Best Free Anonymous Email Accounts That Will Ensure Your Online Activity Is Secure

Best Free Anonymous Email Accounts That Will Ensure Your Online Activity Is Secure

More and more people have started to value their online privacy and security. With increased knowledge of why our private data is so essential to many online and offline companies, some users have started protecting it in various ways. Indeed, you wouldn’t like to have a peeping neighbor staring at your window all day and noting what you had for lunch every day. So, why not think about protecting your online “home” as well.

One of the online tools that we can’t imagine the world without right now would be emails. And, like everything else on the internet, they too contain your data, private information, and many other things you wouldn’t want to share with just about everyone. That is where anonymous email accounts come into play.

GmailAs their name suggests, anonymous email accounts emphasize the users’ online privacy and data protection as their primary goal. Moreover, an anonymous email aims to hide the sender’s identity and remove any personally identifiable info.

When you use such services, the emails you have sent can’t be traced back to you. Things such as your IP address, date and time of sending, and the device used to send the message remain hidden from the recipient and prying eyes.

Why Should You Use Anonymous Email Accounts

Anonymous hackerThere are many different reasons why you would want to encrypt and protect your emails in such ways. Maybe you don’t like Google and other tech giants having access to your private info and messages. You might live in a country with an oppressive regime, or you could be a reporter in said country, or you care about what personal information you share online.

Maybe, you are a whistleblower in a corrupt company or government, wanting a secure communication line so you could expose them. In all of these cases, anonymous emails are the solution to your safety communication needs.

Let’s check out four of the best free anonymous accounts and what they offer.

1. ProtonMail

ProtonMailProtonMail is one of the most popular online anonymous email providers. When creating an account on ProtonMail, you won’t be asked to provide any personal and sensitive information, which is an excellent step in protecting your privacy.

The service is available on all of the major platforms, desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. Furthermore, ProtonMail boasts two different encryption types – symmetric encryption protocols and public-key cryptography, which together offer great end-to-end encryption.

Two encryption types mean that only the sender and the receiver can read the message. Even if someone else manages to intercept the sent email, all they will get is an unreadable mess of data.

Besides that, ProtonMail does not store your IP address when you sign in, making it a lot harder to find out your location. What’s more, ProtonMail claims that they don’t even have access to their own users’ information.

However, one of the downsides of that is you won’t be able to recover your account if you lose access to it,  but you could always make a new account.

2. SecMail

SecMailAnother excellent option for those who are looking for online security and anonymity is SecMail. Like with ProtonMail, you don’t need to share personal information and data when creating your SecMail account.

Moreover, it offers a powerful 4096-bit key encryption for your messages, making it secure. Afterward, SecMail uses SSL encryption in addition to the 4096-bit key one to make sure that no one can get the email data while they are in transit to the receiver.

Most of these anonymous email services guarantee that they don’t log or record your data. Such is the case with SecMail and your IP address, meaning they don’t have data that could be used to identify you.

3. Tutanota

TutanotaAnother popular choice worth our mention is Tutanota. The German-based service uses end-to-end encryption for email transit and decrypts them on the device when they arrive. For this, it uses AES encryption and the RSA algorithm to make your emails as secure as possible.

The only thing you need to send secure messages to others is an email account, which doesn’t require any sensitive or personal info to be created. In addition, Tutanota adds another option, though, for when you want to send secure emails to non-users. It allows you to send the recipient a pre-shared password, enabling them to view the email and reply to it.

Tutanota has a couple of more features that are worth mentioning. Firstly, Tutanota routes your emails through a different IP address, making it virtually impossible to find your accurate IP address and location. Secondly, Tutanota is also open-source in nature, giving it an additional layer of security and trust.

4. Guerrilla Mail

Guerilla MailGuerrilla Mail offers something different from the established ability to use highly encrypted emails to secure communication in such away. The service provides a way of sending temporary emails. That means that the emails won’t be on the server indefinitely; instead, they are purged every hour.

Don’t worry; the email address you used to send them isn’t purged as well, so you won’t have to make new accounts every time you want to send an email.

As with the other services, Guerrilla mail offers a way for its users to create accounts without needing to enter any personal information. Additionally, if you are still skeptical about the service, you can even write and send emails without creating an account altogether.

Finally, Guerrilla Mail has tools that allow you to change your inbox ID, basically changing your email address to receive all incoming emails. Plus, the service provides perfect tools for registering on those types of sites and services known for sending a lot of spam.


In the end, it is clear that with everyone being more and more connected through the global network, there is an increased desire to control what one makes public and available and what does one to keep for themselves. The number of solutions available to those who want to keep their privacy and have a secure communication channel has never been higher, and it continues to increase drastically.

We have outlined four different services that offer anonymous email sending, secure encryption, IP masking, and services that don’t need your data for you to use them. All in all, between the solutions mentioned above, you are guaranteed to find something that will satisfy your security needs.

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