8 Best WordPress Form Builder Plugins 2021 Reviewed (Free & Paid)

Forms are the part of any website, and it constitutes as the gateway between the readers the webmasters. Well-designed forms always play a significant role in any website and provides the right aesthetics. On the other hand, forms also represent an important signal to the visitors of the website. The forms act as a clue to the visitors that the webmaster is open for conversation or suggestion. Incorporating a form is easy, all with the help of WordPress Form Builder. Today, we will go through the best WordPress Form Builder out there on the WordPress plugin market. The Best WordPress form builder, we are trying to cover can be free or paid (or a mix of both, where some features are locked for the paid version).

As a webmaster, you need a form that works wonders with site functionality and also provide aesthetics. Choosing the right form builder can change the scope of your website and bring the necessary call to action for different stakeholders including the visitors of the website. Also, forms are a great source of feedback. From the revenue point of view, the website can grab the attention of the advertiser and bring more traction to site revenue.

Best WordPress Form Builder

Let’s start with the best WordPress Form Builder List.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms Form Builder

There is no doubt in my mind that Gravity Forms have made it to the number one WordPress Form Builder plugin. According to the official site, the plugin has been installed and used by more than One million websites all over the world. The statistics are generated from one of the leading ranking websites, Alexa, and the number itself speaks for the plugin.

The Gravity Forms come with a custom visual builder that will help you to build fast and beautiful forms in a matter of minutes. Other features include standard and advanced fields, limiting entries and schedule forms and more.

Pricing of Gravity Forms is slightly tricky. You can easily build basic forms with the free version, but if you want advanced features, the paid version starts for $59 for one year, followed by business license and developer license. You can check this page for detailed pricing schemes.

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Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 Plugin

Looking for a form builder that is free and awesome? Then, contact form 7 is for you. The plugin is completely free and has already topped 18 million downloads from the WordPress official repository.

The form builder comes with tons of features including CAPTCHA, Ajax-powered submitting, Akismet spam filtering (so that the website doesn’t get spammed). The form builder can also be used to create multiple forms, which are extremely customizable.

Fiddling with the form code is easy and forms can also be modified with the help of the code editor.

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Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms Plugin

Looking for a simple drag and drop form builder? Look no further than Formidable Forms that can be used to create forms quickly and efficiently.

The form builder falls in the category of advanced form builder as it supports database querying perfect for reports, retrievals, and display. The forms built using the plugin can be used anywhere, including posts, widgets or sidebar.

The Formidable Forms Pro can be bought for only $47 and includes tons of advanced features such as MailChimp, Signature, and PayPal Integration.

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Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms Plugins

The name itself speaks for the form builder. Ninja Forms are one of the best form plugin available in the WordPress marketplace. The plugin offers easy-to-use drag and drop interface with options to create forms that support emails, captcha, and Ajax.

The plugin can be used to create multiple forms and the free version brings a lot of value to the webmasters. Additional features include styling and layout options, anti-spam fields, customizable fields, re-usable fields, import and export options, from preview and Ajax.

If you are a WordPress Developer, then you can further enhance the plugin using the form building framework. This clearly showcases how powerful the plugin is.

Like any other plugins available, Ninja Forms also available in paid version. The paid version lets the users integrate PDF form submission, PayPal, Mail Chimp and more.

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Jetpack WordPress Plugin

JetPack is a popular plugin, hosted and maintained by WordPress. The plugin offers tons of modules, and one of the modules that bring beautiful forms on the front desk is the contact form module.

The contact form module can be used to create flexible and powerful plugins for your website. All the basic form fields are supported by the plugin, which includes, drop buttons, name, email address, and check boxes. A great example of this plugin implementation has been to combat spam comments on one of my friend’s highest traffic pages, . After implementing the plugin, the spam comments he received dropped substantially.

To get started, download Jet Pack and activate the contact form module. Simple and elegant.

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Quform WordPress Form Builder

Looking to build complex forms? Then, QuForm can help you with the creation. The form supports everything from the simple to the complex entity. And all of this can be done without touching any code. The form builder is powerful enough to let the user create forms that have tons of advanced fields with great customization options.

QuForm premium version lets you take more control of the form with drag and drop interface and other features such as extensive styling options, 15 element types and more.

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Form Maker

form-makerForm Maker is a free and easy way to incorporate a WordPress form builder straight into your site. It is very customizable and responsive, meaning you will get the results you want, every time. The drag and drop interface allows even the most novice blog owners to create great-looking forms, every time. Check this out if you want to level up your form game.

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Fast Secure Contact Form

Fast Secure Contact Form

Fast Secure Contact Form can create powerful and elegant WordPress forms in a matter of minutes. It is also one of the popular form builders on the WordPress plugin Marketplace.

Fast Secure Contact Form is easy to use with the option to create multiple forms at the same time. Furthermore, the plugin also helps to modify confirmation emails and protect the websites from spam using the Akismet Spam Plugin.

With this plugin, you can create simple to advanced forms using fields such as date, time, name, comment, checkbox and more. The forms can be easily integrated into any part of the site using the shortcode generated by the plugin.


GuiForm WordPress Plugin

GuiForm offers a great form building capacity free of cost. The forms that are created using the GuiForm are flexible and good to look at.

Forms can be created fast and easy with the help of GuiForms integrated drag and drop form builder. The form builder is intuitive and helps you build forms pretty fast. The form builder also supports basic fields and some advanced fields such as attachment uploads (Great for building recruiting forms/feedback forms).

The forms created using the plugin are responsive and customizable using the color setting available in the form builder. Furthermore, it also supports changing of email notification and tons of other changeable options such as time and date of submission, IP address, and OS.

Wrap Up

Finding the best WordPress Form Builder is a tough task, keeping the fact in mind that there are tons of WordPress plugins that help you to build forms. The above list will surely cut down your search, and you will be creating forms in a matter of minutes.

Any WordPress form builder that worked for you and is not listed above? Comment below!



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  • Don Niam
    Posted at 19:48h, 27 November Reply

    Have you heard of contact form generator? The pro version looks good and ability to color customize with no coding seems pretty good. I was going to get gravity, but after contacting them I needed to use css to customize and I don’t want to pay for a form and have to use css. Fast secure works great but not so easy to customize. Any response to contact form generator use appreciated. Reviews on WP Plugin look good, but can’t find anywhere else.

  • Paul Davis
    Posted at 05:44h, 10 May Reply

    ARForms is really good. It has a built in styling system so you can customize the forms however you want. It doesn’t cost extra like Gravity Forms and isn’t complicated like the others. But it does everything all the others does. I switched over for the styling and customization issues I had with other form builders.

  • JC
    Posted at 00:03h, 18 July Reply

    Super Forms is great also 🙂

    • Editorial Staff
      Posted at 17:53h, 22 July Reply

      I’ll have to check that one out. Thanks for the input 🙂

  • AK
    Posted at 06:22h, 06 August Reply

    I am looking for forms to capture data that needs to be sent to a database on a click of a button; which one for builder plugin would be best suited for this?

  • patrick
    Posted at 13:56h, 21 September Reply

    I would throw Zigaform – https://wordpress.org/plugins/zigaform-form-builder-lite/ in there as well. The editing via admin panel is a breeze. It’s just dragging and dropping plus the submissions are stored in a database.

    • Alex Olson
      Posted at 16:06h, 21 September Reply

      Good find Patrick! We will be sure to check these guys out.

      • Patrick
        Posted at 16:12h, 04 October Reply

        that’s great. Cheers!

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