6 Best Free WordPress Themes For Writers in 2021 and Beyond

We have covered this topic before but now will have a look at some of the base free alternative themes for writers.
Recently one of my readers asked:

what free WordPress themes would I recommend for upcoming authors?

So I set out looking for some of the most functional visually appealing themes I could find. Whether you are a burgeoning poet, a hobbyist wanting to share his/her thoughts or freelance writer, I am sure you will find a theme you can use in the collection below.

Prominent designs keep popping up over and over again, and that is a full-screen layout. The reason for this is that it focuses the reader’s attention and the content rather than being distracted by sidebars.

I also recommend you check out:


So without further ado here is my findings.


Kyan theme features

This is a theme created by us with the sole focus being on the content itself. The home page is layout out to engage your audience and keep the scrolling and exploring your content. Once they are on your article by default, it is full width beautifully layout out with complementary typography. KYAN is an entirely responsive theme well coded easy to setup and navigated. All throughout the theme nothing was spared concerning the attention to detail that you will see as you browse through.

We all know that a well-presented image can help set the scene for a great piece of content, Tha is why we have made the featured image to stretch across the screen to help captivate your audience.

Here at 85ideas, we have acknowledged the trend of storytelling and the there’s no better free WordPress theme to do so than KYAN.

Full Details and Download | Demo is not avaible


Crawford Free WordPress Theme

Crawford is an excellent theme to consider it you want to the focus to content around your article. This the oozes simplicity and elegance, it features a full-width display and is super easy to setup and get started. For me, it is the subtle little details that I appreciate in a theme like this. The homepage is well throughout from the typography to the detailing on the read more link. Once on a post page you are free to immerse yourself in the content free from distractions.

Full Details and Download | Demo


Franklin WordPress Theme

Franklin as been a well sought after theme ever since its release back in 2014. With tens of thousands of download just at a glance, you can see why this theme is so popular. Franklin is incredibly beautiful to look at; it is aimed at bloggers and small business owner and writers alike. Although the is not a full-width the content remains the center of attention. You get a well-presented header area to allow your readers to see instanly what you have on offer.

Full Details and Download | Demo


Woodley Free Writers WordPress Theme

Woodley is very similar to the default 2015 WordPress, which is proving to be very popular. What makes these types of themes work is how well the typography and color scheme work together and Woodley as hit the nail on the head. Be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments below. This theme is fully responsive which is a given for most modern WP theme. You get a featured section on the homepage to promote your most popular post. Woodley is well coded and fast loading to give your readers the optimal reading/viewing experience.

Full Details and Download | Demo

So Simple


So Simple, as the name suggest, is a basic WP theme similar to the ghost platform, just lets you write distraction free. The highlights of this theme is that it is translation ready so that you can easily blog in other languages besides English. Here is an excellent way to sum up this theme:

In a flooded marketplace of overly complex WordPress themes, the So Simple theme has been created for those looking for something different.

Full Details and Download | Demo


Tracks free personal theme

If you are looking for an alternative way to display your content, then Tracks might be the theme for you. I haven’t seen a theme layout like this for a few years; it’s quite refreshing if the dark design is your style. If you follow 85ideas or have been immersed in this roundup, then you will know that I am a sucker for small details. Tracks as tick that box for me it’s the little details that will have your blog stand out from the others visually. Overall it a neat theme, get for the hobbyist wanting to share their thoughts online.

Full Details and Download is not avaible | Demo

Wrapping up

After spending hours, the two students searching for suitable seems to be mentioned to you. I hope you found one that fits your ever requirement and if this article has helped you in any way please Siri to do yours and come and leave a comment below.

If you feel you’ve missed any few that should be mentioned here then also leave a comment below or message me.

Not to be biased but we’ve created an awesome theme that focuses solely on the content it’s not only good for writers but for those wanting for exposure on their content.

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