How to Create A Classified Website

How to Create A Classified Website with WordPress 2021

Wondering how you can create a classified website with WordPress? If So, You’ve come to the right place. With the new technology, you don’t need to go through newspapers looking for a classified ads section to get the services you require. Currently, classified websites are the best alternatives. Read on to find how you can quickly create a classified advertisement website from scratch.

Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are some of the most popular classified advertisement websites. Currently, they happen to be the most sought after classified ads websites across the globe. Whether it’s trading something or providing a service, a classified website is exceptionally beneficial in getting it completed efficiently and quickly.

Most classified websites provide free listings, as others will cost you a lot based on the type of listing. Popularly termed as paid advertising. There are numerous niche-style classified websites which charge you for getting your brand or service advertised there. Take a look at the examples provided below;

Example 1 : We Work Remotely Homepage

In this platform, recruiters are provided with a chance of listing their remote work for a price ranging from $299. I know this sounds crazy costly, doesn’t it? The main reason why WWR charges such a huge amount is because the website gets millions of visitors seeking job opportunities each month.

Therefore, this should provide you with a hint on how rewarding a classified ads business can be especially when running your own classified ads site. And there are only a few platforms that are better suited for this task than WordPress.

Why Use WordPress To Create A Classified Website

Because there are particular scripts and many programs available to create a classified website. The best part is that you can program your own website provided you got the required funds for it. However, with time, WordPress has gained popularity because it’s the most dependable site-creating platform in the globe.

WordPress is not only highly optimizable, but it’s also exceptionally elastic via its theme’s system and plugins. As a matter of fact, you are planning to design a particular website you can find a pre-built theme for that task. Flytonic gambling affiliate WordPress themes focus on a lot of different parts of WordPress themes, though for this blog, we will only concentrate on plugins.

Optimize With Confidence

In this new age of WordPress, optimizing, and creating your website is simpler than before. You can change a meek theme such as Twenty Nineteen to an amazing business website by utilizing website-building plugins.

Below is a list of the premium page builders;

  • SiteOrigin
  • Visual Composer
  • Elementor
  • Beaver Builder

These plugins alongside other WordPress plugins will make you have total control over your design, without the need of paying huge amounts of money for custom work. Therefore, in other words, the optimization of your website using WordPress is a total breeze.

 An Exceptionally Active Community

Lastly, you will never get a better active community than the one from WordPress. It’s the most sought after system utilized today for building sites, and their many advantages you can get from this, they include;

  • Anyone can utilize it for free. It’s mainly friendly to starters as well as intermediate web users.
  • There are tons of blogs on WordPress that you will never have time to finish reading. This includes tricks, tips, and guides. This blog is the best example of that.
  • You can access tons of website plugins and designs for free.
  • Once you understand it, you will be able to optimize your WordPress website with more information and depth.
  • WordPress is a progressing platform, it’s consistently being renewed with improvements as well as new features that are added frequently.

If I decide to write everything about it, I can’t finish it tonight. Honestly, you will never find a better platform than WordPress for a classifieds site.

Now that you have all the information about WordPress, it’s time we start working on a real classifieds website.

So far, they have become the best online venture commercial center, whereby most people pitch brands and services for anyone who might be interested in them. Products that can be listed on the classified sites include real estate, jobs, beauty products, mobiles, separate brands, and services. If you are thinking of creating a classified site, below is a step-by-step tip for you.

Step 1 :Site Hosting And A Domain Name

If you are already done with this, you can continue to the next thing. However, if you haven’t, just continue reading and know why you require site hosting and a domain name. Firstly, you will require a domain name.

A domain name is the site name. A domain name happens to be the address where web users will be accessing your site. It’s utilized for getting and identifying computers on the web. Computers utilize IP addresses, these are series of numbers. But, it’s really hard for people to recall strings of numbers. And as a result of this, domain names were created and utilized to recognize entities on the web instead of utilizing IP addresses.

Individually, I would advise you to utilize NameCheap. This is the domain provider that I have been utilizing for many years and have never at any time had problems with it. The best part is that they are fair with their charges. You can find good deals by buying your domain for multiple years.

Next, you will be required to search for a site-hosting provider. This is the most difficult part as separate hosting providers provide separate kinds of services. Basically, you will be required to find a firm that offers WordPress hosting in particular.

If you are looking for a cost-friendly and reliable provider, then Bluehost is the way to go. They have existed for over a decade, and for numerous years, they have been focusing particularly on WordPress hosting plans.

By selecting this kind of service, you can even skip the whole process of requiring to install WordPress manually. Each detail will be automatically configured for you immediately after signing up for a plan.

Other popular companies you can look out for are Flywheel, WP Engine, and Kinsta.

The first thing to consider when creating your site is a domain name. Select a domain name that perfectly describes your product. It must be brief, and simple to remember. The next thing is to select common extensions like “.com”.

If your classified site will be restricted to a particular country, you can opt for a state-specific extension like .br (Brazil), .uk (United Kingdom), .au (Australia) .in (India).

After you are done with selecting your domain name, then you should go ahead and register. You can select any of the common domain registrars like GoDaddy, Namecheap, and many others. In addition to this, people can register their domain name their web host.

Step 2 : Choose A Hosting Plan and Web Host

For any site, selecting a trustworthy web host is a critical step. It is advisable that you select the one that has many hosting plans, 24/7 support, and excellent uptime.

Getting such a provider has proven difficult for most people. For you not to waste so much time, you should first go through the reviews concerning separate hosting providers. It is wise for you to look for a blog that compares the popular hosting providers in the market. That type of a blog you can get it here. It will provide you with more details concerning the potential hosting provider.

And concerning the hosting plan, it is recommendable that you select a WordPress customized plan. With a customized plan, you receive a pre-installed WordPress that is perfectly customized for speed and security. With many customized plans, you receive backups as well.

Step 3: Utilize WordPress As Your Site-Building Platform

WordPress is the most sought-after platform, for a content management system. Millions of sites across the world are created with WordPress. WordPress has been fueling 33% of all websites across the web. This platform has gained a lot of popularity as it is simple to install. WordPress installation is a very easy process and it consumes less than 5 minutes. Below we have listed for you some benefits of WordPress;

  • Downloading and installation of this platform to your hosting account is free.
  • This platform is user-friendly. You can quickly figure out how to operate with it.
  • It’s highly customizable- all thanks to its many themes and plugins. You can include separate designs and functionalities to your site.
  • This platform is SEO friendly. There are many plugins available that assist you to customize your website according to the search engines.

If incase, you don’t find WordPress fit for your site, you can utilize self-hosted site builders as well. A site builder assists you to launch a site in just a few minutes.

Step 4: Select A Theme And Optimize The Design

After selecting your domain name, site building platform, and hosting plan, the next thing is to come up with information about how you wish your site to appear in regards to design. For you to optimize your WordPress classified website, search for a theme that can be customized according to your requirements.

There are numerous quality themes available on Flytonic, which can be utilized to design a classified site. MyListing is a premium theme that allows you to design any kind of directory without applying any web code. This theme enables you to create the pages on the front end.

Furthermore, it is mobile friendly. The theme comes with over fifty ready –to – design elements for your website. This theme also supports WooCommerce integration.

You should select a theme that is elastic and the one that provides you with numerous preferences to monetize your site. Also, don’t overlook the building part. Find a theme with a sleek design, which can seize the mind of your visitor.

Step 5: Give Your Site A Structure

To create a classified website that is fully functionally and successful, include menus and some pages to your site. It will provide your website some structure. Your item will already contain many templates for crucial pages, therefore, you just require to edit them per your needs. Just include data on the templates.

After finishing on the pages, the next thing is linking them to menus and sub-menus that will reflect the separate listing categories. According to your preferences, you can make groups like jobs, entertainment, personals, and others.

Always maintain your site well arranged so that clients can conduct searches for separate listings easily.

Ensure that your home page is connected to the page that enables clients to present their classified ads as well as design an account.

Step 6: Include Classified Products And Services

Include premium images with your brand listing. It will provide your clients with a good idea of the things you wish to sell. Together with pictures, include the appropriate product description and crucial information like the product’s location, price, and sellers’ contact details, among other things. You can also include more details on the base of your listing. Carefully create your “call to action” buttons. They must be evidently visible and easy to access.

Step 7: Monetize Your Site

There is no advantage of designing a classified site that is not monetized. The best 2 easy methods of monetizing a classified site are, via advertisement banners as well as paid classified ad listings.

Advertisement banners can be placed at any area of your website, either on the category page or home page. With popular themes such as MyListing and AdForest, you acquire an easy way of displaying banner ads onto your website.

When starting, you may be needed to contact the advertisers yourself. But, immediately after your website starts gaining traffic, promoters will be interested in promoting their services and brands on your websites.

The 2nd monetization option is, charging for classified submission. You can provide 2 separate tiers for users who wish to post ads on your website. For instance, you can offer a free tier, which comes with standard functionalities, as well as a paid tier, which contains advanced features.

Step 8: Promote Your Classified Ads Website

Building a classified website is not enough, you will also be needed to advertise it to gain traffic. The main method to advertise your website is to utilize paid promotion through Google AdWords. It is an easy and at the same time expensive method to attract clients to your site.

If you not looking forward to investing huge amounts in marketing, invest some hard work and time in advertising your site through social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, among others through search engine optimization.

The other method is creating a YouTube channel and come up with classified linked videos for promoting your site. Besides promoting your site, you should also concentrate on maintaining your site.

That’s all needed for you to create a classified website and advertise it successfully.

Final Thoughts

We’re sincerely hoping that the information (how to create a classified website) provided in this page  was enough to get you started. WordPress offers an incredible platform for building websites and the WordPress Geo Target plugin is an exceptional tool for anyone looking to dive into classified business. Although you won’t start to make money right away, it’s a phenomenal plugin that you can rely on to create simple listing websites, for anything!

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