Conversios Review

Conversios Review

What Is Conversios

ConversiosThe WordPress plugin called Conversios is specific in that it uses open-source WordPress and WooCommerce libraries for the e-commerce tracking automation process. This newly created add-on on the market provides various options in measuring and tracking user paths with the help of Google Analytics.

Moreover, it is the original brand of Tatvic Analytics company, which has now been improved to work as an add-on for e-commerce created on WooCommerce platforms. For the add-on to work correctly, you need to check the version, which should be 7.2 or newer, before installation.

To begin with, we will explain in more detail what this add-on has to offer so that you can use it immediately on your e-shops. It is essential to note its ease of configuration and use without any additional knowledge of coding. And if you encounter any problem or question, there is 24-hour customer support for all users who will be very happy to help you. You can use the plugin in the free version for an unlimited period but with limited features and access to premium features if you opt for some of the available premium plans, which we will discuss later.

Conversios Features

ConversiosWhen it comes to the features that come as part of this tool, we can divide them into two groups. The first group includes those options focused on tracking Google Analytics, while the second group focuses on fully automating Google online shopping.

Before a detailed description of the features from this group, we will pay attention to the option developed in this group regarding data analysis using the Google Analytics tool. Combining this tool with other reports provides a lot of helpful information and insights into the performance of your business.

Audience reports provide users with information to get to know their customers in a new way. You have an insight into the country your customers come from, their age, gender, interests, preferences, a device they use to access your e-commerce, and many other interesting and important data.

If we take all this into account, we can create and adapt better content and design to a larger population to fulfill their desires. As for the customer behavior report, we have information on how customers interact with your site, how long they stay on it, how much they review certain products before the final purchase process. Another report that can help you provides website traffic related to the conversion rate and other associated elements. Based on this information, you can decide to direct your efforts in a better way to achieve a higher ROI.

Monitor Behavior During the Purchase Process

A feature that tracks customer behavior when shopping helps you visualize all stages of the shopping flow. This process includes everything from the first phase, which involves going from the home page to the product page, going to the cart page, viewing the cart, changing data and things in the cart to the final stage, like logging out of the page and final confirmation of your order.

At each stage, it is possible to monitor all critical data and information. You can make different decisions to accelerate the growth of the conversion and the marketing return on investment.

Monitor Behavior During the Billing Process

Credit card on laptopThis feature offers you as end-users an insight into your site’s performance during the billing process and if a problem occurs at any step in the process.

With the available tools, you can identify critical areas where improvements need to be made, which will later allow unhindered use by new potential customers who choose to access your e-commerce website.

Possibility of Double Tracking

Google Analytics 4 is an enhanced option of Google Analytics that works on the principle of a data model that is driven by events designed to collect data from your web store and mobile applications. The feature is ideal for companies that use Google Analytics 3 and upgrade to a newer Google Analytics 4.

With this option, it is possible to double-track your website through both options, where you will later gradually switch to tracking via Google Analytics 4.

Connection to Google Ads

Google bannerSince the features in this first group are related to the Google Analytics tracking option, it’s essential to mention the ability to link your Google Ads account to your Google Analytics account.

By accessing your Google Analytics account, you can see information about your campaigns and e-commerce metrics, such as conversions or goals. The link between these two apps creates space to create campaigns that you will use for remarketing and target a larger audience.


The early dashboard is a new feature coming soon within this group that will contribute to the overall experience of using this add-on. It was developed with detailed reporting on which users will have full access to all essential data from your Google Analytics account, Google Ads, and Google Merchant Center.  The goal of this option is to display data on the performance of your business with access to intelligent tools that will further help the growth and development of your e-commerce business.

We’ll also explain how the Google Merchant Center works. It is a platform that allows millions of users to discover, research, and decide to buy certain products with a multitude of available features and tools with in-depth reporting that provides a wide range of different options and combinations to reach the right customers.

In short, to start using the benefits of Google Shopping, which we will talk more about later, you first need to create an account on the Google Merchant Center platform and leave basic information about the company before the process of loading products on your website.

This process is a novelty in the field of product discovery. When it comes to Google Shopping, it is a process that helps retailers customize their e-commerce and products, making them available to a large number of users in the Google market. This type of shopping aims to facilitate the process of buying and searching for information about selected products by users, and their characteristics, price range, and how to connect with sellers.

With the Google Shopping option, companies are allowed to find more customers through their websites. Users can view detailed information about products that the seller regularly updates. Since it is a direct provision of information by the seller, users can access current prices, new offers, and product availability.

Intelligent Management of Campaigns Intended for the Shopping Process

Person shopping onlineWith this feature, you can run a campaign that will run in automatic mode, with the ability to create a unique campaign just for the purchase process.

You can also set a daily budget and the country you want to target as you begin your campaign, and your products will be available to visitors from your website based on their previous Google searches.

Automatic Product List Synchronization

The feature offers the ability to sync your products with the account you created in the Google Merchant Center. Synchronization takes place every 25 days so that the page with available products is constantly updated and that products that are expiring are not displayed. It is also possible to schedule synchronization according to your needs.

Product Database SEO Optimization

Search engine optimizationWith this feature, you can perform the process of syncing products from your account on the WooCommerce platform with your Google Merchant Center account in a few clicks.

The option generates high-quality product pages while qualifying for free input across the entire Google search network. It allows users to generate quality traffic without the need for additional costs.

Save Time On-Site Verification

It is vital that before exhibiting and placing products that will be available to millions of users when they enter the market, you confirm and establish the right to use your site following Google’s policies and regulations.

Through this feature, you can check the site and claim the domain without the additional involvement of developers or the need to encode the said process.

Google Merchant Center Account Management

Given that the entire tool is connected to other Google applications, one of the options you offer is to link your existing account or create a new one in a few clicks.

Since you are a Google Partner as a user, in this case, the feature will provide notifications of any changes related to your account and make regular updates accordingly. You can elaborate and update the details at any time, while the rest of the technical process will be realized by this feature.

Dynamic Remarketing Tags for E-Commerce Events

This option offers the ability to create dynamic remarketing tags for events in your eCommerce with a display in your Google Ads account. This way, you can run dynamic ads based on customer behavior on the website. Also, you can create campaigns for users who leave the cart or those who browse products by specific categories.

Google Ads Account Association

As the name implies, users can associate an account on the Google Ads platform with an account created on the Google Merchant Center while fulfilling the conditions required to launch a Google shopping campaign.

One of the two features coming soon, as a tool upgrade, is related to launching custom shopping campaigns based on previous data. If you want to run a shopping campaign with the help of Google Analytics, but for example, only for those users who have left the cart, this will be possible without meeting other needs.

The second feature offers users the option of filtering products where they will be able to select a specific brand and link it to a merchant center account.

PRO Version Features

You can find the plugin in a free version that you can use when you want, for an unlimited period. Paid versions range at promotional prices of $9, $19, and $20. The PRO versions of the plugin include many features. If you opt for this version, you have access to improved reports on the operation of your e-commerce, which include a detailed overview, report on the product list, order coupons, internal promotion, product coupon, and branch code.

Conversios pricingIn the PRO version, you can track the behavior of your e-commerce using Google Analytics and properties related to your WooCommerce store. You can track conversions of Google ads, user IDs accessing your device from different devices. It allows you to track product returns, group content, and sync your WooCommerce products with your Merchant Center account.

Furthermore, you can link your Google ads to your mall Google account and receive reports on your current campaigns. The premium version also offers a premium support option and the additional option of customizing the add-on to your requirements, requiring separating other costs.


If you’ve decided to open an e-commerce store and started that same process, you’ve already done some of the work. To complete the process successfully while attracting traffic to your website and increasing the conversion rate, you first need to be familiar with your customers.

You will achieve this if you begin to understand their movement in your e-commerce with additional measurements and tracking their entire path using the Google Analytics tool designed exclusively for monitoring on the WooCommerce platform. You need to be familiar with the preferences and wishes of users and based on the acquired information to provide them with a better user experience and simplify the purchase process.

For this reason, this add-on is the ideal solution for such situations. We recommend using this plugin for anyone who decides to start their e-commerce to achieve the best possible business results.

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