6 Top WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins to Sell With WordPress

No matter how many brand websites come into online e-commerce business there is still a lot of chances left untouched. You can grab those chances and start your own e-commerce business through your favorite WordPress script. Once a website is setup with an e-commerce business favorable theme, all you need to look is for best WordPress shopping cart/e-commerce plugins.

Using one of these plugins can simply add a cart over your website which can be managed from Dashboard area pretty easily. Most of them are available for free while there are also certain premium players out in the ground.

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Top WordPress Shopping Cart/E-Commerce Plugin

So let us start with the list now and I would also share their individual description to get you head start without even using them.

#1 WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce WordPress Plugin

If you buy a premium theme then chances are high that you may get this plugin for free bundled with the theme’s price. It’s highly popular in this e-commerce niche and comes at an affordable price (most of the features are available without any cost). With over millions of users, it can serve almost any user and any related requirements pretty easily.

It comes with elegant looking and simple to get used to user interface which is its powerful base along with quality features. It can easily put in a cart tool over the front side which is manageable through Dashboard area pretty easily. It does offer email notifications and users can even install its mobile application to stay updated with the business going online.

Before buying its premium version, one thing to consider its compatibility with the theme you’re using. If it isn’t compatible then changing theme won’t be a better idea. There are many extensions available that can easily extend its functionality further.

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#2 Cart66

Cart66 WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin

If you’re looking for basic features to import within your website then try Cart66 Lite which offers a lot of features without any cost. The developer also offers it in the premium version with a lot of quality and much-required features to help you run an online business (no matter which product you sell).

The main benefit here is that it works with almost any WordPress theme and stays compatible with other e-commerce plugins as well. The premium version offers cloud storage which can really speed up the speed and make everything going instantly for your customers, giving an additional boost in user experience.

If you wish to offer shipping details along with tracking ones then it is possible because of an included feature within. The only thing that might stop you from using it is its price. I can’t stop myself from calling it overpriced, but it delivers what it promise.

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#3 MarketPress

MarketPress E Commerce Plugin

If you’re looking to steal a better deal then buy MarketPress plugin which is developed by WPMU DEV team. It’s priced just $19 and the highlight here is that it can be used on multiple websites within this price. It comprises of an elegant user interface which is always concentrating towards getting work done comfortably.

The developer side will offer proper help and support which simply helps its users during setup and its application times. It can let you put a cart, offer shipping and product details to users and it can even display live stock details and notifications.

It’s compatible with lots of themes and leading payment gateways around the web. It doesn’t support add-on which is a miss, but it’s a little one. And with all the top notch standards and clever features it offers, it can outrace any other plugin in the field.

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#4 EShop Plugin

eShop WordPress Plugin

It’s a free product available officially over WordPress.org store and it can allow users to add a simple cart over their business websites. Product details can be added and both users and webmaster can track products and purchases.

It’s extremely simple to use, but I didn’t find any elegance in its UI. It still offers different payment gateway options and statistics of every purchase done over the website. It can consider offering different shipping options according to product weight and other details. So this is an additional feature to help you offer better user experience further.

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#5 WP E-Commerce

WP eCommerce plugin

If you’ll go through a lot of forums searching for the same then you’ll find WP E-Commerce being talked about everywhere. It got millions of downloads to support its credibility and I can bet that you’ll find it useful for sure.

The unique feature here is that it can support manual Cheque payment option which haven’t seen anywhere around. It does support PayPal and few other known payment gateways. It comes with simple to customize basic UI while keeping the functionality similar throughout.

It’s easy to install and works with most popular and common themes you can find and use. The control panel it offers at Dashboard area is pretty elegant and simple to start with. Try it out for once, it won’t cost you.

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#6 ShopperPress

ShopperPress Plugin

ShopperPress comes with a price of $79 (usually $199) and it’s a premium solution if you didn’t find an interesting one throughout the list I’m here with. It comes with additional add-ons support that helps users to increase a particular functionality pretty easily.

ShopperPress does support leading affiliate systems like Amazon and compatible with PayPal completely. It can be installed and setup quickly and you can even find certain SEO settings to tweak and help your business website to rank well.

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I hope your search ended. As I can sense the seriousness in you regarding your next e-commerce website I’d like to add an important thing here that you need to take your customers seriously and don’t let any single thing hurt their experience. Try choosing a premium theme, taking the user interface as the first thing with which users will interact. Good luck!

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