24 Amazing CrossFit WordPress Themes For Communities, Gyms, and Fitness Clubs 2021

With the rapid advancement of technology, hard labor based jobs have gone on the decline. Mostly anything that required physical labor can now be done effectively with the help of machinery. Read on to find more about the best Crossfit WordPress themes. Below is our top pick of the best CrossFit WordPress Themes for those that don’t have enough time to check our entire list.

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Again, the majority of jobs available in the market are desk-based, and you have to sit in your cubicle, typing on your keyboard or answering calls for over eight hours a day.

And after this work schedule of yours is done, you head on home “sitting” in public transport and then after arriving home you are too tired and go straight to the bed. Or perhaps you entertain yourself with the proverbial “idiot box”, during which you are again, “sitting”.

And if all this sitting isn’t enough you are also crazy about increasing your productivity and investing extra time in working. To supply the body with the extra energy, you often resort to fast foods, which are filled with fat and makes you fat.

In short, you live a lifestyle that promotes some of the worst health care practices which make you obese and overweight and ultimately ill; very ill.

If you are obese, you are at a higher risk of being diagnosed with a heart disease, diabetes or even cancer.

Now all these are not a news flash, and most people are aware of this predicament. In fact, fitness is on the mind of many and due to demand; the fitness community is growing like crazy.

CrossFit is currently one of the most popular fitness regimens which started as an exercise philosophy to now becoming a competitive fitness sport.

Now if you want to take part in the CrossFit community, you ought to set up an attractive website first. Our mission here is to create a fitness community of our own and collaborate with other communities. The internet can make tasks like sharing tips and fitness routines, to organizing meetings with other enthusiasts much simpler.

So, here we are interested in building the best CrossFit community, gym or fitness club website. With great quality content, you will have high trafficking on your site and create a great community site dedicated to fitness. But with so much competition you will probably need something more.

WordPress is a great platform. It can sustain a large community and has many designers who will take care of many aesthetic aspects of your site to make it more appealing to the people, granted you have quality content posted on your site.

Best CrossFit WordPress Themes

The technology revolution has enabled the projection of sounds and light within seconds and instant communication. However, all these functionalities come with a price. In the past, people contributed to the economy physically. Most projects and jobs required a lot of training and labor.

The fitness community is an entity that expands daily. This is an entity where you can get many nutritional patterns and exercise styles that you can use. If you want to promote this activity or you want to participate in it, the first thing that will be required of you is setting a good site. This method is effective because it is cheap and has added an extra section where you can campaign for your product online.

If you want to share ideas, propose new routines, and set up meetings with clients, all this has been made easy for you. Currently, there are five thousand cross-fit gyms which are situated in the U.S and more than ten thousand across the globe. This means, if your site doesn’t contain the best content you will not get many clients.

Fortunately, many existing online platforms will not only display your content but will also support great theme designers. WordPress is one of the leading online platforms because of its reputation and its content is easily accessible. It creates a good environment where many companies can engage. Check out the best Crossfit WordPress themes for you and use it to design your website. This will help you to reach the search engine results.

Choosing the top WordPress theme for CrossFit gym

With the wide range of WordPress themes available in the market today, it’s hard to find the right CrossFit theme that perfectly suits all your needs. You will need a great theme with the best features and a better layout design.

When choosing the right CrossFit gym theme, you will have to look for a theme that comes with the best templates and supports the most popular plugins.

Following are the key features that every CrossFit gym WordPress theme should offer:

  • Slider and image gallery
  • Instructors portfolio
  • Customer review and rating system
  • Membership registration and plans
  • Event and training management

Let’s take a closer look at the top WordPress theme for gym and CrossFit.

So let’s take a look at 24 Amazing CrossFit WordPress Themes For Communities, Gyms, and Fitness Clubs 2021:

GymBase – Responsive Gym Fitness WordPress Theme

Crossfit WordPressGymBase is a gym fitness WordPress theme which sports a minimalistic design. You will find the home page slider much appreciable as it can seamlessly scale down automatically depending on the screen resolution; making the theme highly responsive.

The Crossfit WordPress themes also comes with Visual Composer for you to build your page using over fifty page-builder components all buckled in the package. Plus if you are not in the mood for making something from scratch then use Visual Composer to customize and tweak the demo contents which can be easily imported. Or you can use the demo content as it is. It is your call!

Now coming to some important features, the theme provides you with a built-in schedule manager with which you can create classes and database of trainers.

The theme can easily help you and your viewers/clients manage timetables for respective CrossFit workouts at your gym.

You also get a powerful Crossfit WordPress themes Options Panel and custom color schemes to add that extra touch of personalization to your site.

WooCommerce support is also provided so you can integrate an online shop into your CrossFit gym/fitness site if you so desire.


Astra CrossFit WordPress Theme


Astra is one of the best WordPress themes with many templates. It has an in-built website demo for fitness, Crossfit, and gym websites. This includes extra sections for the image gallery, rates, schedule, training, awards, about me, and more.

Astra has a wide range of options that allow you to build custom landing pages and a unique homepage layout. To make things much easier works it also works with elementor, beaver builder, and drag and drop builders.

Furthermore, Astra is perfect for great WordPress search engine optimization. This makes it easier for the CrossFit website to be found in different search engines such as Google.




Divi is a stylish and powerful WordPress theme built to create different types of WordPress sites. It comes with a wide range of layouts and a Divi builder support to create unique pages utilizing robust drag and drop tools.

It includes an about us section, schedules, events, and photo galleries. The CrossFit theme has customized widgets for featured posts, social media integrations, and more. Divi supports eCommerce and may be used for creating an online store for fitness products.




OceaWP is a multipurpose WordPress theme that includes a ready-made site template for fitness, health, and gyms websites. The theme includes an easy-to-use section to add locations, classes, instructors, and more. Also, it allows you to display different pricing tables, training sessions, and classes.

The WordPress theme is easy to install, and it comes with a one-click demo installer. It comes with multiple customization options to upload a logo, change fonts, or choose custom colors. Furthermore, OceanWP is SEO-optimized and eCommerce-ready.




Ultra is a popular and modern WordPress theme specifically designed for fitness, health, CrossFit, and gyms training businesses.

The fitness templates come with an in-built section for apparel, amenities, training, and memberships. It allows users to easily manage training sessions, classes, and schedules.

Ultra is a very flexible WordPress theme with a wide range of options, unlimited colors, sidebars, custom widgets, and multiple layouts. Moreover, this theme is translation-ready and may be used to build multilingual sites using the best translation-ready.



Sportify is an excellent fitness or sports WordPress theme that comes with everything you might need for your gym, CrossFit, or sports-related site. The theme includes an event calendar, team members, testimonials, and easily add services, and more. All sections have a wide range of beautiful templates that are easy to customize.

Also, it includes shortcodes to easily add tabbed content, pricing tables, and call-to-action buttons. The setup is pretty simple with an even simpler optional panel.


Fitness Zone

Fitness Zone

The Fitness zone is functional and powerful fitness, gym, health, and CrossFit theme. The theme helps to effortlessly and easily create their own professional fitness, gym, health, and sports websites in minutes. The good news is that you don’t need any coding skills to design a great website using any of these themes.




Aspire is a stylish and modern WordPress theme for sports, CrossFit, fitness centers, and gym websites. It features a very beautiful homepage with a popup-style subscription box and full-screen header background. It provides flexible options for different templates, headers, layouts, and more.

Other significant features include photo galleries, custom page templates, widget areas, woocomerce support, and more.


VW Fitness


VW Fitness is one of the best free WordPress themes designed for weight training, fitness, and gyms websites. It includes social media buttons, a call to action button, an appointment form section, a testimonials section, and a banner section.

All these theme options may be easily installed using a live theme customizer. Also, it has a limited slider for a homepage. Additional features might be added using third-party WordPress plugins.


Poseidon -Gym Fitness Multipurpose Crossfit WordPress Themes

Poseidon is a popular free WordPress theme that is designed for fitness and health sites, gyms, and sports blogs. The theme comes with a minimal layout with a navigation menu and custom logo on top. Also, the theme features a full-screen slideshow for grabbing users’ attention.

The theme utilizes a magazine-style layout for displaying blog posts on the homepage of the website with the post format support.


GetFit – Gym Fitness Multipurpose Crossfit WordPress Themes

GetFit - Gym Fitness Multipurpose Crossfit WordPress Themes

GitFit is an incredibly powerful gym and fitness multipurpose crossfit WordPress themes which is built on the Twitter Bootstrap Framework. Evidently the theme has great features and is very easy to use irrespective of your coding skills.

Now one thing to note that is the theme has a very reasonable price tag and hence you won’t get premium plugins and add-ons built in with the theme but all the necessities are covered.

You get an ultra responsive design language which makes the theme readily available from any device. Again, GetFit is SEO optimized and follows the best SEO practices which is always a good thing.

You can write blogs filled with great CrossFit tips and some of your suggestions to help out your CrossFit community

Apart from these, you also get unlimited color schemes, touch and swipe support, numerous custom widgets and many more features including the popular RevSlider.

You also get 10 PSD designs which you can easily incorporate into your site, HD tutorials to help you get the most out of what GitFit offers and extensive documentation.

On top of all this, you get support for lifetime updates. All-in-all GitFit is a decent theme and is a good choice if you JUST want a working theme for your CrossFit gym based site.


Gym & Fit -Theme for Fitness Gym and Fitness Centers

Crossfit WordPress themes

Gym & Fit is a great WordPress theme for CrossFit or practically any topic related to physical activity, yoga, and healthy living. The Crossfit WordPress themes includes multiple features and functionality suited for this exact industry.

Set up is extremely easy and will bring out your creative side to tweak around with the layout and presentation to attain something unique. Customization is as easy as dragging and dropping thanks to the drag and drop page builder included in the theme. You also can choose between a parallax and One-page menu section.

Gym & Fit also provides access to multiple pages to host all your content and categories them beautifully. You also get a home page and can use it as your site’s navigation center.

Furthermore, if you have decided to buy the Crossfit WordPress themes, you will also get lifetime support by the developers and constant updates.

If you want a theme to give you customizability freedom and help you out whenever you are in trouble, then Gym & Fit is worth the consideration.


Fitness – Gym WordPress Theme

5 Fitness - Gym-Fitness Premium WordPress Theme - Just another The Web Design Factory Sites siteclipular.png

The Fitness theme for WordPress has amazing features and great SEO optimization. Using the theme will land you some of the best SEO rankings you have experienced in your life. The theme is built on the ever so impressive Twitter Bootstrap Framework.

Much like all the other Crossfit WordPress themes on the list, Fitness theme also sports a responsive design making it accessible from any device. Furthermore, the team behind the theme has invested much of their time incorporating some of the best SEO practices in the theme making it readily available in most online searches.

All these features can make for a great CrossFit website. Granted you have good content ready; the theme can easily manage a large audience. You also get multiple custom widgets, unlimited color palettes, touch and swipe functionality, Revolution Slider and much more.

And despite all these features, the theme is extremely easy to use thanks to the helpful amount of documentation provided.

Everything the theme has to offer is readily accessible, easily usable and doesn’t need any coding knowledge whatsoever. You also get premade pages, PSD files, and much more functionality.

Considering all these features, the reasonable price tag, the Fitness Theme can be a great asset for you CrossFit website and is worth a try.


FitPro – Events Fitness Gym Sports WordPress Theme

FitPro - Events Fitness Gym Sports WordPress ThemeFitPro is a versatile, accessible fitness/gym WordPress theme which boasts an attractive and elegant design language. It includes a multitude of features, all of which will help you set up a fully functional professional website including a CrossFit website.

Apart from running a gym based website, the theme is also suitable for salons, beauty clubs, spa or other healthcare/ lifestyle type sites. Needless to say, the theme can adapt and deliver flawless professional consistency and can be easily molded into a great CrossFit theme.

The theme comes with Visual Composer, with which you can easily build your pages and also many sample pages so you can easily import your pages. You also get a total of fifty elements that are exclusive for the theme.

WooCommerce is also integrated with which you can create an online store on your site and sell fitness products if you so desire.

The theme is also ideal for organizing events thanks to its Event Calendar plugin which is also provided with the theme.

Developer support for FitPro is also top notch, and you will get constant updates and tweaks from the developers to keep the theme up to date.


JustFit – Fitness, and Health Enthusiasts WordPress Theme.

12 JustFit Theme

JustFit is a wonderful WordPress Theme dedicated to fitness and healthy living. It is also very adaptive and will suit your needs for a CrossFit theme.

You can unleash your creative side while using the theme. The options panel is very powerful and will easily help with your customization needs. Again, you get plenty of PSD files which you can use to add more panache to the theme’s design if you want. Furthermore, if you see yourself as a perfectionist and want to build your site all by yourself than the drag and drop builder will prove to be handy.

The theme is also engineered with utmost care and delivers a blazing fast loading time which your customers and visitors will appreciate very much.

Some other features that are provided include Adsense optimization, 3D pop-up, and parallax scrolling effects. You can also incorporate any number of third party plugins you want, but those won’t be entertained by the developer’s support policies.

And speaking of developer support, JustFit has an excellent support system. The development team is helpful and fast and will immediately tackle any problem you might face.

Overall as you expand your CrossFit community and incorporate a support forum into your site, which the theme allows, by the way, you also get quality support to address any issue you may face.


Fitness Zone – Sports, Gym & Fitness Theme

13 Fitness Zone WordPress Theme - Just another WordPress siteclipular.png

Fitness Zone is a comprehensive WordPress theme designed to be the ultimate solution for webmasters, who own sports, health, gym websites but doesn’t have any coding experience. The theme offers an attractive visual appeal with bold and appealing aesthetics and a feature rich environment.

All its modern features and design language will make for an amazing, professional looking gym website. Needless to say, you can also use these features to run a very successful CrossFit site as well.

Fitness Zone Theme is filled with tons of features, and many of them are useful for sites related to CrossFIts. Dedicated workout pages, shortcodes related to CrossFit, BuddyPress support to start your CrossFit community, event calendar support all together will help you CrossFit website shine.

Apart from these you also get plenty of customization options ranging from five home page layouts, five different header designs, over twelve interchangeable skins and Visual Page builder. You can potentially build your site in hours if you are starting from scratch, or within an hour if you are using some of the theme’s readymade demos.

The theme is an excellent choice to build your unique, feature rich CrossFit website.


Athlete – Fitness, Gym and Sport WordPress theme

15 Athlete – Just another WordPress themeAthlete Theme is another WordPress theme aimed for gym and fitness websites and the last theme we will be talking about. But do note, the theme is not the best even though it is listed at the end.

With the theme, you can easily generate a visually appealing and engaging website with many functionalities, all the while having plenty of customization options at your disposal. Athlete theme can be easily modified to suit your requirements for a CrossFit theme.

With the theme, you can seamlessly manage your fitness classes, trainer management, and the sorts.

And speaking of these functionalities, the theme is also value for money as it includes licenses for Master Slider, EventOn plugin and add-on and the ever popular Visual Composer.

And if you want to know about customizability, then the previously mentioned Visual Composer should give you some solace. You also get an advanced Theme Options panel with a comprehensive set of configurable/adjustable settings. You also get multiple header and footer layouts, unlimited colors, and unique Visual Composer add-ons.

Besides this, you get seven unique homepage versions and a multitude of demo contents which can be imported by a single click.

WooCommerce is also integrated just in case you need that monetization capability.

All in all, Athlete theme is a great theme to boost your CrossFit site on and also comes with great customer support with a ticket system which is very convenient.


Gym & Fitness

7 GYM _ FITNESS – Just another Demo siteclipular.png

Gym & Fit is a great theme to host your CrossFit website. It looks extremely innovative and leaves a bold impression on your visitors.

The theme is packed with all the necessary features required for a fitness center to get their website up and running in no time. It is also fully responsive ensuring that all your visitors will have a great viewing experience irrespective of the screen size they are viewing it from.

Customization options are also plenty. You can choose from practically unlimited color options to get the right visual appeal. You also get an unlimited area for widgets and a feature rich Crossfit WordPress themes Options panel which is very powerful and gives you much more freedom with the sites appearance.

And considering your site content, Gym & Fit Theme offers over four different custom post types and the option to build an array of different pages, starting from an about page, membership, blogs and much more.

You can also create a price table to enlist the membership plans for your visitors to know about your services.

Other features include social sharing buttons, WooCommerce integration and the options to incorporate a “join the class” button to help you generate leads.


Sports & Life – Gym and Fitness WordPress Theme

crossfit fitness-wordpress-website-template

Sports & Life makes for a great gym based website, especially if you want something revolving around CrossFit. It’s purpose-oriented design works hand in hand with the exercise philosophy of CrossFit making for an uncanny yet subtle synergy.

One of the highlights of the theme is its built-in timetable or personal schedule manager. You can use it to track much of your personal life, including cases, trainers, and even new posts and individual pages.

The Crossfit WordPress themes are also SEO optimized and will help you attain high search engine ranks ergo helping in bringing more traffic to your site.

You also get a high level of customizability with an extensive and powerful medium themes options which are also easily manageable.

Overall considering its pocket-friendly price tag, the theme is an excellent choice for CrossFit bloggers, but you can use it too if you like for other gym/fitness websites.


Aegon – Responsive Gym/Fitness Club WordPress Theme

3 Aegon - Fitness Clubclipular.png

Aegon is a great WordPress theme to power your fitness club based website. The Crossfit WordPress themes packs amazing design quality, with multiple features and great demo content.

With all the features provided, you will have for yourself an easily customizable, modern gym/fitness club site which can appeal to any and all markets.

It is built with Bootstrap 3.2 and uses HTML5 and CSS3. You also get Google Font support and multiple customization options and a powerful Option Panel. You can also choose between a one-page site or a multi-page site.

As mentioned earlier, Aegon comes with a lot of impressive demo content and all these can be easily incorporated with just a single click. Numerous PSD files are included too.

All these pre-made content that you are getting can be easily utilized for hosting your CrossFit website.

With the theme, you will get your hands on extensive documentations to help you working with it. But if you stumble, then don’t worry, as you are also getting an extremely helpful and quickly responding customer support.

Now, one might say that Aegon is too overpriced for what it delivers, but if its design language appeals to you, then it is advised to give it a try.


BnB – Beauty Salon, Fitness, Barber Shop WP Theme

14 bnb-fitness-wordpress-website-template

BnB is a WordPress theme curated for sites which emphasize on topics like health care and better lifestyle. The theme can be used as a CrossFit theme if you so desire and can prove to be worth it.

One thing to note with the theme is that it comes with the Bookly plugin with which your clients will be able to book appointments right from your website.

If you want you can build your site from the bottoms up, thanks to the prolific Visual Composer, but BnB theme comes with plenty of demo content which is also customizable and can be easily imported and tweaked to give you your dream site.

The Crossfit WordPress themes are very user-friendly- by that, both you and your customers are signified- plus boasts a responsive design, meaning all your content will be accessible irrespective of screen size.

You can also choose from an array of layout variations including masonry, full screen, boxed or full width.

BnB is also SEO optimized and will help you gain high search engine rankings.

The support is also great and can swiftly resolve most of your issues.


GYM – Sport Fitness Bootstrap Responsive Theme

11 gym-sport-fitness-bootstrap-theme
Gym Theme is a versatile and adaptive Crossfit WordPress themes that has a design language which is both minimalist and elegant. It is mainly targeted towards gyms (namesake), but with its array of customizable features, it can easily adapt to serve your CrossFit website.

Some of its notable features include a filterable portfolio, details pages for your customer’s curiosity, and a responsive timetable page that can be used to hosts all information regarding classes and services offered by your gym.

Now coming to its customization features, the theme has multiple color presets, a front end drag and drop page builder tool, and complete control over the page layout, post layout, and event planning. You also get Revolution Slider bundled in with which you gain further control over your sliders.

You will also get plenty of demo content, but sadly you have to replace the images included as they are copyrighted.

WPML is also integrated which means your potential audience will not be limited to merely an English speaking demography.


Workout – A Responsive WordPress Gym Theme

10 WorkoutWorkout » The Ultimate WordPress Theme for your gymclipular.png

Workout theme is ideal to host your WordPress CrossFit themes site with as it creates an ambiance filled with ambition, consistency, and perseverance. The Crossfit WordPress themes can inspire you, and the site you build with it will inspire your visitors and customers. There are also custom post types specific for CrossFit websites.

The Crossfit WordPress themes will help you display your Gym Trainers, WOD’s, coaches and programs. WooCommerce support is also provided so you can effectively monetize your product and improve your earnings.

You get an array of pre-built templates, over a hundred shortcodes and an easy to use class schedule calendar. All of these used in harmony will create a memorable user experience for your visitors.

Other features include eye-catching CSS3 animations, multiple slider and footers, infinite customization options, program lists and scrolling testimonials.

And to top it all off, a top notch support system makes for the icing on the cake. Any issue regardless of its nature will be addressed by the support team if you want them too. Furthermore, if you stumble into some problem while installing an extremely helpful, self-explanatory online documentation is also provided(free of course).

Crossfit WordPress themes is an ever growing project as said by the developers and with its purchase, you will be subjected to constant updates with further functionality advancements.


Fitness WordPress Theme eCommerce

8 fitness-ecommerce-theme

Fitness WordPress Theme is specially curated for all gym and fitness based websites. Hence you can easily see how it can be used for your CrossFit based website also. It boasts a visually appealing minimalistic design language coupled with a responsive design making the beautiful aesthetics appreciable from any screen size.

The developer has made the theme with modern, powerful SEO practices in mind, making your site quickly climb up high on search engine rankings. Hence, together with SEO friendly programming, responsive design, and your site’s appealing design quality, you just need to quality content on your web page and then watch how your site traffic rise like rabbits having babies.

WooCommerce integration is also provided so that if you want, you can commercialize your site and sell products.

Some other features bundled in the theme includes a wishlist, seven unique color variations, social media integration and different social media icons. You can also schedule events, update followers on upcoming events and much more.

Overall, Fitness theme is an excellent way to run a website and increase people’s awareness of your brand all the while increasing your CrossFit community.



CrossFit is an effective way to get fit and best of all; anyone can follow the regimen. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide engage in the CrossFit workout regimen. Targeting CrossFit gives you a potential to tap into a huge audience.

Again WordPress is one of the most popular CMS available in the market with over 26% of the entire internet running it.

Needless to say, your CrossFit site, powered by WordPress will bring in excellent results.

In this article, we have listed out some of the best themes WordPress has to deliver to enhance appearance and functionality of your CrossFit website. If you try these Crossfit WordPress themes out, do tell us how beneficial the experience was for you. Again, if you happen to know of some more, better ones do lets you know in the comments.



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