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5 Best WordPress SaaS Plugins To Provide A Delightful Customer Experience

Did you know: WordPress is now the fastest growing CMS platform on the web?

Hearing this fact does intrigue people towards this platform, to explore why it is becoming so popular among business owners. Some of the popular websites like New York Post, Fortune.com, NBC, and Spotify have reached out to their target audience easily using WordPress.

So what makes this platform so special? Well, if you ask me there are certain things that make WordPress an amazing platform to build websites. Some of them are:

  • Themes that are easy to use and implement
  • The ability to create multiple websites or blogs under one user name
  • Great way to start off a business online for free

But what really stands out are the plugins this platform has to offer. No doubt that SaaS themes WordPress offers are great and make a website responsive across all mobile devices. But the plugins definitely change the game for a website. This is especially true in the case of business owners who run a website that deals with people on a daily basis.

Some of the WordPress plugins have become a great means for such customer-centric websites to provide great customer experience to visitors hassle-free. I’d say if you too belong to that niche and would like to provide delightful customer experience, then read on to find out which plugins should you consider to boost satisfaction and your business reputation.

#1  WPForms


There’s probably no better way of increasing customer satisfaction level than asking them directly how happy they are with your service and how you can improve your website to meet their expectations. And luckily, there is a plugin that can help you collect their impressions in no time.

Using a form maker plugin, such as WPForms, you can create appealing forms in no time. You can make a variety of forms using this WordPress plugin, including customer feedback forms. With so many template options available, you can come across a variety of features that help you create questions for your customers and get valuable feedback directly from your customers!

This plugin also allows you to customize colors and add icons that help you create forms that match the theme of your brand.

Finally, to get the most out of your form plugin, you should also know which questions to put in your customer feedback form. This will help you get valuable insights into how your customers see your brand and how you can further provide a more delightful customer experience in the future.

#2  W3 Total Cache

Trying to load an extremely slow website when you have no internet-issues can really get on your nerves.

According to a Google study:

  • 1-3 seconds increase in load time = a boost in bounce rate by 32%
  • 1-5 seconds increase in load time = a boost in bounce rate by 90%
  • 1-6 increase in load time = a boost in bounce rate by 106%
  • 1-10 increase in load time = a boost in bounce rate 123%

To sum up, a fast website goes a long way in retaining visitors on your website and converting them into potential leads.

The one sure-shot way to speed up website load time is by clearing cache automatically.

W3 Total Cache is the best WordPress plugin that automatically clears out website cache to significantly increase its load time. Other than that, this plugin also allows you to:

  • Store images on another network, thereby decreasing server load
  • Compress HTTPS links to shrink pages and minify CSS and Javascript codes
  • Provide a delightful customer experience
  • Increase website page ranking
  • Enhance conversion rate easily

#3 WordPress Plugin for ProProfs Live Chat Software

Getting in touch with website visitors in real-time is essential for any business. But to get in touch with visitors instantly and build a delightful experience, they need a tool onboard that helps business owners meet both goals easily.

So in case you own a website that runs on WordPress, then all you have to do is add a WordPress live chat plugin to your website. Not only will it help you to boost engagement with visitors but also simplify your operator’s interactions with them. One such live chat tool that allows you to provide a delightful customer experience includes ProProfs Chat. It supports the following features:

  • A pre-chat form to capture potential leads
  • Integrations with powerful platforms like CRM, eCommerce, Help Desk software options and more
  • The ability to monitor visitors in real-time and initiate a proactive chat with them in strategic moments
  • The ability to create missed chats into chat tickets
  • A post-chat form to understand whether the visitors enjoyed their experience with your brand and will they come back for more services

Apart from helping you provide delightful customer experience, a WordPress live chat plugin, such as ProProfs Chat, is the perfect option for website owners who aren’t good at coding. In no time, the plugin can be installed through your WordPress dashboard and your support operators can start providing a good customer experience in real-time.


Talking about delightful customer experience, it is essential to have a great CRM WordPress plugin for your website.

WP WRP is one of the best HRM, CRM, and accounting solutions that most people have started adopting onto their WordPress website. This plugin allows you to:

  • List leads and communities smoothly
  • Streamline email communication easily
  • Divide customers easily on the basis of their interests
  • Keep logs of every customer dealing
  • Keep and maintain meeting notes on your dashboard

…and so much more!

So, it is not only important to create a good brand image among your customers, but it is equally important to maintain that image in the long haul. Adopt WP ERP to have access to not only a CRM system, but also to manage your HR and accounting information on one platform efficiently!

#5 MultiLingual Plugin by WPML

It is important to understand that your website can attract a variety of visitors, some of which may need website content to be displayed in a different language.

But, when it comes to converting the entire website content into another language automatically, it is essential for you to adopt a WordPress plugin that helps you to create multilingual websites easily.

One such plugin that aims to achieve just that is WPML. It allows you to:

  • Optimize your website in multiple languages
  • Create multilingual eCommerce websites with WooCommerce

WPML is compatible with most WordPress themes and offers over 40+ languages.

Conclusion: Delightful Customer Experience is Succeeded by Combining Different Plugins

As you can see, there are different factors that can impact customer experience and the image they create about your business when visiting your website.

Practically speaking, to achieve a delightful customer experience, you have to implement different types of plugins that improve your communication. Therefore, it is essential to use plugins that will increase the number of ways in which your customers can interact with you, such as a WordPress live chat plugin.

Finally, to take a further step in getting to know your customers’ needs and provide amazing customer experience, you should also use customer feedback forms. Position them on easily visible areas of your website, you increase the chances of getting feedback, which you can use to improve both your website and your products and services.


Jared Cornell is a customer-support specialist, a marketing evangelist and a book lover, associated with ProProfs Chat. Jared is passionate about customer support and loves to solve customers’ queries. He is always keen to develop new strategies to help customers seeking live chat assistance for a delightful experience. Connect with Jared on Linkedin.

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