the regions. This should be followed by countries that you want to Geo target. The Geo target plugin makes it easier for you to do this, because of the detailed list that you can pick from.
With the Geo target plugin, it will be easy to add different countries based on your custom region. This is ideal when setting up extensive regions like Europe. It comes with pre-built areas that you can pick from.Features of the Geo Target Plugin

This premium WordPress Geo target plugin to find your visitors location. Depending on the users IP address. Although this is precise to the country levels, the Geo target plugin includes support. And the location for an accurate IP target services.

This plugin can help you determine the country of your visitor. And also their postal code. This will allow you to target the type of content. And that you display on your site, to perfectly suit the needs of your visitors.
In regard to defining the type of content you want displayed on your website. It is important that you choose the region where your users live. This is because the geo target plugin comes with a short code builder. This allows you to draft the rules of the Geo target plugin. There is an additional sidebar widget that allows the visitors to override your Geo target plugins. It allows you to manually set the location.


Create Regions
You can group cities or countries so that you can make it easy to target more users. For instance, you can create a region named America and Europe. You can then use these names in widgets or short codes. This will save you time [1].

Supports Multiple Services
It detects user IP no matter whether you are using Varnish or Secure, Cloudfare, etc.
Cache Plugins Compatible
The drawback of geo target struggles with page cache. The AJAX mode activate mode all the retargeting options, short codes and filters. These will be loaded after the page has been rendered from the cache. You will get the cache speed and the benefits of targeting through simple Ajax requests. It is compatible with W3 Total cache, WP-Super Cache and other cache plugins.
Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce
The geo target plugin allows you to hide the products or services based on the users state, city or country. You can remove the service or product or display a message, which is not available to such users.

Responsive/Mobile Friendly

This geo target plugin quickly adapts to the size of your screen. It looks perfect in mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Call To Action Buttons

Promote your products and services and customize clicks through tablets. You can also do this through the feature to CTA short code boxes.

Affiliate Websites
Today, there are many affiliate websites. These works based on the cities and countries where the clients reside.
eCommerce Websites
Flytonic has many clients with ecommerce websites . These are powered by Downloads/Virtual products, WooCommerce etc. with the need to sell different services based on the customer’s city/country.
Comparison Tables
Show the visitors a comparison for different websites. Those that you are marketing inside pages or posts with different options.
Custom Site Widgets
List, promote, or display other brands inside different widget sections of your WordPress themes.
While the Geo target plugin comes with the WordPress themes, the API requests are not free. For you to use the premium Geo target plugin, you will be required to purchase the plugin. The Geo target plugin designed by Flytonic is quite affordable.

Wrapping Up

Some plugins offer users an easy way to customize content. This is based on the location of your target audience. It helps the visitors keep better content with the website. And focus on one that which is relevant to them. You can utilize the available features to improve efficiency. To increase security of your WordPress site. It will create more loyal viewers.

Some of the business niches depend more on Geo location based content. WordPress Geolocation content is workable and possible if you use the geo target plugin. It is important that you understand how the plugin works so that you can make sure it works perfectly.

If you want to showcase specific content to all your visitors. This depends on their geographical location, this geo target plugin will help you out! The good news is that it’s a great tool for you to use. Keep in mind that you should register for the premium version service to target prospects based to their city.

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