7 Best Content WordPress Curation Plugin (Free & Paid)

The WordPress Curation Plugin are best options for those who are constantly looking for new articles on a variety of topics, but have less time to do that manually. The WordPress Curation Plugin can easily find the  relevant content and can do a bit more for you like saving a quick draft of the article you might wish to publish later, constantly looking for new content on the web, making changes to the article to make yours unique and many others. Now, there are many free and paid options available in the market, and here we’ve sorted them out for you properly to help you choose the right one for you. So, check out the list below and choose whatever you want.

Best Curation Plugin for WordPress

Content is the key thing for all blogs and websites. Do your research now and you will realize that a huge number of viewers usually visit sites just for the content. Because this is what keeps people on a website, you need to create content that is real and engaging.

The other important factor is that you should update your content regularly. You should do a follow up on news that is relevant to your content daily. This will require a team of experts who will be working day and night or opt to use a content curation plugin.

Content WordPress curation plugins will be monitoring content from the internet, pass it to you, and then you will display it for your visitors. This is an easy way of displaying fresh content on your site.

Conversions and Traffic

Plugins offer great solutions to all your issues in a unique way. With these WordPress Curation plugins, your websites will be working better, engaging with your viewers as well as promoting your brand. Use this plugin for your site and you will never regret your decision.

However, this plugin doesn’t improve the traffic of your site or conversions. This means it won’t change your site into an online business that will be generating cash for you.

You should get training on ways you can use to create an affiliate online business. If you wish to convert your viewers into cash, just create a search engine traffic. With this be assured of some income straight from your online business.

Premium WordPress Curation Plugins

As informed above, there are many Premium WordPress Curation Plugins available in the market, which will offer you service for each penny you’ve spent and here below are some of them:

WP RSS Aggregator Plugin

WordPress Curation plugin

The WP RSS Aggregator WordPress Curation Plugins are the best tool available in the market to import, merge and post the RSS feeds on your website. It can fetch the RSS and Atom feed from more than one website, and you can then arrange them as per your requirements. Hence, you get the maximum out of the posts. It has some add-ons as well and most famous of among them is the Feed to Post option to help you import the feeds into the post directly. The premium version of this tool starts from US $ 15 and ends at US $ 139.

Full Details and Download | Demo

MyCurator Plugin

WordPress Curation Plugins

MyCurator WordPress Curation Plugin is better known as the tool used in the corporate world to make sure that the content they get should be relevant and of the highest quality. This tool allows you to curate content through the available web content and helps you to generate the best content and hence the traffic for your WordPress website. It comes with tools like bookmarklet for curation during web-browsing, notebooks to help you save the best content and post and much more as well. It gets you the content you want from the web and cut out every other unnecessary post. It comes with two plans, which are Pro @ US $ 15/month and Business @ US $ 30/month.

Full Details and Download | Demo

Curation Suite Plugin

Curation Suite Plugin

The last but not the least WordPress Curation Plugins that can not only find the content for your website. It can also create a good copy of it and popularize it on all the available social network is this Curation Suite Plugin. It find posts related to the niche, curate it, creates a copy in short span of time, publish it and make it viral on the web as well and I guess this is all you’ve always wanted from a tool. Once chosen, the content will get added to the post box where you can edit it as per your requirements or let the tool do it as well. The price for this tool is a bit high, but spending US $ 147 once on it is worth of the features you’ll get.

Full Details and Download |  Demo

Free WordPress Curation Plugin

Apart from the above mentioned paid tools, there are some free options available as well, which can give you the idea of how content curation plugin works and then going to a paid one. Here are some of the free options:

PressForward Plugin

PressForward WordPress Plugin

The PressForward WordPress Curation Plugin which has been developed for the freelancers especially, to make sure that they keep providing the best content available on the web without facing much hassle. The tool also comes with a handful of features like fetching information about posts, reviewing them before publication and importing feeds as well.

Full Details and Download

Editorial Assistant by Zemanta

Editorial Assistant by Zemanta

The WordPress Curation Plugin named as Editorial Assistant by Zemanta is for those who wish to write their own, but like to get ideas from various articles published on the webs about the same topic. This tool offers best articles and once can use them manually to take ideas of content and if you need images, then it would just need 1-click from you and the image will be added to your content with appropriate credits as well.

Full Details and Download


Listly Curation Plugin

The last entry on our list is this Listly WordPress Curation Plugin, and it allows you to add and edit the list items, and embed lists as well. Using this tool, bloggers easily can engage the audience to contribute towards the posts, build lists with people-ranks and the list made by it are re-usable as well. However, the plugin is very much niche specific, but still can’t be neglected as one of the best options available in the market for content curation. Here below you can get more details about this tool.

Full Details and Download

Curation Traffic Plugin

Curation Traffic Plugin

This Curation Traffic WordPress Curation Plugin is one of the best options available to choose from, the services it offers at US $ 19 only. It comes in a package of 3 major functions that include push button content pulling bookmarklet, Ultimate Call to Action Plugin and the Curation Mastery Training tool as well. The bookmarklet feature works with the bookmark bar and opens the new tab on WordPress, fetch the headline, saves, scheduled post and many things more after getting the content. The WordPress Curation plugin also helps in finding the best images for your post and publish it as well.

Final Words

There is no doubt that people write really awesome content on the web. Others are always seeking cues from those articles to write them in their own words. However, finding articles about a particular topic isn’t an easy task and for that these WordPress Curation Plugin can be used. The above ones which have both Premium and Free options will let the users find the articles and will do a few time-saving activities like bookmarking of topic relevant articles, saving a quick draft and much more. Also, if you do have knowledge about any other curation plugins, then please do let us know them in the comment section below along with your reviews as well.

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  • Evelyn Burns
    Posted at 14:43h, 25 September Reply

    Hey Prashant, thanks for the post, the short info about the plugins makes it easy to decide which one will work better for each of
    the content makers.

    Since you’re asking, I am using ExpressCurate for my content creation purposes, and am satisfied with it enough to recommend on your blog.
    It serves several purposes at once – creating original content, curating directly from Chrome browser, automatically bookmarking articles for later
    review (and possible curation), SEO, and sharing content on social media. As I prefer to spend more time on actually making content and optimizing it rather
    than trying to figure out the way the plugins operate, easy navigation and use were the must for me, and because of complicated layout I stopped using some of
    other content curation plugins. For now, I have no problem with ExpressCurate – every issue I come across is addressed in their Guide, so there hasn’t been any need to contact the support group yet. Anyway, if you’re looking for a different curation plugin to check out – this one will be worth your time.
    Good Luck!

  • tracybernardo
    Posted at 00:51h, 18 October Reply

    I used curation suite and then they billed me, turned it off, and would not return my calls or emails. I charged the entire suite back with Paypal because of non-use for an entire month. Not more than a week after the money is back in my account Amy Noteworthy, who apparently works there is looking to get revenge and leaves a one star review on my business facebook page! I’d stay as far away from Curation Suite by You Brand Inc. as you can get or suffer their wrath!

  • Daniel Edström
    Posted at 14:42h, 02 November Reply

    On snoik.com softwaare that we developed for curating content fast and easy to WordPress when I post with our own developed software. This can be used with any WordPress blog, here it is: snoik.com/contentshooter

    I thought this might be helpful to know.

  • Jody Sachse
    Posted at 04:29h, 03 January Reply

    Thank you, you saved me a ton of time. 😀

  • Piotr Kulpiński
    Posted at 10:54h, 05 April Reply

    Great collection!

    Since you’ve put together this list, we released our brand new WordPress theme for Content Curators called Chipmunk.

    I hope someone here will find it useful!

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    Posted at 04:33h, 09 January Reply

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  • Harvey McCallum
    Posted at 11:32h, 31 January Reply

    January 2020 – Does not work with my current Word Press.

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