Best Carousel WordPress Plugins to Highlight Partners, Clients & Press

You must have seen compilation of logos (of different brands) on a website selling its services or products, right?

If you ever wonder how so many logos are added in such interactive way, and wish to add a similar feature on your blog/website then here is the solution you’re looking for.

The only need you want to use such plugin is to showcase different logos in either sliding way or any other. And here is a collection of best logos WordPress plugins which I found over the web and they are all doing great.

You just need to go through the compilation down here and I’ll make sure that you got both paid and free versions available. There aren’t many features in such plugins so they all are mostly going to offer similar features.

But still, there is going to be a slight difference between them and also the difference between standard. It totally depends on you, the one you wish to use. Also, there is Demo facility available of few plugins, so I’d recommend you to check them.

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Need of Such Plugin & Where to Use?

These plugins are helpful only and only to showcase numbers of other websites or companies or different brands on your website or blog, may be as your client, or service user or the one with their testimonials.

This is the only reason you want to (and you can) use any of these plugin. In any other case, none of these packages may be helpful.

Such plugins can help you simply display logos but in an interactive way. Few of them also allows users to add further details and even add a link to catch on more related details.

Best Logos WordPress Plugins

So, let’s start with the compilation. You don’t need to prepare a requirement list in this case today, as there are limited features which you can easily remember.

#1 Logos WordPress Plugin by CodeCanyon

Logos WordPress Plugin

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We all are aware of the kind of plugins CodeCanyon have and so this first one is from the same store. It is also one of the most selling plugins with over 2k sells recorded till now. It comes with Shortcode generator tool and Visual Composer, both are capable of helping user to develop an elegant looking and functional logo sequence.

You can set categories for logos and any graphic added by this plugin is going to work on any smartphone, tablet or featured mobile phone because it uses responsive layout. There are different layout options available along with different styling options. It also offers widgets which make it further simple to add and make use of.

You can get your copy for just $14 which is allowed to be used for one product or by one client. It comes with preset options using which you can choose between Carousel, grid or list views. And yes, it is compatible with high-resolution displays.

#2 Placid Slider

Best Responsive Logo Slider WordPress Plugin

Fully customizable CSS, vertical and horizontal slider, responsive design, convertible image slider, featured post or pages, SliderVilla compatible, image cropper, etc. These are the highlights in the feature list of our next premium plugin which will cost you just $8 for a single site and $25 for multiple ones.

It is compatible with cross-browsers (even latest Safari and Chrome) and the latest version of WordPress (4.0 or higher versions). It comes with proper documentation and also the knowledge base. There are many dedicated forums available to help yourself or discuss on any related matter. You must check out its screenshots on its landing page.

Full Details & Download

#3 Kiwi Logo Carousel

Kiwi Logo Carousel WordPress Plugins

This is the first and most used free plugin which is available from the WordPress plugin directory. As the name suggests, it can help you add a carousel of different logos right on our WordPress blog or website. There are no restrictions whatsoever on the location you can add this.

It comes with additional features like responsive layout, optional clickable logos, create a custom logo order with drag and drop tools, support for more than one carousel, optional grayscale image effect and a lot of setting tweaks for different customization.

#4 Logo Slider

Logo Slider Plugin

This is next free option which is equally popular as of above and top of that, it is very lightweight in size. So if you’re looking for a compact option then this one is for you. It comes with fully responsive layout as of above ones along with auto-slide option, easy image uploader, easy to customize various aspects of logo images, drag and drop tool to reorder slider and a collection of arrow icons. You should check out its screenshots.

#5 Best Logo Slider

Best Logo Slider Plugin

This is the only option which is being available in both free and premium versions. The basic version covers features like support for custom post type, responsive layout, developer friendly and easy to customize, powered by OWL-Carousel, logo linking to external link and ability to show title just below the logo.

While premium one can add different sets of sliders, visual composer, further responsive settings, advanced panel for easy and further deep customization and image size controller. Most of these premium features are offered by above two free options.

Full Details & Download


One more option we have worth considering is Logos Showcase plugin (Premium one) which covers up almost every feature as of above-mentioned ones but it’s too heavy in size. If you still didn’t like any of the above then probably, this one is for you.

As of a fact, I know you didn’t find many unique features in any of these plugins like you do find in our other plugin compilations, but still you at least now aware of all best options out on the web. I hope this guide helped you in that and so you’re going to share this with all your friends over social networks.

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  • Troy
    Posted at 10:31h, 11 April Reply

    Excellent Plugins. I have found another similar slider plugin which is “Avartan Slider”. Which has multi slider functionality. Which has lots of and unique features.
    You can Check it:
    Avartan Slider is available in Lite and Pro version.

  • amir vector
    Posted at 13:50h, 06 June Reply

    Thanks.. now i can implement these plugin into my website

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