Best WordPress Booking Plugins for 2023

A calendar is the best tool when it comes to assigning the task, appointment and management of all these things. If your WordPress driven website represents a business in which you assign appointments to your clients or customers, then you should be using one booking plugin.

Once you find a perfectly working and simple looking booking and appointment plugin, then half of your work will be done on automation.

Yes, you can allow your users to visit directly the website and see if they can make an appointment on their own. Users will be able to see if your business services are available at a particular time or not. If available, then they can book it instantly, or in other case, they need to choose a date and time in near future.

In short, you don’t need to go through hundreds of requests, as the plugin itself will do the management work. This is a clear and simple way you can opt for, and since your website is on WordPress platform, so it can be easily done using a plugin.

Any such plugin comes very handy when number of customers at your business are in hundreds, and thus, taking lots of efforts to manage.

Best WordPress Booking Plugin

Here are the best WordPress booking plugins that will offer the perfect solution to this very special requirement. Each of them are genuine but, you should use the one that meets all the requirements at your end.

#1 Amelia


Amelia takes the booking plugin game to the next level. Designed exclusively for WordPress, it simplifies appointment management. Clients can easily schedule appointments anytime, and features like appointment reminders and online payment processing elevate the booking experience. But it doesn’t just benefit your clients. It also streamlines business operations for you, reducing the time you spend on manual work and it also cuts costs on administrative tasks.

What sets Amelia apart from other WordPress booking plugins?

  • Elegant solution for booking needs.
  • Comprehensive support for various booking types.
  • Versatile payment options for convenience.
  • Game-changing dashboard for business owners and managers.
  • Essential KPI tracking for informed decisions.
  • Holistic business optimization tool.

#2 Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar WordPress Plugin

This is the first booking plugin I will recommend, and you don’t need to worry about pricing at all. It comes with easy to use interface, but with a basic layout. Although the layout is made responsive, so it will work on mobile devices along with traditional PC and laptops. The calendar designs are customizable, and most of the functionalities offered are flexible.

Email notifications, booking search, proper pagination, different views for Admins and users, approval system, different date formats, Timeline preview of the Calendar, etc. are the few highlights in its feature list. It even allows importing of data from Google Calendar.

Full Details & Download

#3 Booking System PRO [Paid]

Booking System PRO

$44 priced plugin is the first paid plugin I will recommend to you and it has been used by thousands of users till now. It offers dedicated support and free updates in near future. Also, the reviews and ratings done by existing users are really good. It is compatible with cross-browsers and also with the latest version of WordPress script.

It offers a booking management set of tools, which can book anything. You can allow users to book hotels, spas, pet care, photographer, hairdresser, villas, restaurants, taxi, etc. The booking system is also integrated with WooCommerce, so if you wish to allow users to make payment online, then it is also possible and properly taken care of.

#4 Salon Booking System


Salon Booking System is a plugin created by WPChef that is your complete resource for scheduling appointments and managing your hourly billable appointment calendar. After being informed of this plugin by a reader, we did a quick review on the plugin and found out that it was a pretty cool system that embeds easy to use scheduling tools directly into your WordPress site.

This plugin comes with both a free version and a paid version, both which come packed with features that will help make your appointment management incredibly easy. Check it out, we think you’ll really like this one!

#5 BookingWizz for WordPress [Paid]

BookingWizz for WordPress

BookingWizz is the second best option we got, which will cost you just $17. It can allow you to add a Calendar widget, with which users can interact. Upcoming event widget is also available which can help users to know what’s coming or planned in future. A lot of other functionalities are covered, and each of them can be used by their individual Shortcodes.

This plugin isn’t that powerful as of first one I recommended, but if your requirements are limited, then this is the best and cheaper option. Yes, it is covered with dedicated support and compatible with different browsers and latest WordPress script versions.

#6 BirchPress Scheduler

BirchPress Scheduler Plugin

BirchPress is the first free plugin we have that is also available in the premium version. The free one offers features like customer booking, optimise the booking forms for responsive themes and layouts, assigning of different tasks for employees, powerful Admin Panel which is simple enough to get quickly started, and many more.

It supports multiple locations and staff and services. So, you can easily hire a team and make them work and manage different sections of the business you are running. The best feature here is that it allows users to make an appointment at a different time on the same day.

Multiple currency support, client management, date and time format configuration, appointment and payment tracking, and support for multiple languages are also within the package. The free version comes without any support while the premium version starts at $70.

#7 WP Booking Calendar [Paid]

WP Booking Calendar

If you are looking for a cheaper premium plugin that offers all features of the BirchPress, then WP Booking Calendar plugin is available at a price of only $17. It can allow users to get an appointment in different time slots on the same day and that too through a simple user interface.

There are no limitations on number of calendars you can set. Unlimited time slot settings, customizable reservation numbers, multiple reservations, easy choosing of months and days, etc. are the features offered. The plugin works separately for users and admin, thus, offers a properly manageable set of tools.

The kind of experience it delivers to its users is really awesome, and that’s the reason it’s among the most recommended booking plugins. I’m sure you will love its demo.


If you think that none of these plugins can do the trick I’m (or they individually are) promising, then I recommend you to test and try them on a demo website.

I am pretty sure that you will find them working and useful of the time you are about to invest in setting it up. Like every other plugin, it requires one-time setup, but you probably require your manager to learn how to manage bookings and appointments through WordPress Dashboard.

Do let me know the kind of experience you have with any of the WordPress booking plugins you are using. If you wish to know further details or help on the related subject, then write it in the discussion section and we will come up with a solution ASAP.

Stay tuned for more tutorials and help guide.

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    You have done amazing listing for reservation wordpress plugins. And In this list i would like you to add one more WordPress plugin for reservation- All in One Reservation. which is powerful plugin for reservation management system. It has all the necessary features and functions needed for a reservation management plugin.

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