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How to Easily Create any Directory Website in WordPress!?

If you want to create a directory website in WordPress, and you have no idea where to start from, this article will help you bring your directory website to reality.

WordPress is one of the most convenient options for building any kind of directory website, as it is the most popular platform among users, and one of the most easiest to understand and use.


Below in this article you can find the basic requirements for creating any kind of directory website:

Everything starts with a simple thing called an Idea. You must have a clear idea about what are you going to cover in your directory WP website. When you have the idea all figured out, you’ll need a domain name, server space, and of course have the WordPress platform installed.


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The next thing you’ll need to do is to choose a directory theme or a plugin.

One you have WordPress installed on your domain, you have the foundation on which you can built anything you want. In this case, for building a directory website, you’ll need to install a directory builder application in WP – which is actually a directory theme or a plugin. Although a directory plugin may come in pretty handy when setting up a directory website, our recommendation is to use a directory theme instead.

21+ of The Best Directory WordPress Themes is an article where you will surely find the right theme for your new directory website.


Why to choose a directory theme over a plugin?

There are number of reasons why to choose a theme over a plugin.

  • A WP theme includes a complete and specialized setup for creating any kind of directory website, as well as a definite set of useful features which are essential for a directory website.
  • If your already existing theme and the directory plugin you choose are from a different developer, they may not be compatible, and cause different issues for you.
  • Directory plugins show great lack of features. You may simply compare the features in the best directory plugins and themes, and you will notice the big difference, as themes will always win.
  • When it comes to costs, you can find a perfect directory theme in under a $100 which includes a full set of features. A plugin may appear a better option for you, as you can find it cheap, or even free, but with a serious lack of the needed features. With plugins, features come as add-ons, which you’ll need to buy additionally.

Our recommendation is to get a directory theme at the beginning, as it will be a onetime only payment, and you will get tons of useful and essential features, with no need to upgrade latter, and pay over and over again.

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How to start earning money from your directory website?

In order to start making money from your directory website, you’ll need to get advertisers. You may easily attract advertisers when you reach a good number of visitors on your site. Building a solid visitor base is essential for a profitable directory website.

In order to attract more readers and grow your website, there are some important basics you need to pay attention to.

  • Advertising and Marketing

Your website will need a lot of promotion, especially if it’s brand new. Tell as many people as you can, build a strong community around your site and explore social networking as much as you can. Paid advertising is a great option to consider, depending on your budget of course. Another helpful thing is email marketing, as it is one of the main services in building a known brand.

  • SEO

SEO is essential for directory websites, as well as for any other kind of websites, as it has a direct impact on your search engine rankings. There are some crucial things you have to keep in mind when it comes to search engine optimization.

  • Your directory website must be perfect and free from any kind of technical errors
  • The website must be fully responsive, which means you should be careful when choosing a theme, as it should be responsive and retina ready, as well as fast loading.


These few simple SEO basics will surely keep your website in check, and help you attract visitors and afterwards advertisers.


Thank you for your attention. We hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions, need any help whatsoever, or just want to share your experiences with us, please feel free to ask below in comments, and we will do our best to help you as soon as possible.

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