7+ Best WordPress Social Login Plugins

The advent of social media has changed how people communicate in the virtual world and this has changed the way business used to function. WordPress has become a popular choice not only for bloggers, but business websites as well. WordPress has mastered the formula for the right marketing mix for your website, opening up to social media and integrating social media platforms successfully to get the maximum benefits for the website owners.

Most of the visitors that come to your website are logged into one or the other social media platform and they might not want to use the native system of WordPress to comment. Therefore, it has become important to include a social login gateway to your website. This will lead to more user engagement and social interaction and return traffic through social media platforms. This will not just be user-friendly, but also beneficial to website owners as visitors are sharing their social address with you. You can boost your site traffic by the social login plugins as it will be easy for visitors to like, comment and share your content.

We bring you a list of 7 best social login plugins for user-friendly interaction that makes your website socially significant.

UserPro- User Profile with Social Login

UserPro with Social Login

UserPro is a premium social login plugin that offers plenty of other services other than the ease of login via social media profiles for the users. The services of the plugin are available for $28, it is packed with useful features and is totally worth the price. You can manually import and approve user’s profiles from social sites and maintain user information in your database. Some of the other features of the plugin are frontend publisher, viral marketing, file upload, user badges, content restriction and much more.

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Social Login

Social Login WordPress Plugin

Social Login is a powerful plugin that allows users to login to your website from 25 social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PayPal, Google, Yahoo and more. It is a perfect plugin to make your blog more social, visitors can like, comment and share your content and increase your traffic. You get the option to choose where you wish to add the plugin, it could be the login page or the registration page or you can also place them in your sidebar among other places. The plugin is also available in German and supports BuddyPress installs.

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Super Socializer

Super Socializer WordPress Plugin

Super Socializer is an awesome social login plugin that is regularly updated with more than 10k active users. The plugin is a complete package and has all the social features such as social login, commenting, sharing all included in one single plugin. With the excellent rating of 4.8, this is an incredible social login plugin and it is free. It comes with Spanish, Italian, French, German and Hungarian translation included in the plugin. The plugin also feeds the user’s information in your database, including the email that enables better interaction. It also reduces spammers as there are fewer chances of fake profiles since social network authenticate individuals. Some of the benefits of the plugin are increased in user traffic, search engine optimization, updated and genuine data, fresh icon themes, optimal loading time and much more.

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Social Login for WordPress

Social Login and Social Sharing

Social Login for WordPress is a premium plugin with a month free trial subscription, and the plugin also has a free simplified social sharing plugin as well. The powerful plugin gives you access to the user’s profile data with their permission and creates a profile in your database. The plugin also feeds this data into any of your marketing tools such as MailChimp or analytics software. The plugin also supports eight languages and you can integrate 20 social services in your WordPress comment system. The plugin also has the option for single sign-in on multiple WordPress website.


Social WordPress Plugin by mailchimp

The lightweight social login plugin is brought to you by MailChimp; it integrates user’s Twitter and Facebook account with your blog. Apart from the convenient social login feature that it offers, social also broadcasts published a post on social media sites. Social is a popular plugin and you can use the plugin to update your posts to Facebook and Twitter. The plugin is aimed at making you socially relevant and up to date, you can also pull in tweets and Facebook comments from the user’s account. You can also handle multiple accounts on a single blog for these social media services.

WordPress Social Login

WordPress Social Login Plugins

This is a highly functional social login plugin, and it lets you easily integrate sign-in services and enable commenting on your website. The plugin is very easy to integrate into your website and supports 20 popular social media services. It also authorizes you to import a user’s contact list from Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn and Windows Live. The plugin is easily customizable and you can change the look and feel of the plugin and you can also choose the placement of your sign-in options.

Social Login by Jainrain

Jainrain social login allows users to easily login or register via their social profiles and this also increases site traffic and site registrations. The plugin allows the users to share their comments on your site to multiple social sharing sites. The plugin has multiple login options and supports more than 30 social networks, email and other identity providers, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn and more. The plugin also has a customizable interface that allows you to change the color, size, orientation, font of your social login interface. The plugin also has an optional feature that registers new users automatically when they wish to share something from your site.

Final Word

I have mentioned some of the best social login plugins available; these will increase your audience and improve audience interaction. We hope the article is helpful to you and these plugins make your website more user-friendly and social. Let us know if you’re any of these plugin and your experience with them in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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