30+ Cool Logo Designs Inspiration

Creating an awesome logo design is essential for any business to make their mark and a lasting impression. If you are anything like me who gets designer block every now again when thinking of logo concepts then I and pretty sure you will enjoy this collection.

This article was inspired by our users of our free theme asking what font we used on our Mag theme. So the hope is that you can have something to reference when creating your brand identity.

Before we get into the collection let’s have a look at the different type of logo designs.


Wordmark would be your company name style in whatever font you choose which becomes your logo.

Pictorial Mark is an image or a shape that would be used to represent your business.

Abstract mark is an abstract symbol or shape used to represent your brand values.

Letter form is a letter or initials from your company name used to create a logo.

Emblem is your business name enveloped by a pictorial shape or element.

Character is simply a mascot or character used to represent your company.

Web 2.0 is that of rounded corners, gradients, font icons and so on.


I have spent hours searching for the coolest and most inspiration logo I could find, if you feel that I have missed any noteworthy logo design please leave it in the comments below.

For your ease of use, I will group these incredible logo designs in categories with regards to their industry.

So without further ado let’s have a look at my findings:

Transportation logos

Here I have tried to gather a wide variety of logos design within the transportation field to inspire you to create something unique and memorable. A common trend I have seen in this space is the use of vehicle incorporated within the design.


Cribys logo


Myëukon logo

Road Hog

Road Hog logo

Natural Fuel

transportation logo

Leaf logos

When I think of leaf and green incorporated within a logo design, I tend to think of eco and agricultural companies. Below are a few creative use of adding a leaf into your branding process and hopefully it’s able to give you food for thought.


Topchop logo

Leaf trio

Leaf trio logo

Painted Fern

Painted Fern logo

Creative logos

In this section, I have tried to include some of the most creative logos I could find. If you want to stand out and leave a lasting impression, then these design should give you some idea of doing so.

Pandemonium by Laytoncreative

Pandemonium logo

Tacorama by ArtDemix

Tacorama logo


Bison logo

Motor City Chopshop

Motor City Sponsorship

This is a great custom-designed logo from CompanyFolders.com. They do a great job coming up with unique logos that you’ll love. If you love their Motor City Chopshop logo, then check out their full portfolio for more work you’ll love.

Cook eat Love

Cook eat Love logo

Premium Design

Premium Design


Fuel logo

Initials logos

Initials logos in my opinion is mainly for personal branding however below you will see lots of intelligent uses.

AudioTheatre by sbdesign

AudioTheatre initial logo

Oficio by Estudio Cercle

Oficio by Estudio Cercle logo

Signature Paper by sbdesign

Signature Paper logo

Dominick Verstoep by Lecart

Dominick Verstoep logo

Patty Lingerie by rudy hurtado

Patty Lingerie logo

Food logos

Thinking of creating a food business or just rebranding then these designs should inspire you to create something exceptional.

Le Cafe Chat Noir

Le Cafe Chat Noir logo

Greek Whole Food

Greek Whole Food

Fish food

Fish food logo

Milky Mug

Milky Mug Logo


BarCode logo

Cook Finder

Cook Finder logo

Retro Logos

Let us take a trip back in time and look at a few great examples of vintage logos done rightt. One thing that stands out to me is the use of dull colors and soft tones throughout the logo design that gives it that aged look.

Pinup Girl Espresso by UtahRugbyGuy

Pinup Girl Espresso retro logo

The Groover by wizmaya

The Groover logo

Bob’s Diner by Marwabk

Bobs Diner logo

Uke Hunt by n0s0ap

vintage logo

Wrap up

If you found any value in this collection, I kindly ask you to consider sharing it with your network. All the logos designs mentioned above is copyright to their respective owners. So there, you have it 30+ cool logos to draw inspiration from. Let me know which is your personal favourite or if you have a design you would like to be featured here.

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  • vivek gururani
    Posted at 07:38h, 21 July Reply

    Nice list of logo designs. Very inspiring!

    I need a food logo design for my catering business, I have gone through many crowdsourcing sites like 99desings, Designcrowd, fiverr, Designhill etc.

    I have chosen Designhill for the same. I hope I’ll get a good logo design.

    • Editorial Staff
      Posted at 17:51h, 22 July Reply

      Thanks for the kind words. Designhill? I’ve never heard of that one, but I’ll definitely have to check that out. After doing this for so long, we’ve partnered with a bunch of trusted graphic designers, but it’s always nice to know there are reliable freelancer sites to turn to if needed

  • Shaunak Roychowdhury
    Posted at 02:07h, 13 January Reply

    Damn. Very interesting collection guys! I admire your taste in the presentation.

  • Samantha Gilbert
    Posted at 07:53h, 10 April Reply

    Great inspirational logo design ideas.

  • Complypartner
    Posted at 07:42h, 22 October Reply

    Nice list of logo designs,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful blog. And I hope you will write more important and helpful blogs for us. I have a Best logo Design company

  • Logozila
    Posted at 09:03h, 13 October Reply

    Graphic designers need to demonstrate excellent design skills when creating logos. Color schemes must be restrained and must be right for the application.

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