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The Best MyThemeShop Themes of 2021

Recently, I went through the best MyThemeShop themes, and took a look at the themes that are best in design, quality, and overall feature-set. But, that doesn’t tell you which themes are the best ones. To make sure that our readers get the most out of MyThemeShop, we will list the most popular themes on MyThemeShop.

MyThemeShop requires no introduction, but if you are new to the WordPress theme development market, you need an introduction. MyThemeShop is one of the leading online WordPress developers who actively releases high-quality themes and plugins. Not to say, their themes are met with a warm reception from the online audience — creating an endless loop of amazing WordPress themes released every few weeks or so.

So, what makes a theme popular? Let’s list few of the attributes that I found common among the popular MyThemeShop themes.

  • They are well-crafted regarding design, overall compatibility with WordPress and has a sense of freedom associated with them.
  • All the of the themes are SEO friendly and completely responsive.
  • All of the topics are highly customizable, making them fit for multiple niches.
  • The admin panel is strong and offers excellent control over the website.
  • Support is top-notch. Documentation is above average and covers every single topic that you can think off.

As you could have guessed until now, the most metric for the listicle is how much popular the theme is. The whole listicle is based on that one metric. All the other attributes add value to the popular themes but are not the deciding factor.

So, without any ado, let’s get started with the most popular MyThemeShop themes.

The Best MyThemeShop Themes of 2019

1. Socially Virally


Socially Virally is our number one theme in the most popular category. And, there is a particular reason for it. The theme is used by ViralNova, a website that was sold for over $100 million. The immense value of the theme starts from the fact it can be used to generate a huge amount of revenue. The result also depends on the hard work and idea execution coupled with the fantastic Socially Virally theme.

With a rating of 4.5 from 126 reviewers, the theme showcases a great starting point. Apart from rating and its success, the theme offers extensive functionality. It is SEO compatible, loads fast and has a great social media sharing capability.

Features Worth Mentioning

  • Full social integration with social shares and social media icons.
  • AdSense optimization for maximum monetization.
  • Completely responsive and Fast loading.
  • Schema integrated for better SEO rankings. SEO optimized as well.
  • Clean Code and Translation ready.

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2. Schema


Schema is a gem of a theme. It surrounds around the idea of providing a very fast WordPress theme for the audience. It is full of features including SEO compatibility, custom options panel, great design and much more.

To make sure that the search engine loves schema, it comes with rich snippets and responsive layouts. The theme is perfect for bloggers who need to decrease loading times without sacrificing features or quality. It loads super fast when combined with a great hosting, such as a managed WordPress hosting company dedicated to specifically this.

On other notes, Schema has achieved a rating of 5 out of 5 from 205 reviews. That’s just amazing! We have personally used this on many different sites of ours when we need minimal load times and clean designs. This theme is worth every penny!

Features Worth Mentioning:

  • Completely responsive and loads super fast. Great for websites that want amazing user experience.
  • Ad-Management and built-in review system.
  • Importing/Exporting functionality supported.
  • Great internal code with a focus on clarity and commenting.
  • Translation and SEO ready.

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3. OnePage


OnePage is our next favorite theme in the list of most popular MyThemeShop themes. Just like the two themes mentioned above, it is also made it to our list. The theme racked a rating of 4.6 from 160 user reviews.

OnePage is a business WordPress theme with the professional focused look, premium design, and high functionality. Furthermore, the homepage is drag and drop customizable, making it an excellent choice for any startups, organizations or companies. To make the most out of the theme, you need to use it as a showcase of your companies talent. This theme is best for thin content that needs to be shown in a compelling and concise way. There is a blog, but we like the literal “one page” aspect of this theme.

Features Worth Mentioning:

  • The theme is handcrafted with excellent code quality.
  • OnePage supports responsive design and great loading time.
  • Offers portfolio section to showcase the talents of every member.
  • Pricing table is supported.
  • WooCommerce support is present. Client section is also made available for better visibility.

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4. PointPro


PointPro is yet another premium theme from MyThemeShop. The theme is pointed towards professionals who want to make sure that their website looks different. The professional design and feel of the theme are what makes it an excellent choice for the anyone.

PointPro uses a material design to enable users to feel the modern outlook of the theme. Moreover, it is fully responsive, offers drag and drop home, great options panel, etc.

This theme is great for corporate businesses, such as labs, data analytics companies, and the like. However, since it is so customizeable, practically any type of business can use it.

Few Features Worth Mentioning

  • Sleek Design.
  • Homepage offers drag and drop sections.
  • Offers team and project section. Ideal for business websites.
  • Offers support for WooCommerce.
  • Powerful options panel ensures you stay under the control of the website.

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5. Best


With a rating of 4.8 from 175 Reviews, the Best Theme provides excellent theme features and functionality. The name itself speaks volumes about what you will get from the theme. The Best Theme from MyThemeShop is a very good choice for your blog. It can be used for technology, Viral, Shop, Fashion, etc. The five pre-made presets makes it easy for the administrator to start their project. It also comes with a default preset that is so good that many users don’t hesitate to keep the look and feel stock, how it came.

On the first glance, the Best design is well described by words such as sharp, elegant and beautiful. From a certain point of view, Best utilizes material design to good effect. Typography is also one of the strongest aspects of Best Theme. In short, the design of this theme is clean and simple, making it a great choice when choosing a MyThemeShop theme.

Few Features Worth Mentioning

  • Excellent Typography with appropriate design elements.
  • Different styling options and MegaMenu support.
  • SEO and Google AdSense Optimized.
  • Unlimited Colors and Backgrounds.
  • Extensive Documentation and 24×7 support.

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6. Video


Video websites are on the rise, and I won’t be surprised if your next blog idea depends heavily on videos.  The Video WordPress theme from MyThemeShop brings in the possibility of creating a top-notch video based website. It offers four presets for easily starting the job — learning, beauty, health and shop. The default preset is also useful as it provides a good option for many different types of video sites.

With a user rating of 4.4 from 220 reviews, the Video theme stands strong in the popular MyThemeShop list.

The video is the leading consumed media in the whole world with it generating more visitors than text-based content. So, it’s definitely the right time to utilize the growth and use the Video WordPress theme to your advantage. Whether you are making your own videos for a custom course you’ve designed, or simply making an informational site that makes money with Adsense, the Video theme makes it easy to accomplish your goals and get your blog off the ground.

Few Features Worth Mentioning

  • Full support for different video platforms including Vimeo, Facebook, YouTube and DailyMotion.
  • The whole theme is optimized for video offering features such as play counts, pause, play, watch it later, etc.
  • The user can also add playlists to articles.
  • Complete support for social media with an intelligent social popup.
  • SEO ready and Speed Optimized.

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7. SteadyIncome


SteadyIncome is aimed at professional bloggers who want to make money out of their blogging career. It doesn’t matter if you are not a blogger, you can still make a lot out of the SteadyIncome. To make the process of making money possible, SteadyIncome comes with tons of features including ad optimization, subscription tool, SEO compatibility, product description section, etc.

The theme is also great to promote a brand or yourself as a blogger. Freelancers tend to market themselves as a brand, and it works great for many of them. Niel Patel, for example, has created a brand around his name.

Many affiliate marketers will choose this theme, as it is a great option for promoting affiliate products, and is surely one of the most tested and proven themes to increase conversions. Affiliate marketing becomes easy when online marketers can leverage the powerful tools included in the theme. If you want to make an affiliate site that truly stands out for its speed, look and feel, then this theme is right for you.

Key Features Worth Mentioning

  • Smart money monetization techniques implemented in the theme.
  • Proper Social media integration with the ability to create brand awareness.
  • Great engaging design for a better subscription rate.
  • Fully responsive with speed optimization and Schema support.
  • Powerful options panel for full control over the theme functionality.

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8. NewsPaper


NewsPaper is a unique blog theme aimed at bloggers. I am a proud owner of the NewsPaper theme and have used it in many of my blogs. This theme offers a clean design to the visitors with a great typography support. The homepage is unique in many aspects. You can showcase blog articles in grid and row layout. The homepage also offers a section for trending and recent blog posts.

Theme owners will love the media rich features, and high levels of customization, such as multiple post layouts, categories, and tags to engage and retain readers. In addition, they can leverage fluid design, SEO features, and tons of other customization options that will make the site look great.

Key Features Worth Mentioning

  • Great theme design layout with a focus on readability.
  • Unique homepage. Can be customized according to the requirements.
  • Clean documented code. Ideal for developers who want to fiddle with the theme and customize it according to the business/blog requirement.
  • Translation ready. Child Theme ensures that you don’t lose personal change in case of any update.
  • Great support.

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9. JustFit


JustFit is an exercise and fitness WordPress theme, and is one of the most popular and trending themes on MyThemeShop. The smart design and features ensure a high rating of 4.5 from an impressive 231 reviews. The homepage can be customized according to the administrator requirements. It offers a big full-screen image with a big button in the middle for proper visitor redirection, and other sections are also inclined to bring value to your fitness website.

While the theme does especially well among gyms, fitness facilities, and Crossfit website owners, the layout of the theme can be tailored towards any business website. You can utilize the theme for your business page and improve your outlook to the general audience. Most themes don’t come looking all too great right out of the package, but this one is completely different than most themes we’ve seen before. If you’re someone in the fitness niche, however, give this a look. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that you will be able to have a great-looking, intuitive site right out of the box with minimal customizing needed.

Key Features Worth Mentioning

  • Offers blog feature for sharing useful tips and tricks.
  • Speed Optimization and SEO ready. AdSense is also supported for maximum profitability.
  • Off-Canvas Mobile Menu.
  • WooCommerce supported.
  • Proper Video section supported for motivational and brand awareness purposes.

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10. NewsOnline


NewsOnline is a news/magazine based WordPress theme. It comes with five preset layout designs including default, entertainment, relationship, food, and sports. With a high rating of 4.6 from 241 reviews, you can be sure that this theme will be able to please even the biggest of critics. If you are looking to create a news website, the theme is just perfect for you. It offers a magazine layout with proper readability and focus on the content. NewsOnline design is one of the best when it comes to news sharing and publishing.

Key Features Worth Mentioning

  • Completely Fluid responsive design layout for maximum portability.
  • Beautiful design with a focus on featured section.
  • AdSense and Speed Optimized.
  • SEO is integrated well within the theme.
  • WP Mega Menu Compatible.

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11. Yosemite


Yosemite is a blog-based WordPress theme that aims to bring simplicity and style. Inspired by the likes of Mac’s Yosemite, it is elegant, thought-provoking and well-designed to increase engagement and revenue. Yosemite users can leverage features like Mega Menu and WP Review Pro compatibility, AdSense optimization, and other powerful engagement features, leaving them with a very engaging, great-looking site that users will love. Combine all this together and you have an incredibly powerful platform to showcase your content.

Key Features Worth Mentioning

  • Offers AdSense Optimized Theme to Play With
  • Integrates well with Schema and is crafted for SEO.
  • Completely responsive and supports parallax scrolling.
  • Readability and typography are of high standards.
  • Options panel makes the theme more accessible and customizable.

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12. WooCart


Want to sell stuff online? WooCart is an amazing eCommerce theme that provides excellent eCommerce functionality and support for the WooCommerce plugin. The theme design is crafted to help increase sales without sacrificing good user experience and low bounce rates. This is hands down one of the best WooCommerce compatible themes, so if you’re building an e-commerce business, checking this theme out is an absolute must.

WooCart is inspired from the design of — an Indian eCommerce website. With an excellent design to great features, WooCart can quickly solve your eCommerce problems and provide you a great platform to execute your online venture.

Key Features Worth Mentioning

  • Fully compatible with WooCommerce
  • The homepage can be customized using drag and drop elements.
  • SEO is properly integrated within the theme.
  • Excellent design to ensure high ROI and better conversion rates.
  • The amazing slider on the homepage.

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13. Corporate


Corporate is the ultimate business theme from MythemeShop. The theme is sharp, elegant and has a professional look attached to it. It can be used for both corporate business pages or the purpose of app marketing. Two demos are provided for quick setup and zero hassles. Corporate is a one-page theme, but it also supports blog for the purpose of reaching out to the audience.

While many users choose the one page design, we’ve seen multiple other users leverage the full blog functionality, and promote all types of products, from ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft to law and fitness services. The sky is the limit with this theme, and whatever you can dream up, it is sure to be able to handle.

Key Features Worth Mentioning

  • Professional look and feel.
  • Portfolio and team section supported.
  • Pricing Table section included.
  • Completely responsive and loads super fast.
  • Comes with two demos — app and corporate.

Download || Demo

14. Architect


The Architect theme is a premium WordPress theme aimed at architecture and interior design business. It is crafted with unique clean code with an aim to deliver content at a blazing speed and SEO compatibility. It offers blog layout, parallax scrolling, Google maps, responsive design and much more.

What we love so much about this theme is that it looks like it is designed for a modern architect. A modern, crisp, clean design highlights your properties and designs well, but draws out their key features in a way that puts the actual site content above the site design itself. Or in simpler terms, if you’re an architect and choose this theme, you’ll have an incredibly clean looking website that makes your pictures, designs, and content look awesome.

Key Features Worth Mentioning

  • Professional theme designs with a focus on images.
  • Supports SEO and responsive layout.
  • Clean commented code with excellent documentation.
  • Offers testimonial section and Google Maps.
  • Supports Blog.

Download || Demo


The top 14 MyThemeShop tells you the story of the development team and their struggles, but also showcases the best MyThemeShop themes for 2016 that the company has to offer. They keep improving on every aspect of their business, and have come up with excellent themes. Being said that, they’re not perfect. Customization aspect could see an uplift with a complete drag and drop builder incorporated within their themes. Some themes do offer drag and drop builder for the homepage, but they are limited and don’t offer much regarding customization.

Being said that their themes are still excellent regarding design, SEO compatibility and website loading time. I would easily recommend MyThemeShop to anyone as I have already tested many of their premium themes and have loved them every step of the way. If you are serious about building a blog that looks and feels great, then MyThemeShop’s themes are definitely for you.

Which theme you liked? Did you find the theme you are looking for? Comment below and let us know.

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