Best Lead Management Software to Track and Optimize Your Sales Process

Best Lead Management Software to Track and Optimize Your Sales Process

Before diving into the list, let’s first get acquainted with lead management software, what it is and what it is supposed to do. So, lead management is the process of tracking, monitoring, and managing prospective customers, or in other words, leads.

Furthermore, it is designed to help businesses track and optimize their entire sales process. Thus, one of the main goals of lead management is to transform your prospective customer, or a lead, into someone who finishes a purchase, thus becoming a customer.

Man working on computerIn addition, numerous things need to be taken care of when talking about lead management. The first thing is to generate those leads using blog posts, advertisements, campaigns, and social media. Then, it would be best if you gathered the people who responded to your marketing with interest, as these would be your leads.

The final steps are to filter and categorize your leads, after which you will be nurturing and maintaining them. Even when they become customers, you will still need to pay close attention to them.

No, we have come to the part where the following software come in handy.


Agiled Agiled is an excellent, multipurpose tool designed to save you valuable time and streamline your work process. In short, it allows you to manage contacts, leads, sales pipelines, teams, and much more, all in one place. It also gives you the ability to create invoices and estimates while tracking your expenses.

Agiled will organize your processes, allowing you to manage leads and clients with a white-labeled portal for each client. In addition, it can add leads and clients using the built-in CRM.

On the other hand, if you already have a database of your clients and leads in another CRM, no problem; you can quickly import them. There is even an option of creating multiple sales pipelines straight from Agiled’s CRM.

Agile is perfect for those overloaded with different software used to track all of these things. Save time and money managing all from one central platform.

2. Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales CloudWhen it comes to CRM companies, Salesforce could be considered one of the leaders in the industry, and for a good reason, their Sales Cloud is very compelling.

It encompasses various modules designed to fulfill different tasks such as contact management, extracting leads from your marketing campaigns and platforms, and helping you automate the sales process.

Besides these, the software also has features that let you prioritize communication with customers, tasks and get a deeper insight into your business with analytics.

Still not satisfied, and you feel like you need a more robust system? Well, you could add Salesforce’s AI engine, Einstein, to get that enterprise-grade lead management system.

3. Pipedrive

PipedriveIn short, Pipedrive is an end-to-end lead management software with over 100 integrations, which is quite impressive.

Moreover, Pipedrive is excellent at visualizing your sales pipelines, giving you clear indicators and suggestions as to which leads to prioritize and what should be your following action in doing so.

In addition, to make capturing leads easy, you can plug in chatbots and web forms and track various communications across calls and emails. Besides all of that, Pipedrive comes with AI capabilities and automated workflows to reduce the effort spent on admin tasks.

However, one of the most impressive features Pipedrive offers is the exhaustive list of integrations, allowing you to capture leads from many different touchpoints and feed that into whichever CRM you choose.

4. Ohmylead

OhmyleadOhmylead is a new but promising option in the lead management landscape.

Unlike some other systems on this list, Ohmylead is a pureplay lead management software, meaning it doesn’t have a built-in CRM. However, it can feed into any lead nurturing tool you might be using at the moment.

Also, Ohmylead can connect to any lead source you are currently using, so it’s also flexible. What is more, all captured leads are automatically verified and scored.

Leads that have not yet been qualified are diverted into a nurturing pipeline, with integrations such as MailJet, MailChimp, and many other email marketing automation software.

5. Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRMAs its name suggests, Less Annoying CRM is a surprisingly simple software that lives up to its name.

Many enterprise-grade software solutions can be quite bulky and cumbersome. Therefore, one of the leading design principles of Less Annoying CRM is its simplicity and ease of use. This is achieved with an intuitive interface and careful product design.

One more unusual thing about this software is that it is entirely web-based. Therefore, there are no downloads or installations required to make the software work.

Finally, Less Annoying CRM has calendars and collaboration facilities built-in, and you can even customize the system with the help of their robust customer support.

6. FLG

FLGBusiness-to-consumer (B2C) segments, such as eCommerce, rely on a very high volume of leads daily, supported by lead management automation. One of the lead management software solutions able to help you achieve this goal is FLG.

FLG is powerful management software that will help you make this process as simple as possible, with its intelligent workflows, marketing automation, multi-channel contact center, and multiple integrations.

What needs a special mention is the fact that FLG supports up to 1 million leads in bulk imports, log-based distribution, and advanced deduplication to tackle high volumes. Now those high numbers won’t look so intimidating to work with.

The software also includes personalized follow-up workflows, as well as time-stamped audits for further efficiency.


As we can see, there are many options when it comes to lead management software. Unlike with some more straightforward tasks, the differences between these solutions are not just cosmetic.

However, the main goal remains the same, reduce the burden of using multiple software to track and manage leads. By giving you one central platform for accomplishing this task, these software solutions are bound to save you time and money.

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