10+ Best Ghost Themes

Best Ghost Themes are all over the internet. With the new platform popularity, Ghost, on the rise, it is evident that more and more people are looking for best Ghost themes for their blog. Ghost is an open source blogging platform(similar to WordPress). The platform is great for newbies and professional bloggers, who can choose to power up their blogging ideas through the Ghost platform.

Ghost platform do look promising, but still has a lot to cover in comparison to WordPress blogging platform. WordPress has the advantage of being old and is currently making a lot of improvement, in both customer base and also feature-wise. The biggest advantage of WordPress platform is its age and we can only hope that Ghost platform can come up with something unique and extraordinary to come even close to WordPress platform.

Well, the topic is not about their comparison, but about the best ghost themes for the ghost users. Sound interesting, isn’t?

The Ghost platform can be download and hosted on your web server at no extra cost. But, if you are interested in using their server, they provide a cheap option to get started.

Alright, let’s start the list of best ghost themes!

Free Ghost Themes

1. Ghostium

Ghostium Ghost Theme

The platform itself has an uncanny name and the deal gets better when we use a theme that adds to the spice. Ghostium is a ghost theme that supports two columns and comes with support for the latest 4.0.4 version.

Other important features include high readability and easy navigation. It also offers an attractive navigation menu.


2. Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories Template

Ghost Stories is a different approach to theme design. All the pages are styled according to a single layout, an image on the left and content on the right. Another amazing aspect of the theme is the ability to flip through the pages. The functionality of the theme explains why its name is “Ghost Stories”, a little creepy but useful to the ghost platform users.


3. Decode

Decode Ghost Template

Decode is one of the finest themes out there. The theme is constantly updated and utilize the new features that the ghost platform has to offer.

The main feature of the theme is its readability and how simplicity offers a better opportunity than anything else. A great choice for anyone who is looking to blog.


4. Ghost Scroll

GhostScroll Theme

Ghost Scroll is yet another ghost theme that works on scrolling. The theme is a single page and relies on scrolling through the items.

The navigation menu comes handy when it comes to jumping between the different section of the web page.


5. Ghost Writer

Ghostwriter Theme

Ghost Writer is a ghost theme that is completely dedicated to writers and bloggers. The typographical usage of the theme is excellent and creates the right sense of accomplishment for those who choose the theme.

The theme is completely free and comes with good amount of customization options.

Demo || Download

Paid Ghost Themes

6. Ahab

Ahab Ghost Theme

Ahab is the first ghost theme in the list, which comes at a price. The paid theme is completely responsive and supports two grid layout.

The theme is made using the baseline grid and offers decent customization. The theme is focused at writers and is ready out of the box.

Demo || Download

7. Alpha

Alpha Ghost Theme

Alpha is the king of Ghost themes. With a price tag of $25, it is one of the costliest Ghost themes out there. The theme comes with tons of features including a three column.

The main focus of the theme is photography and the grid layout really improves how they are positioned within the theme. The blog content also fits great within the theme. Other features of the theme include lightbox images and infinite scrolling.

The theme is a complete package and comes with social media sharing, comments, and menu. A great theme for anyone who is looking to build a website based majorly on images.

Demo || Download

8. Broken Heart – TimeLine Ghost Theme

Broken Heart Ghost Theme

Broken Heart is a great theme for a ghost blogger. It can be used a personal blog, portfolio, journalism and much more.

The theme is full of features and is completely responsive. The theme uses material design principles for better visual appearance. Moreover, it supports two layouts, timeline, and masonry. The masonry layout provides the flexibility to be used as different theme altogether.

The theme also supports Disqus commenting system.

Demo || Download

9. Scribe – Responsive Ghost Theme

scribe-o Theme

Scribe as the name suggest it’s mainly aimed at writers and their amazing word magic. The theme is completely responsive and offers side menus and pages. With a flat design in mind, the theme also comes with Google fonts integration for better typographical control. The main feature of the theme is easy customization and great documentation.


10. Karthreen Ghost Theme

Kathreen Ghost Theme

Karthreen Ghost Theme is a premium ghost theme and is available for a cost of $32 only. The theme is responsive in nature and comes with Disqus plus. The theme also supports great typography and offers salvattore masonry layout.

The ghost theme also supports media library and social media. It also comes with SoundCloud support. The high price of the theme is justified by the features it has to offer.

Demo || Download

Wrap Up

Ghost Platform is getting famous each passing day. There are many reasons for its success. One of the reason is its open source nature and if you are stuck with the ghost platform, then we have made sure that you get the best Ghost themes for the ghost platform.

The first five themes are free ghost themes and come at no cost, where the next five themes comes at a price. They are premium themes and offers tons of features compared to the free themes. Choose any theme that meets your requirement.

Loved the themes? Comment below and let us know. Also, share the article with your friends and family.

Also, share the themes that you are currently using on your ghost blog.

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