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Top 10 Best WordPress Map Plugin 2021

We are already in the 21st century and we cannot just imagine a person relying on a sophisticated paper map to help reach their destination. This is old fashioned. Using paper maps would only make sense if you are in the woods or you are in the forest searching for a treasure. Essentially, this would be a lot of work. And therefore, google maps have been invented to save you both time and effort. The good news is that any WordPress user looking to make their WordPress website more visible online and reach out to more prospects, the best WordPress map plugin will help!

They can help people reach where they want to be or find their way around in minutes. Technically, google maps is a great and advanced tool that can be easily and quickly accessed. With the online platforms getting more exposure each day, google maps can help grow your business. All you have to do is integrate the google maps on your site.

For WordPress users, we have done our homework and listed the best WordPress map plugin to make it easier for your target audience to find your business. This will make it comfortable for your customers and users to find the shortest way to your business [1].

Google Maps Integration In WordPress Website

This is one of the most important things that you should consider. The google map API gives users and embedding code that can be added to your website. However, the integration of plugins into your website gives you more access to advanced features.

As compared to the locations alone, many of the WordPress map plugin mentioned below gives you access to incredible features that make it increasingly useful. You can now customize the plugins, custom icons, street views and add filters to match the requirements of your website. Additionally, once you have finished integrating the plugins, there is no need for you to build more posts or pages trying to embed the code multiple times.

And in regards to additional outlets or changed locations, plugins offer a more detailed and accurate location status. The same way as it is done with the embedded post. This makes you can easily make changes without the need to replace the codes that had been embedded on every page if there are changed locations.

Best WordPress Map Plugin List

Now, since we have already outlined the basics of WordPress map plugin, following is our choice of the best plugins out there! You should feel free to check each of them out. We have handpicked them based on their options and features to make it easier for you!

1. MapSVG (Premium & Free)

best WordPress map plugin

MapSVG is not just a google map highlighter. It is highly interactive, which makes it our first on the list of the best WordPress google map plugins. MapSVG is more than a simple google tool embedding tool. It is a great WordPress google map plugin that allows you to activate map based statistics, image maps, vector maps, etc. You can convert any JPEG/png, image into an interactive map with region greying, highlighting, pop-ups, tooltips and more.

With this amazing map plugin, you can use the maps as an informative medium utilizing the level of customization that this plugin offers you. Typically, the plugin further extends its unique features by allowing you to build comprehensive Choropleth maps. These maps come with different color shades based on filters, custom map styles, allowing attachment to objects and regions, color shades based on the statistic range and much more. Build a detailed database of objects with customized fields to enter in your map for different informative reasons utilizing the map plugin. This WordPress map plugin lets you mix custom interactive elements to build incredible google maps.

Key Features

  • It allows you to embellish the google maps with SVG files and custom markers.
  • Come up with a detailed list of objects using custom fields like WordPress post, checkbox, text and much more.
  • Allows the creation of templates for popups and Tooltips using HTML.
  • It allows you to place popups and nifty tooltips for useful information.
  • Enables image maps, vector maps and google maps easily.

Download/More Details   Live Demo

2. Advanced Google Maps Plugin – Premium

best WordPress map plugin

The is the best-selling and most advanced WordPress map plugin, as one of the best WordPress map plugin, it is built and designed on the feedback and recommendation from thousands of users across the globe. This means the designers have carefully considered and implemented every user’s viewpoint when designing this great WordPress map plugin. After you have installed this plugin, you can access to different customization options as well as an option to display for the google map/.

After you have begun using this amazing plugin, you will notice the user-friendly interface. What are you waiting for? Increase your visitor’s and customers’ rate with this amazing WordPress plugin right now!

Highlighted Features

  • Option to modify the maps according to the size of the screen
  • Easy customization of the display window
  • Option to use CSV to import location
  • Easy to use interface
  • Option to display pages or posts on google maps

Download/More Details    Live Demo

3. Map List Pro – Premium


Map List Pro is another one of the best WordPress map plugin that we recommend to you. It is easy to use a premium plugin which is full of powerful and advanced features. You can use it to quickly display the location of your website in a customizable, searchable and sortable way! This is ideal for creating contact lists, office address as well as store locators. Install this plugin on your WordPress website and you will have more features.

With a responsive interface and user friendly, this is an incredible option to choose when looking to have more google maps to your website. We strongly hope that you will try this plugin out!

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to add custom map styles
  • Option to have more featured images for all your locations
  • Get direction alternative to direct users to your business destination
  • Auto-zoom feature
  • Add icons and custom markers easily
  • Create filterable, sortable, searchable lists of different locations in a few minutes

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4. 5Sec Google Maps – Premium

google maps

We don’t think there is a need to explain this any further because it’s exactly as the name suggests. 5Sec Google Maps is a fantastic WordPress map plugin that helps integrate different locations on your WordPress website in a few minutes. You don’t need any other map plugin, because this plugin comes with infinite google maps options. It’s upon you to choose whether you want to add the plugin as the widget onto posts and pages or in the sidebars.

No code editing or setup is needed. This is what makes it one of the most user-friendly best WordPress map plugin. It does not just come with the predefined icons or marker that can be used on the maps for additional effective results!

Highlighted Features

  • A well-defined & customizable shortcode
  • Directions to destination support for detailed search
  • 12 predefined icons or markers to locate easily
  • Many maps per page or post
  • Eligible for page, posts or sidebars
  • Full-screen support


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5. WP Google Maps – Free

google maps

Are you looking for a WordPress map plugin that is free? Look no further! The WP google maps plugin is free of cost and you can use it on many websites. This is one of the best WordPress google maps plugins that is available free of charge. The good news is that it is feature-packed and powerful just like the premium plugins! Add custom google maps to your website in a few minutes. You can use the supplied shortcodes to do this easily. With a user-friendly interface, knowing how to use this plugin is something that doesn’t need any expertise or skills.

Build your preferred google map markers as you need them without any coding skills. Responsive and creative maps can also be added to make your website more appealing! And you get an option to pick from the 10 popular map themes or any other affiliate WordPress themes. All this is done so that you can find the best WordPress google maps plugins that perfectly suits the needs of your website.

Highlighted Features

  • No links or advertisement
  • Easily add more animations to the markers
  • Option to create or add your google map themes
  • Full-screen support
  • Option to build more map markers
  • Creative and responsive map displays

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6. Google Maps Widget – Free

google maps

As one of the best WordPress map plugin 2020, the google maps widget is a handy and useful plugin. It gives users a perfect way to integrate multiple locations into their websites. You don’t have to wait for hours on end to complete the setup. This is because this incredible plugin only takes a few minutes to build a google map with the Lightbox as well as the thumbnail! It’s amazingly easy to use, which makes us feel confident that you won’t feel the need of switching to another WordPress plugin ever again!

The most amazing this about this great plugin is that it’s free of charge! Also, it comes with easy to customize options that lets you add google maps to your website after you start using it. So, grab this plugin and join millions of happy users using this WordPress map plugin today!

Highlighted Features

  • Interactive and responsive layout
  • The choice to adjust the map color scheme to ensure it matches your website
  • Translatable and multilingual
  • Interactive google map options
  • Customized pin icons options
  • Easy to customize options

Download/More Details     Live Demo

7. Maps Marker Pro – Premium

google maps

Another great plugin that we recommend is Maps Marker Pro. As one of the best WordPress google map plugins, you can use the plugin to easily integrate google maps to your site. It has multiple elements and features to ensure you take full advantage of the best WordPress map plugin on your WordPress site. This makes it easier for you to share the location of tracks and spots that you need to demonstrate on your site. In the same way, it will also be easier for you to add more multimaps to your site. They do not just include the google maps but also include maps from Open Street, HERE or Bing.

Furthermore, the best WordPress map plugin also comes with filter options. As a result, people coming to your website can quickly go via different filters that are available with this google map. Afterward, you can allow these to select and pick the specific filters that they would like to see on your website’s map. You can then add animated marker clusters or create new ones on the WordPress site. It will be more helpful if you want to showcase more details on your websites google maps.

Highlighted Features

  • GPX Tracks
  • Support and service
  • Dynamic marker lists
  • Augmented reality
  • Keyless geocoding

Download/More Details    Live Demo

8. Map Markers

map markers

Are you looking for an all-around and versatile best WordPress map plugin? If so, you should not miss out on a chance to check out the Map Markers. It is a beginner-friendly and convenient solution for developing custom maps. Showcasing restaurants, clients, dealers, real estate and stores and anything else on the map must be this easy. The plugin comes with more functions and features that you can take advantage of.

First, you can build different google maps on your web page. Also, you can customize your map style as well as the appearance of the marker. Furthermore, the map markers come with the Gutenberg block, search function, handy filtering, and different positions for the toggle panel.

Download/More Details    Live Demo

9. Very Simple Google Maps

map markers
For effortless, quick, yet simple, maps inclusion, the next WordPress map plugin that you should try out is the Very Simple Google Maps. If you want to demonstrate your business location on the google map, you can easily do it without any difficulties. As the name suggests, this is an easy to use tool that can be added to your webpage through the shortcode. The entire process is pretty straightforward without any distractions and mess, perfect for different user levels.

Furthermore, you can even style google maps with the CSS and make it practice for your regulations. Also, there are Very Simple Google Maps Plugin then allow you to connect the WordPress map plugin with the listing and must itself appear on the map. It also comes with easy to follow that you can rely on when installing this best WordPress map plugin.

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10. WordPress Google Maps Locator Plugin

The WordPress Google maps locator plugin is a customizable map option that allows your website visitors to submit markers and listings on your website’s front end.

google maps

Videos can also be attached to listings. The star rating system can be used to rate these listings. There are some amazing map features like the ability to automatically display geolocation, search within a certain radius and draw on your map.

There are multiple types of maps and styles available that provide you with a chance to choose the kinds of maps you want to create.

For instance, there is a complete screen map. This is the map that displays, custom content fields, a directions map, a clusters map, and an AJAX-powered map.

google mapsMoreover, there is a settings area that allows you to enter the google maps API key and activate or deactivate key features for email notifications, search, markers, and listings.

You can also adjust the color scheme of menus, buttons, and links.

google maps

This is an incredibly versatile option that offers you amazing map designs and supports different media attachments. It also allows you to integrate markers and listings into the maps.

Download/Details   Live Demo

Wrapping UP

And finally, this concludes our collection of the best WordPress map plugin 2021. There is no doubt that these plugins will help users integrate maps and locations onto their website in a few minutes! Therefore, if you are a startup, business owner, store owner or just a person who wants to grow their business, why not try any of these amazing plugins listed here?

Although we have outlined the advantage and benefit of adding the best WordPress map plugin, we now know that you fully understand the topic.

If you have liked this post, please check out our lists of the best WordPress plugins to find more collections of other useful plugins. Because our sole intention is to make sure you have the best WordPress experience!

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