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In today’s post, we will look at some of the most professional and creative comings soon/under construction themes on offer.  A few years ago, I would do all the behind the scene work with my site down when launching a site. I then learn from the lean startup model where you create a put out a minimum viable product. In this case, it can be a simple landing page where you can collect visitors’ emails to notify them of your launch. With these themes that I have recommended, you should also promote your social media profile or tease visitors with an early bird offering. You can also use these templates if you are doing some maintenance work on your site and want visitors to be kept updated.

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Without further ado, let us look at some of the best coming soon WordPress templates. I have spent a few hours researching these themes and would greatly appreciate your support for sharing this article if you found it useful.


UnderConstructionPageUnderConstructionPage is a plugin that allows you to create beautiful under-construction pages that will inform your visitors your website is in the works. It provides you with over 2 million stunning images and more than 270 templates that you can customize further to match your style and brand.

Furthermore, the plugin’s handy drag and drop editor allows you to configure and adjust the elements on your page easily. In addition, you can put many different elements on your pages, such as a contact form or a countdown.

Regarding templates, you can choose between basic templates, PRO templates, and high converting agency templates. In addition to many customization and visual options, with UnderConstructionPage, you can track your traffic and generate inbound links. Afterward, you can share those links on your social media or with your affiliates.

Finally, you can use this plugin to create different pages effortlessly with maximum flexibility. In case of any questions or problems, you are free to contact support, and the great thing is that the plugin’s creators don’t outsource support.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Coming Soon & Maintenance ModeWith the next plugin, called Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode, you can create stunning coming soon and under-maintenance pages that will inform your visitors about exciting new things. You can even build your email list right from there and be ready once your website goes live.

Furthermore, the plugin offers you many excellent images and more than 170 themes you can use for your page. What is more, you can completely rebrand the plugin to make it your own; you can change its name, colors, logo, and text.

Since you should be working on your traffic from the get-go, Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode provides you with built-in checks, tests, and guidelines to check if your website is optimized and performing well.

In addition, if you are working with clients, you can provide them with a secret access link that will allow them to access your website while it’s still in the works.


Launcher Theme

Although you don’t get a ton of customization options to chantemplate’s appearance, the template remains a great option to consider. Launcher is 100% responsive and comes ready with a launch countdown timer. You also get an email subscriptions box to help grow your mailing list so you can launch your business with a bag. Dis I mention this template is free?

Full Details and Download | Demo


MyCountdown theme

Mycountdown is an interesting coming template soon, but I am pretty sure that this one will not be for everyone. You get the big laboratory-style countdown time that takes up more than half the page. Honestly, I am a fan of this theme simply because it does leave you with some room to add a sales copy. If you just want a theme with an interesting timer then maybe this is one to consider.

 Full Details and Download | Demo

Working – Responsive Under Construction WordPress Theme

Working theme

Working is a sleek under construction theme that is very well made it is responsive to help your site look great on all devices. Highlights of this theme are countdown timer, social integration and MailChimp email form included. I personally like the full-screen image displaandus the filterable portfolio section to help you show customers what you have to offer.

Caelus – App Landing & Coming Soon WP Theme

caeluscs theme

Caelus is an interesting one to consider because it has a drag and drop widget home page that allows you to incorporate other interesting elements in your site easily. It comes prebuilt with two different colour scheme to switch between, you also get a range of beautiful fonts to add further character. If you use MailChimp, then you will be happy to here that it is supported on this theme without any extra plugins.


xTime Under Construction WordPress Theme

xTime is a clean and modern construction WordPress theme that is simple and straight to the point. Highlights of this theme are the ability to set full-screen background images or even a video background to show maybe a behind the scene on goings. You also have the option to display a countdown timer date that will give users an idea of when to revisit your site.

Aitasi – Under Construction Page

Aitasi Under Construction Page

If you want to add a bit more detail to your coming soon page, then you might want to consider Aitasi. This theme is like all the features you will need and a bit more, you get the countdown timer, subscription form, contact form and more. You will also be happy to hear that Google font is also integrated to give more flexibility regarding personalization.


Felice Theme

Felice takes a different approach to the normal countdown timer; it uses a progress bar that is very visual appealing. What I love must about this theme besides it being free is that it is very well laid out. You get room to tell your story and a good place opt-in form. I urge you to try at least it out, it does have by default a feminine scheme that is editable.

Wrapping up

In writing this post, I found a lot more maintenance style theme however not all of them have made it to this list only the best is listed above. As with all our theme collections, we take great pride in making sure that they are super useful and up to date. If you feel we have missed any out, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

*Last updated 11/11/2019

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