7 Best WordPress Donation Plugin: To Help You Raise Donations

With the world in rattles by natural calamity, there are many instances where a website might require the donation feature on their website. Donation is the form of giving away money or other forms of valuable resources to the needy. The situation can be a non-profit organization trying to gather valuable resources for the people in need or a developer who regularly offers free open-source software and wants the users to donate as much as they can.

Other important instances include creating live donation by providing code hacks on YouTube or popular channels such as HackerRank. There are tons of other instances, where one can easily need a WordPress plugin to do the heavy lifting.

WordPress platform is a fantastic place to build your website. The reason being its ecosystem. The plugins and themes can render every possible feature that you might need. Similarly, if you need a WordPress donation plugin, you won’t be disappointed.

Today, we will go through the best WordPress donation plugin that will help you put up donations on your website.

Best WordPress donation plugin

1. Donorbox

Donorbow WordPress plugin

Donorbox is the most powerful fundraising software for nonprofits and its WordPress donation plugin is a perfect tool for all the nonprofit websites powered by WordPress CMS. Its recurring donation feature lets you accept monthly, weekly, quarterly, or even annual donations seamlessly.

Nonprofits can easily customize their donation form that goes with their branding style. Its easy donor management system, goal meter, responsive designs, and ability to integrate with third-party apps make Donorbox one of the most sought-after donation plugins for nonprofits around the world.

Best part? Donorbox’s pricing is one of the most affordable in the nonprofit industry. It just charges 1.5% as platform fees.


1. WooCommerce Donation Plugin

Woocommerce Donation plugin

There is no doubt in my mind that eCommerce is booming lately, and if you happen to own an eCommerce WordPress website then you are in luck. The WooCommece donations plugins add a crafty accept donation on the cart. The amount can be filled by the customer, and you are in a win-win situation.

The donation can be taken on many causes including quality of service offered and more.

According to the author, the plugin works perfectly with the template you are using. The plugin is comprehensive and provides great control over donations on the Woo Commerce enabled website.


2. Paypal Donations

PayPal Donations Plugin

PayPal is a great way of receiving and sending online money. And, if you are looking to get PayPal button on your website, then there is a popular Paypal Donations plugin available.

The PayPal button can be easily integrated into your website, either at the sidebar widget or using a shortcode. The freedom of placing the PayPal button makes the plugin a popular choice among the users.

The plugin supports translation and can be set to any currency. You can also choose to create a custom payment page style for better design prospect.


3. Donation Thermometer

WordPress Donation Thermometer

If you are looking to spice up your donation, then Donation Thermometer is for you. This simple plugin offers a sleek donation thermometer that is completely customizable.

You can choose to fill the thermometer with different color, show the amount of money raised by either percentage or real value. The choice is completely yours.

The plugin works with the help of the shortcode, and it can be placed anywhere on the website. It blends seamlessly.


4. Seamless Donations

Seamless Donation WordPress Plugin

Seamless Donation plugin is yet another free donation plugin. The plugin offers basic donation functionality including PayPal donations and recurring donations.

The plugin also offers messages to be sent to the donor. All the messages can be customized accordingly. The plugin also helps you to subscribe the donors to the mailing list. A great way to increase revenue and mail list.


5. Give – Donation Plugin

Give Donation Plugin

A new plugin on the WordPress marketplace, Give – Donation Plugin empowers the non-profit organization, churches and other organization to gather donations. With small the number downloads in few days and all positive ratings, the plugin is here to stay.

The plugin offers features such as single or multiple donation, customizable buttons, and fields. The plugin also offers shortcode so that you can use the plugin anywhere within the website.

This simple plugin also comes with a backend reporting panel, where you can have an overlook of how the donations are panning out.

The plugin also comes with tons of add-ons for more customizability.


6. Donation Content Locker

Donation Content Locker

Donations Content Locker is a content locker plugin that can be used to lock your content for the users. If the user wants to read the content, then they have to pay a small donation.

The minimum amount of the donation is set by the administrator.

The content is locked using a simple shortcode [donationlocker] … [/donationlocker].

With the support of five payment gateways, the administrator can target more users. The five payment gateways that are supported by the plugin is PayPal, Authorize.Net, Payza/AlertPay and others.

Once the user pays a small donation, the reader can quickly start access all the locked content. The plugin uses a cookie system to remember the users who have paid a small donation.

7. WPDonations


Another great plugin for donations, WPDonations is undoubtedly the most popular donation plugin out there. With more than 2000 sales on CodeCanyon, the plugin has already made a statement.

The premium plugin is full of features. You can easily create unlimited campaigns and even set multiple payment gateways. The freedom to work with the plugin is immense.

The plugin also supports templating system, which means that you can create something useful and attractive. The administrator can choose to implement one-time donation or recurring donations with email notifications.

The plugin supports Stripe payments and PayPal standard.

Wrap Up

Donations are essential for many organizations out there. Donations also help the needy in the time of crisis, and that’s why we felt the need to share this amazing WordPress donation plugin with you all.

The list of the best WordPress donation plugins has both paid and free plugins. If you are looking for a simple donation add-on to your WordPress website, then the free plugins will suffice you needs.

But, if you are looking to customize the donation button on your WordPress website in every possible way, a premium plugin is your best bet. The premium plugins come with support and also offers different payment gateway.

What do you think about the list of the WordPress donation plugin? Do you think, I missed an amazing donation plugin? Comment below and let us know.

We will be glad to hear from you!

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    Another one to check out is Charitable – wordpress.org/plugins/charitable/

    It’s the new kid on the block — we only released it in August.

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