9 Best WordPress Affiliate Management Plugins for 2021

As the online shopping has crossed all the barriers, bloggers are trying to earn more money via using affiliates. But, what is causing a brainstorming situation for them is to select a handy WordPress Affiliate Management Plugin so that they can get the best value for their time and efforts. Well, the market is not of option, but only a few among all are compatible with the needs of everyone like having URL shortening feature, statistics display, customization, optimized space of ad banners and of course, fit-to-pocket price as well. Now, here below we’ve selected some of the best options from the market and we’d like you to go for them and choose your companion.

Woo-Commerce Amazon Affiliates

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Plugin

This Woo-Commerce Amazon Affiliates WordPress Affiliate Management Plugin is completely dedicated to make sure that you earn flawlessly from the Amazon affiliates. The plugin has many features in it like on site chart, automated content spinner, products shortcodes, products stats, GEO targeting, CSV import, Amazon reviews & coupons, easy to set up with advanced search options and much more. I also suppose that this Amazon affiliate for those who only wish to get their money flowing in via these types of e-commerce platforms and Amazon is surely best among them.

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Better Link Pro


The thing which is most important while trying to do affiliate management right is optimizing the URLs so that you can get the best results from both users and the search engines. Now, for the same there is this Better Link Pro WordPress affiliate management Plugin which can be used to make the short and optimized URLs for you. The other features of this plugin include are keyword replacement, opening link next window or same, adding nofollow tags and re-directing links to country specific pages as well. The plugin costs around US $ 27.

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Affiliate WP Affiliate Management Plugin

AffiliateWP Marketing Plugin

Another option available for the practicing the best marketing methods and getting better results is this Affiliate WP WordPress Affiliate Management Plugin. The features it offers are very fast and effective to promote your products like tracking the reliability of links, using unlimited affiliates, a common management dashboard for all the affiliates, individual performance reports and much more. It starts at a price of US $ 49.

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Affiliate Royale

WordPress Affiliate Plugin by Affiliate Royale

The Affiliate Royale WordPress Affiliate Management Plugin is very handy to work with and has almost every feature in it. The major ones are easy setup and launching of new affiliate programs, total track of all the activities of the programs like clicks, sales and payments, feature to make your own banner and links, optimized to get you more traffic and sales volume and many others as well.

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Magic Affiliate Plugin

magic affiliate plugin

The Magic Affiliate WordPress Affiliate Manage Plugin is the choice of many users because of the ease in using and other features which help you get the best outcome. The important ones on which you can bank upon are unlimited affiliate setups, complete tracking, easy to set up and make them go, compatibility with Magic Members membership plugin, Woo-Commerce integration, occasional bonus on signup and recurring basis commissions as well.

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Pretty Link

Pretty Link Lite WordPress Plugins

As named, this Pretty Link WordPress Affiliate Management Plugin is not only helpful in shortening the URLs, but has many more features in it which offer the best value the money you’ve invested. The list of features includes cloaked redirection, meta refresh redirection, custom link slugs, link groups, automatic link hitting, forward parameters, double redirection, Google analytics tracking, keyword replacement, URL replacement, public link creation, tweet badge for pages and posts, social sharing button bar for pages and posts and much more. You can also take any version of it, which are Pro or Lite, depending on your budget and needs.

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Invite Referrals

Referral Marketing Software InviteReferrals

The Invite Referrals WordPress Affiliate Management Plugin has many features available with it to make your referral program turn into a money making machine. With this tool, you can set 3 types of campaign, which are instant rewards, tope referral contest and goal based referrals. Apart from this, the other features include mobile compatibility, separate Facebook referral app, no-coding required, free and paid plans, trials available for the paid ones, enhanced customization options and much more.

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AdPress WordPress Ad Manager

As the name is clearly telling us, this AdPress WordPress Affiliate Management Plugin is one of the best options available in the market to manage your ads on your website and getting you the maximum profit. The tool offers many features to its customers like Ad rotation, call to action Ad, sell ads, click, page view and CTR result summary, analytics chart, purchase history, customizable HTML and CSS platform and much more. It has the price tag of US $ 39.

WordPress Affiliate and Referral Plugin

WordPress Affiliate Referral Plugin

There is another plugin available in the market is this WordPress Affiliate and Referral WordPress Affiliate Management Plugin that has many features in it. The important features of this plugin are link shortcodes, per user statistics, cookie tracking system, per user statistics, easy referral banner shortcodes, monthly statistics, dedicated mobile app for android OS, paypal payment integration option, shortcodes for social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and G+ and much more as well. The price for this handy plugin is just US $19.

Final Conclusion

There certainly are high hopes laden these days on the earnings by affiliate links as technology has made us tech savvy that we prefer to shop online now. However, this gold mine can only be dug with the right tools and the above WordPress Affiliate Management Plugins are the best one you’ve got. Although there would be many more available in the market and if you’re using any one of them, then you can share them with us in the comment section below. Also, if you have a question or suggestion for us, please feel free to write that too.

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  • L Royal Apollas
    Posted at 07:29h, 25 August Reply

    Thanks for the posts. You have plenty of valuable info, products, & services on your blog & site. Here is my request. I am an inventor, recently created over 70 products & services. (Businesses). Unlaunched. Do you know of any sales gurus or distributors to contact for a marketing and sales blitz?

    • Brian H
      Posted at 13:14h, 25 September Reply

      Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words. I am very sorry no I do not know any sales guru. If you want to learn about sales I would check out mixergy.

  • James Woodham
    Posted at 04:01h, 12 September Reply


    Plugin required for:
    People who join as an affiliate on my web store. I want once they just login on my web store. Everything
    remains same as in front end .

    They browse different products on my website and with a simple share button (separate for each product) they
    could share on either Facebook, twitter, pintrest, or via email. kind of social share affiliate plugin

    This appears straight on the Facebook page, twitter etc with the complete product details. If any of there friends or networks clicks on that links and purchase they get the affiliate share. ( It is same kind of functionality what amazon affiliates have I DO NOT WANT A AMAZON AFFILIATE programme)

    any such Plugin you could recommend


    • Brian H
      Posted at 13:19h, 25 September Reply

      Hi James,

      I think I understand your request, I thought long and hard but off the top of my head could not think of any. What plugin are you using to sell your products? Also is it physical or digital products?

  • ashish
    Posted at 13:19h, 10 July Reply

    pretty link lite plugin is my favorite .. thanks for sharing others also

  • Sasa
    Posted at 16:54h, 07 September Reply

    I retailer wants me to drive traffic to her product sale page and offered me 10% on each sale with a coupon code. Since I am reasonably new in this I am wondering the following:

    How do I track the whole process from my page until my readers hit her products page and actually makes the purchase? Is there any way for me to track this? The actual purchase confirmation? Or is there any other way of doing this and that you would suggest. I need a plugin if there is one out there for this purpose.

    Thanks! Any advice is appreciated.

    • Sasa
      Posted at 18:42h, 07 September Reply

      Forgot to mention that the retailer uses Paypal for checkout with coupon code (the one she would give me to use) on the checkout page.

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