Best WordPress Voting Plugins

9 Best WordPress Poll/Survey Plugins

One way or another, you need to increase the interaction level with your visitors. Having a good looking website, fast loading web page, engaging and quality content, etc., can help but those are the big guns. If you are looking for little ones, then adding a poll option can also help.

Yes, a simple poll campaign on your website, allows users to input their thoughts in a couple of seconds. Since, it doesn’t require a lot of time, users find it more interactive.

To start the same on your WordPress driven blog, you need to consider using a voting plugin. So, here are the best WordPress voting plugins.

Best WordPress Voting Plugins

The compilation is going to help you find one best plugin only if you are aware of the requirements at your end. Once requirement list is ready, then you need to start comparison it with features offered by below mentioned plugins.

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#1 TotalPoll Pro

TotalPoll Pro WordPress Poll Plugin

$17 priced is the first option we have, and personally I liked it better than any other I have come here. TotalPoll Pro comes with lots of elegant features and allows tons of customization. Together, the plugin offers a high standard user experience that is its base for popularity.

Features like the poll preview preset, pagination, Shortcode support, extensibility, private results, captcha inclusion, anti-cheating layers, logs, RT support, widgets and six different choice types are within. The plugin code is kept updated, and it is compatible with latest version of WordPress script along with all known modern web browsers.

It is worth noting that many of the addons to this plugin are paid upgrades. The free version is great for starters, but if you want to really maximize this plugin, you’ll want to add a few features to your aresenal. From what we’ve found, most of them are definitely worth the cost!

One key element in the design part is responsiveness, which enables the polls to work on mobile devices as well. SEO norms are also followed while writing the code and it increases the organic traffic if you are publishing a poll based post.

According to me, there isn’t any single feature that is missed by this plugin, and so the price it is asking is totally worth. Check out its live preview at its landing page attached down.

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#2 WP Foto Vote – Photo Contests

The guys from WP Vote have spent 3 years investing heart and soul into coding this powerful photo rating plugin for image contests, and it shows! It’s got a great gamut of features, including the ability to run as many competitions as you like (all at the same time), a huge bunch of styles to choose from (plus the ability to customise your own), a form-builder, the ability to create an email list (which you can export to email marketing platforms like Mailchimp), multi-language support, protection against cheating, social integration, support and more.

Plus, on top of all that, the developers even offer helpful support too.

“Max [the developer] is quick and reliable, he helped me with my voting contest set up and was responsive with any issues I had along the way. He had my contest running perfectly within 15 minutes, by far the best plugin available with great support to back it up!”

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#3 WP-Polls

WP Polls WordPress Plugin

If the requirements at your end are simple that you just need to implement and run a poll on any subject, then consider using this favourite free plugin named WP-Polls. Around millions of active users are experiencing its benefits and I am sure you will love it too. The script code is also kept updated and compatible with any latest version of WordPress script.

AJAX is behind every campaign you are going to create which adds an interactive looking interface. The tools in the Dashboard area are compiled in a simple user interface which further increases the user experience since you won’t find any issues using any of its features and application.

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#4 Responsive Poll

Responsive Poll Plugin

The animation is the main attraction in this plugin. Other features offered are responsive design, Charts.js usage, multiple votes on a single page, total customization and different chart types with different animations. Bootstrap3 is used to develop the plugin that further makes it fast in performance and secured.

Different charts like Pie, Bar, Doughnut, Radar, Polar, Like and Bootstrap Progress bars are supported. You can set whether the results are allowed to be visible to users or not and also protect duplicate entries. Every element uses responsive charms thus, working flawlessly on any mobile device. It is priced $14 and comes with proper documentation and dedicated help support.

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#5 Polls by OpinionStage

Polls by OpinionStage WordPress Plugin

When I first started implementing polls on my blogs, I used this plugin. It is available for free and works fast. Almost every possible feature is being covered which you can expect without paying anything, and I am sure you will fall in love with how it works and how easy it is to setup a new campaign.

Social integration is in there which allows users to login with their social profile before making their choice. Polls and inside data can be filtered, and a proper statistics is maintained throughout the campaign period. Talking about every feature is beyond this post, so I advise you to check on your own.

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#6 YOP Poll

YOP Poll WordPress Plugin

This next one is also available at free of cost and allows the creation of new polls and editing of existing ones. You can schedule polls which is an excellent feature. Every poll is given a unique ID, that makes it easy for the management and identification. You are offered a lot of options to choose from when you wish to share results with participants. It has been updated recently and made compatible with latest version of WordPress.

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#7 Social Polls by

Social Polls WordPress Plugin

It is the last recommendation from my side. It does all necessary things that you may think of related to running a poll campaign. The campaign can be added to any post or page, and users are even allowed to share their choice on their social profiles, which further brings more traffic and increases user engagement further. If you try it then do share your experience.

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#8 GetSiteControl

GetSiteControl is slightly different from most plugins on the list. In addition to the survey forms, it brings contact forms, subscription pop-ups, notification bars, a live chat, and social media buttons. So, if you’re looking for a tool to increase user engagement on your website, this might be the solution you need. Besides, there is a decent freemium plan to test the waters before paying.

The best part about GetSiteControl Survey widgets is the set of templates, that allows you to quickly create regular polls, customer satisfaction surveys, add checkboxes, dropdown menus, text fields and even collect emails.

And if you decide to upgrade, the $19/mo Plus plan includes even more advanced features. For instance, you’ll be able to show the survey form selectively to the audience that meets a chosen set of parameters: the number of pages viewed, language, location, OS, browser, referral source, device, etc. There is also a setup to display surveys only after a visitor has spent some time on a website, or – alternatively – to show an exit survey pop-up and ask why they are leaving.

Finally, you’ll be able to use skip logic and branching. That means the survey questions can be changing based on the user answers. So, whether you want to add a simple no-code voting form or need a customized survey builder, GetSiteControl is definitely worth checking out.

Full details and download

#9 Dilemma WordPress Plugin

Dilemma WordPress Plugin

If you like visual interaction more, then this should be the plugin of your choice which is priced $14 and comes with proper documentation and support tabs. The design part is the real deal, in this case, as it’s beautiful, elegant and yet simple enough. In short, this plugin increases the user engagement for sure.

You can run customize polls or allow users to choose among Hugs or Kisses, Love or Money, Football or Rugby, etc., i.e., either a poll or a choice selection which will help users in different dilemma. I recommend you to see its live preview first, and then I am sure you will consider buying it.

Wrap up

That’s it, folks! Do let me know which voting plugin you have finalized to use and why. If this compilation helped you, then you can appreciate my efforts by sharing it over social networks. In case of any assistance on any related subject, feel free to start the discussion below. Peace.

*last updated 04/11/2019

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  • shreya
    Posted at 11:32h, 19 October Reply

    Hi . Thanks for awesome list of wordpress poll plugins. I would like to add more best wordpress poll plugins :

    1. WP Polls

    2. YOP Poll

    3. TotalPoll Pro

    4. Advanced Polls for WordPress

    5. Poller Master

    Please have a look at :

  • mayhem3030
    Posted at 17:13h, 18 January Reply

    Hi 85ideas. Wanted to share this poll plugin that’s only just been released:

    It’s really cool and lets you do opinion polls with related polls features.

  • Dexizer87
    Posted at 16:02h, 28 April Reply

    Hi 85ideas. I recommend this plugin , it has polls and surveys and many other features.

  • Alistair
    Posted at 21:55h, 19 May Reply

    Yes totalpoll looks great, but you dont disclose that if you wanted any addons for it they cost extra.
    Also the free version is way too restrictive so you cant get a real idea how good it is.

    • Editorial Staff
      Posted at 23:36h, 21 May Reply

      Thanks for pointing that out to us. We went ahead and included a blurb that discloses that!

  • Shardul
    Posted at 00:34h, 24 April Reply

    Loved reading the article! That’s one mighty list of survey plugins 🙂 However, I can suggest one more plugin that can be an excellent addition to your list. Survey Funnel ( ) is a fantastic WordPress survey plugin. You can take a look at it.

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