Logos of the Largest Companies in the World

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see a White tick swoosh or a big yellow ‘M’ logo or a bitten Apple? These are some of the corporate companies in the world which are recognizable in an instant even if their logo does not have a mention of the company’s name on their logo. What makes these brands’ marketing fruitful is their mark of identification. A company’s logo represents what it stands for, and there are a few corporate companies that we come face to face with on a daily basis, so often that they are ingrained in our minds. A corporate identity goes a long way and makes up a major part of their marketing strategy. The color palette, the typeface, and every little detail about a corporate logo makes its unique and sets them apart from the rest. Read on to learn about Logos of the Largest Companies in the world.

It is always great to think about starting a company that you have always wanted to create and start the entire process of turning your idea into making good money. There is no better way to enjoy your success than seeing that your company is successful.

One of the most important elements of any brand, regardless of whether it’s new or making millions of dollars, is the brand’s logo. Therefore, if you are in the business of designing custom logos, taking some time to check into the logos of the largest companies in the world. To help with this, we have listed logos of the largest companies in 2020.

While quantifying ‘largest companies’ is an intricate process, we can safely say that the World’s most valuable brands are the Largest companies in the notion that customers value these companies the most. These are the companies that we come to face with on a daily basis and whose logo catches our attention probably multiple times in a day. The logos of the largest companies are well-known, and their study could help designers improve their logo design iteration skills even better.

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Logos of the Largest Companies in the World

Paying attention and learning from the best is one way to improve your logo designing work and so, here we present the logos of the Largest companies in the world. (Courtesy of Forbes’ ‘The World’s most valuable Brands’ list).

Logos of the Largest Companies #1. Apple

This is the first in our list of logos of the largest companies in the world. This well-renowned bitten Apple has been representing the face of Apple Inc since its design back in 1999. The Apple logo although changed its color combinations a few times, this theme has stuck on since its designing back in the year 1977. At a brand valuation of over $143 Billion, Apple’s logo is easily one of the most recognizable ones.

Logos of the Largest Companies


# 2. Microsoft

Started by Apple founder Steve Jobs’ longest standing rival Bill Gates, Microsoft and its products are everywhere since their launch of the Personal Computers back in the 80’s. Microsoft’s classic logo is a representative of their most famous Operating System of all time – The Windows OS. It is for this reason we have we have listed logos of the largest companies and included Microsoft as one of them.

Google latest logo #3. Google

Google is easily one of the most recognizable companies in the world, given the number of tools and number of times their tools are used by people worldwide. The logo of the search engine giant has been revamped recently to focus on their perception of being user-friendly and intuitive.

Coca Cola logo #4. Coca-Cola

One of the most famous beverages across the world, Coca-Cola is one of the most valuable brands in the world, with a valuation of $56 Billion. This iteration of Coca-Cola’s logo was in the being since the late 1880’s. Although a few minor tweaks have been made over the course, their logo pretty much remained intact over this long period. This is why we have we have listed logos of the largest companies and included Coca-Cola as a top brand.

IBM Logo #5. IBM

One of the biggest Electronics manufacturers in the world, IBM had come across a lot of makeovers. From being called International Time Recording Company in the 1888’s to renaming to IBM, their current logo remains pretty much intact since the 1970’s.

Logos of the Largest Companies #6. McDonald’s

Remember the Big, bright Yellow ‘M’ we’ve been talking about at the very beginning of this article? Yes, that logo is of the very popular fast food chain, McDonald’s. Easily recognizable from its bright ‘M’ logo and their Mascot, McDonald’s is pretty much the face of Fast food across the world.

Samsung Electronics logo #7. Samsung Electronics

One of the most successful Electronics manufacturing company of the present day, Samsung Electronics has come a long way since its inception as a construction company. As a part of their 55th Anniversary, Samsung Electronics brought about a makeshift to their logo with the present design seen pretty much everywhere in the digital world.

Toyota motors logo #8. Toyota Motors

One of the most profitable automobile manufacturer of the present day, Toyota motors’ manufactured vehicles pretty much spawn across the entire planet. Starting with a very complicated logo, spelled ‘To-yo-da’ in Japanese language, Toyota motors went on to face-lift their logo with their global audience and customers in sight.

General Electric logo #9. General Electric

With a valuation of over $37 Billion, this New York-based conglomerate company is the face of household electronics since the early 80’s. The present logo of ‘GE’, was designed in 2004, after a century since its inception. With over 300,000 employees across the world, this is one of the most largest companies in the world, with the unique identity associated with it. This is why we have we have listed logos of the largest companies and included General Electric.

Facebook logo #10. Facebook

Started from a college dormitory to a market valuation of over $36 Billion, Facebook has become the face of modern-day social networking website. This logo has been there ever since the inception of the company in the early 2004’s. Used by billions of people worldwide, this is easily one of the most recognizable brands of the present day.

Walt Disney logo #11. Disney

Who doesn’t love a good cartoon show? A media company started by the Disney brothers is Walt Disney. Disney has grown out to include pretty much everything related to entertainment, ranging from theme parks and animated movies to production houses and animation studios for some of the world’s epic animated movies.

At&t logo #12. At&t

Valued at around $29 Billion on the market, At&t is easily one of the most popular and valued cellular networks. With a logo of a bell and named ‘Long distance telephone’ back in the 1889’s to its new name of at&t and revamped logo of 2005. This cellular network has gone through a lot of changes, but still keeping up with the growing expectations of their customers.

Amazon logo #13. Amazon

One of the most popular online e-commerce company in the world right now, Amazon had only a few design changes in its logo over its course of operations. The modern day logo that you witness now has been designed in the early 2000’s.


Louis Vuitton logo #14. Louis Vuitton

This Paris-based luxury brand of Leather goods, Shoes, Jewelry, Watches, etc. Is one of the most profitable brands in the world. Walk into any mall or major city and you’ll probably find one of the stores across the street. With major celebrities as their product endorsers, Luis Vuitton is pretty much recognizable by everyone in the fashion industry.

Cisco logo #15. Cisco Systems

After having celebrated their 30th year anniversary just last year, Cisco systems is one of the most famous company in the field of Information Technology and its broad line of next-generation networking modules and protocols. With a market valuation of over $27 Billion, Cisco Systems is famous for the computers and technology industry. This is why we have we have listed logos of the largest companies and included Cisco.

BMW logo #16. BMW

The present day logo of the luxury automobile manufacturer – BMW, designed in 2000 draws inspiration from its first logo designed back in the 1920’s. This Germany-based Automobile and Truck manufacturing company has evolved into a major automotive segment that manufactures many major automobiles and their spare parts.

Oracle logo #17. Oracle

This software/programming and networking systems company founded by Larry Ellison is one of the world’s leading conglomerate in the field of Information Technology. With a name that originated from the secret CIA project that the co-founder had been working on, Oracle had its logo pretty much the same since its inception.

Nike logo #18. Nike

Remember the Swoosh tick logo we’ve been talking about at the very beginning? That is the logo of Nike Sports brand. This logo was reportedly bought by the company for a mere $35, designed by a then-college student of Portland State University! Now this sports brand is valued at over $26 Billion and is the sponsor for some of the biggest teams and players in the world. It is for this reason we have we have listed logos of the largest companies and included Nike as one of them.

Intel logo #19. Intel

This logo is probably one of the most ever-present ones and comes with almost every Computer and Mac owned by users across the world. Developer of processors, motherboards, and other chipsets, Intel is one of the most well-renowned and profitable Electronics brands in the world.


Walmart logo #20. Walmart

Walmart is probably one of the most popular and easily recognizable brand among the retail stores across the world. The new logo was revamped recently in 2008, with a hint of due respects paid to their original logo designed back in the early 1960’s.


Verizon communications logo #21. Verizon Communications

Another very popular telecommunications service provider is Verizon. This logo is pretty much famous across the world, and the company itself is well-renowned for the quality of the service that it offers. Formed as Bell Atlantic, back in 1983, the present day Verizon logo is in place since 2000.


American Express #22. American Express

As one of the logos of the largest companies in the world. This global payment, finance, and transportation service provider is well-renowned across the world primarily through the credit card services and other finance-related products and services that it offers. Started with a Viking as their logo in 1850’s, American Express features the current logo ever since its makeover.

Honda logo #23. Honda

This Japan-based Automotive manufacturing company has a valuation of over $22 Billion and is easily one of the easily recognizable faces of automotive manufacturers across the world. The logo of Honda has evolved a lot since their complicated logo back in the 1940’s to a simple typography of the modern day logo.

Mercedes-Benz logo #24. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is one of the easily recognizable luxury automotive manufacturer in the world. The present logo of Mercedes-Benz has evolved a lot from its first logo back in 1902, but it still draws inspiration from their revamped logo of the late 1900’s. Mercedes-Benz’s current logo is a strategic act of branding.


Budweiser logo #25. Budweiser

Being one of the biggest alcohol manufacturers in the world, Budweiser is one of the most easily recognizable beer brands in the world. Although the logo of Budweiser was pretty complicated during the 1960’s, the modern logo is a simplistic approach to logo design and brand identity.


Gillette logo#26. Gillette 

Thanks to their excellent marketing strategies, ‘The best a man can get’, is is the first thing that quickly comes into one’s mind when hearing about Gillette. Products manufactured by this brand are ever present in households across the world. The present day logo designed in 1989 has evolved a lot from its logo iteration of 1909.

Marlboro logo #27. Marlboro

One of the most popular and well-known tobacco brands in the world, Marlboro has been the world’s number one cigarette brand since 1972. The logo has not been revamped numerous times, but the minor changes were made to reflect the tastes of the present day consumers.


SAP Logo #28. SAP

This Germany-based Software and programming company founded in the 1970’s has not seen any major changes to its logo over the course of these years. Although some minor tweaks are pretty much noticeable, nothing of the major sort has been revamped during its time of operations until the present day. This is why we we have listed logos of the largest companies and included SAP.


Pepsi logo #29. Pepsi

Pepsi is one of the world’s most famous beverages, with each of its three products generating over a Billion dollars in revenue each year. Known as Pepsi-Cola in its earlier days, the present day Pepsi logo draws inspiration from its logo iteration of the early 1960’s.


Visa logo #30. Visa

This logo is omnipresent across the world, and almost every payment or transaction made is through this company. This logo came into being recently in 2014, although nothing significant has been changed from its logo of 1976.

Nescafe logo #31. Nescafe

The beverage that keeps people like me going on, Nescafe is pretty much famous and well-known across the world for its Coffee products. This logo was recently revamped in 2014, although no major changes were made to the one present since 1998.


ESPN logo #32. ESPN

ESPN is one of the world’s most famous sports TV channel and is easily one of the world’s most profitable media brand. The present day logo of ESPN has been in place since 1985. A similar, but somewhat bland design of the ESPN logo was in place from 1979-1985 until the introduction of the present logo. It is for this reason that we have listed this logos of the largest companies in the world.


H&M #33. H&M

Hennes and Mauritz, mostly known by its initials H&M is a famous clothing, accessories, footwear, and textiles brand in the world. Based out of Sweden, this apparel maker has taken over the world with their line of clothing. Begun simply with a ‘Hennes’ logo back in 1947, the present day logo takes its inspiration from the logo iteration of 1968.

Loreal Paris logo #34. L’Oréal

L’Oreal Paris is one of the major France-based manufacturers of hair and beauty products. With a valuation of over $14 Billion, L’Oreal Paris’ products are well-known all over the world. This iteration of the L’Oreal Paris logo hasn’t witnessed many changes to it apart from the color palettes. The logo is pretty much just the way it was originally designed since the company’s inception.

HP_New_Logo_2D #35. HP

Hewlett-Packard or popularly known as HP is one of the leading manufacturers of Consumer electronics and provides other technology services to Governmental setups, etc. Although the logo of HP has been pretty much revamped since its inception in the 1950’s, the core concepts of the logo are still retained to this modern day iteration of the same.



#36. HSBC Bank

HSBC Bank Group offers multiple services including Wealth, commercial and Retail banking across the world. The modern day logo of HSBC bank gets its source of inspiration from its very early days when it was named The Midland Bank Limited. This is why we we have listed logos of the largest companies and included HSBC Bank.

Home depot logo

#37. The Home Depot

Another great example of consistent logo designing is The Home Depot’s logo. This home improvement retail service provider has the same logo since its inception in 1978. Nothing has changed about the quality of their services or the design of their logo.


Frito Lay Logo #38. Frito Lay

Possibly one of the favorite companies of food junkies. Who doesn’t like to snack on a bit on chips? The present day logo of Frito-Lay has been in place since their logo redesigning in 1997.


Audi logo #39. Audi

Audi is one of the most admired automotive manufacturers in the world. Known for the luxury and premium quality build of their cars, Audi’s present logo draws inspiration from their logo of the 1950’s.
UPS Logo #40. UPS

The present day of this logistics giant has been made in 2014. The current logo did not undergo any major significant changes apart from a little flattening of their logo designed in 2003. Thus logo is, however, a major improvement over their first logo of 1916 with an Eagle carrying a tied package.


Ford motors logo #41. Ford motors

Being introduced in the early 1900’s, Ford motors’ logo has undergone some changes once in a while. The typeface of the present day Ford’s logo, however, takes its inspiration from their logo redesigned in the 1910’s.


GUCCI logo #42. GUCCI

GUCCI is a premium Leather goods and small luggage manufacturer, based out of Florence, Italy. The present day logo of GUCCI has been in place since the inception of the company back in the early 1920’s.


Nestle logo #43. Nestle

Although Nestle was established as early as the late 1860’s, the present day logo of Nestle draws its inspiration from its first logo redesigning in 1868. The meaning of the company’s name origins from a German origin of the same name, meaning ‘Little Nest’.


Accenture logo #44. Accenture

Accenture is another company who’s logo has pretty much remained intact over the course of the years, since its inception. This consultancy, technology, and outsourcing services provider has kept their branding almost the same since they began work in 1995.


IKEA Logo #45. IKEA

IKEA is a Swedish-based manufacturer of furniture and other retailing. IKEA is loved by some and loathed by other for their designs of home and office furniture. Founded by a then 17-year-old kid, the logo of IKEA hasn’t changed much since 1943. This is why we have we have listed logos of the largest companies and included IKEA.



This Germany-based conglomerate, founded initially as an electronics and electrical company, now offers its services in up to six other different sectors. The present-day logo of SIEMENS gets its inspiration from their design of 1928.


Wells Fargo logo #47. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is a financial service provider, who has now expanded into several other offerings in the industry. Their current logo has been in place since being redesigned in 2008.


Fox logo #48. Fox

Fox is a media broadcasting company founded in the USA in 1986. The logo that stands in place right now has been redesigned multiple times over this course of time. The present logo had been redesigned in 1999.


Pampers logo #49. Pampers

Pampers is one of the most successful products that are sold under P&G. The present logo of Pampers has been redesigned recently in 2013, simplifying their long-standing one designed in 2001.

eBay logo #50. eBay

eBay’s present logo, redesigned in 2012, has been ever-present since being founded in 1995. The present logo is just a little bit of makeover of its previous logo, which has served it until recently.

Hermes Paris logo #51. Hermes Paris

Hermes International is one of the Paris-based apparel company that has a global marketplace for their textiles and fashion products. This company has a market valuation of over $10 Billion. This is why we have listed logos of the largest companies and included Hermes Paris.


Starbucks logo #52. Starbucks

Who doesn’t like their coffee from Starbucks? Well, although it might be a pretty subjective question, Starbucks is one of the biggest retailers of Coffee and Tea products. Although Starbucks might not be proud of their first logo, the present day logo gets its inspiration from their logo in 1987.


MasterCard logo #53. MasterCard

The present day logo of this consumer, financial services company is in place since 1997. Although a few minor tweaks has been witnessed with the MasterCard logo, the core concept has never evolved over all these years.


Danone logo#54. Danone 

Danone is one of the major food processing companies in the world, especially dealing in Dairy products. The present day logo of Danone has been revamped recently in 2005, but its core concepts of logo branding were in place since 1972.

Cartier logo #55. Cartier

With almost over a century of operations, this France-based luxury jewelry maker has been a major provider of luxury goods to the entire of Europe and across the world.


JP Morgan logo #56. J.P. Morgan

This famous financial and asset management service providing company was one of the strongest banks during the tough economics situations. Although now operated under Chase bank, J. P. Morgan’s logo hasn’t witnessed any major changes over the course of its operations.


Caterpillar logo#57. Caterpillar

The logo seen besides is of the world-famous manufacturer of heavy machinery and equipment is Caterpillar. Caterpillar’s logo of the 1925 is a bit spooky, but the present one has been in place since 1989. This is why we have we have listed logos of the largest companies and included Caterpillar as one of them.


ZARA logo

#58. ZARA

ZARA, the flagship clothing retailer, has its logo since being redesigned in 2010. ZARA’s present logo takes many cues from its previous design, and it integrates some new core concepts in typefaces in its latest iteration of their branding.


Kellogg logo #59. Kellogg’s

Being the manufacturer of the frozen foods and cereals, which are the favorites of millions of people worldwide, Kellogg’s is pretty much successful as a brand. Their logo of the present time has also never been redesigned since its inception in 1906, apart from a change in its color palette once. It is for this reason we have we have listed logos of the largest companies and included Kellogg’s as one of them.


Kraft foods logo #60. Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods is one of the world’s leading food and beverage processors. Their logo, redesigned in 2012, gained its inspiration from their logo back in the late 1980’s.

Colgate logo #61. Colgate

Colgate is a world-renowned consumer products company, focusing primarily on personal and home care. Their present logo has been in place since their logo redesigning of 2001.


Chevrolet logo #62. Chevrolet

Chevrolet is another one of the most famous and most profitable automotive manufacturers in the world. This is one of the companies who has witnessed numerous minor changes in their logo design since their inception. The modern-day logo draws cues from its design of 1914. This is why we have listed logos of the largest companies and included Chevrolet.


Coach leatherwear logo #63. Coach Leatherwear

Coach Leatherwear is one of the biggest manufacturers of women’s handbags and other retail items. With a product line of a wide variety of offerings, Coach Leatherwear rarely had a major logo makeover in their entire history of operations.


Hyundai motor logo #64. Hyundai Motors

This South Korea-based Auto and Truck manufacturing company is another one of the most profitable and well-known brands in the world. The present-day logo of Hyundai Motors reflects the companies redesigned logo of 1992.


Rolex logo #65. Rolex

Rolex is one of the world’s largest brands when it comes to making luxury watches. The present day logo of Rolex has been redesigned in 2002, with only minor changes to their logo in place since the 1960’s.

Lexus logo #66. Lexus

Lexus is an automotive unit or brand under the Toyota Motors brand. This brand has never revamped its logo since being designed in 1989.



Volkswagen logo #67. Volkswagen

Another major automotive brand based out of Germany is Volkswagen. The Volkswagen is a commercial vehicle manufacturer and their current logo draws major cues from its first logo of 1937 and has been revamped multiple times over the course of years.


Thomson Reuters logo #68. Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters was the result of a merger between Thompson Corporation and Reuters Group, and this logo is the result of the same, designed in 2008. Thomson Reuters operate in the media publishing and print industry providing intelligence and analytics to publishers throughout the world.


Santander logo #69. Santander

Santander is a Spain-based banking services provider, and their present logo stands in its place since 2010. Although there was a bit different variant of its present logo in the past, nothing of the major sort has been revamped over these years.


John Deere logo #70. John Deere

This heavy equipment manufacturing company is the perfect example of logo branding evolution, with many effective changes being brought into its design. John Deere has the perfect case of logo evolution, all while keeping their core design concepts intact from the late 1870’s.


Chase bank logo #71. Chase

Chase Bank is arguably one of the oldest financial service providers, being founded in 1799 as the Chase Manhattan Bank. The present logo of Chase bank stands in place since its redesigning in 2005. This is why we have we have listed logos of the largest companies and included Chase.


Bank of America logo #72. Bank of America

Founded in 1904, The Bank of America is one of the major Banks in the world. Their current logo stands in place since their redesigning in 1998. Their previous logo was designed by the famous Landor Associates.


Canon logo #73. Canon

Call the perfect example of logo redesigning and Canon sets a perfect example for logo designers across the world. The present day logo of Canon is a modified iteration of their logo since the 1930’s.


Prada logo #74. Prada

Based out of Italy, Prada is one of the world’s biggest manufacturer of luxury apparel and accessories. The present logo of this luxury brand has only witnessed minor changes in their typefaces and nothing apart from it.


Nissan logo #75. Nissan

Nissan Motor is an automotive manufacturer based out of Japan. The current logo of Nissan has been designed in 2001. Before that, Nissan went over many different designs, with its first logo design iteration resembling something like a Hollywood movie title.


Red Bull logo #76. Red Bull

This Austria-based beverage manufacturing company is pretty famous worldwide for their Red-Bull cans. Sold over 5.6 Billion cans, Red Bull has also dominated the F1 Constructor standings, four years in a row. The present logo of Red Bull has been in presence since 1987.


Philips logo #77. Philips

This Netherlands-based technology company has been involved in numerous fields out of its main domain, including healthcare and other services. The present logo of Philips has just an added crest to its logo, and apart from it, the rest is just the same as it was designed back in 1968.


Porsche logo #78. Porsche

Another company who’s logo has been ever present since the day of its inception is Porsche. This Germany-based performance car manufacturer had its logo the same since 1931.


Sony logo #79. Sony

SONY is one of the world’s famous Electronics company based out of Japan. Although its first logo is a bit complicated, the present version of their logo has been in place almost since 1972. This is the reason it has been listed logos of the largest companies.


FedEx logo #80. FedEx

Federal Express, or commonly known as FedEx, offers one of the world’s most famous e-commerce and transportation services. Their present logo was redesigned in 2006, bit it takes some cues from their logo of 1994.


Citi-logo #81. Citigroup

Citigroup Inc is a global financial services holdings company. The present day logo of Citi was redesigned in 2007, although it had no major differences over their logo of 1998. Prior to that, the company had a logo of ‘Citigroup’.


Boeing logo #82. Boeing

The Boeing Co. is an aerospace company whose services and products are used in many different fields including commercial and defense operations. The present day logo of Boeing was redesigned in 1997, which was pretty much a simplified version of the one active in the 1920’s.


Adidas logo #83. Adidas

Adidas is an athletic and sports goods manufacturing company. The present day logo of Adidas was designed in 1997. This version of the Adidas logo was a pretty much-simplified version of their logo designed in 1924 when it was known as, ‘Dassler’.


Subway logo #84. Subway

Subway is one of the food chains that you would now find across every other street. The present day logo of Subway was redesigned in 2002, which takes inspiration from the first logo created by its founder.


Chanel logo #85. Chanel

Talk about logo consistency and the luxury fashion and accessories brand Chanel is at the forefront. The present logo of Chanel has been in place since 1909. This is why we  have we have listed logos of the largest companies and included Chanel.



Royal Bank of Canada logo #86. Royal Bank of Canada

RBC is a diversified financial services provider with operations in numerous business segments. The present logo of RBC was designed in 2001, which is a much better improvement over their logo designed in the 1860’s.


Allianz logo #87. Allianz

This Germany-based financial and insurance services provider has this logo in place since 1999. This logo of Allianz is a pretty much well-redesigned logo, simplifying their logo concept of the early 1920’s.


Goldman Sachs Group logo #88. Goldman Sachs Group

Goldman Sachs Group is a global leader in the field of investment banking services. Another example of logo consistency among corporates, the logo of Goldman Sachs has been in existence for ages.


Ralph Lauren logo #89. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Corp, offers premium lifestyle products including apparel, accessories, fragrances and much more. Polo by Ralph Lauren is one of their biggest products.


Heineken logo #90. Heineken

Heineken Holdings is a Netherlands-based beverage manufacturing company that has its logo since the 1990’s. Founded in 1863, Heineken is now one of the world’s leading manufacturer of beverages. It is for this reason that we have we have listed logos of the largest companies and included Heineken.


Exxon Mobil logo #91. Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil came into its being after Exxon acquired Mobil Oil, and this logo of Exxon Mobil was designed in 1999. Exxon Mobil is the world’s leading oil and natural gas supplier.


Target logo #92. Target

Target is one of the most famous Discount stores in the world, famous for their guaranteed low-cost pricing on a wide variety of products. Their present logo takes inspiration from their logo designed in the 1960’s.


Panasonic logo #93. Panasonic

Panasonic is a Japan-based consumer electronics company whose logo has been ever-present since their logo redesign in 1971. Panasonic offers products and services in a wide variety of segments including household and other industrial electronics systems.


Hershey's logo #94. Hershey’s

Hershey’s is a world-famous producer of chocolate and sugar confectionery products. The present day of the logo is a minorly tweaked version of their logo designed in 1971.


Lego group logo #95. LEGO

LEGO is a world-famous Denmark-based leader of manufacturing leisure products. With a brand name meaning ‘Play Well’ in Danish, LEGO had a revenue of over $2 Billion in 2014. The present logo of LEGO is active since its redesign in 1998.


Lancome logo #96. Lancome

Lancome is a France-based manufacturer of luxury cosmetics and perfumes. The logo of Lancome Paris, apart from a few minor tweaks, has never undergone a major logo redesigning. It is for this reason we have we have listed logos of the largest companies and included Lancome as one of them.


KIA Motors logo #97. KIA Motors

Kia Motors is a South-Korea based Auto and Truck Manufacturer with operations in three major sectors of the automotive industry. The present-day logo of KIA Motors stands active since their recent redesign in 2012.


Sprite logo #98. Sprite

Introduced originally by Coca-Cola company in response to the popularity of 7UP, Sprite is now one of the world’s leading beverage manufacturing company. The present logo of Sprite has been redesigned in early 2015. This company is famous for its numerous logo redesigns over its course of operations.


MTV logo #99. MTV

MTV is a popular media channel who used to broadcast music videos, but now this media network also has included reality television shows in its operations. The present logo of MTV was redesigned in 2010, which is a minor tweak of its previous logo active since 1981. We have listed logos of the largest companies and included MTV.


Estee Lauder logo #100. Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is a leading manufacturer of household and personal skincare goods. Their wide segment of personal care products is pretty much famous in the United States. The logo of Estee Lauder also stands active since a long time since its beginning of operations in 1946.


So, as we come to the end of this article on the logos of the largest companies in the world, which is the logo that entices you, as an audience, the most? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.

Find The Logo That Fits Your Brand

Most of the companies that have been featured on this list, including General Electric, Johnson & Johnson and Apple have the same logo idea with just a few variations since almost all of them have been in the industry for quite a long time. Essentially, while they may have some slight changes, they are in the same perspective.

Although reinventing yourself doesn’t hurt, trying to find what works for you from what doesn’t and then sticking to it is the best thing you can do. People usually get attacked to your logo and associate with your brand and in case you can ensure your logo is consistent, you can significantly increase the recognition of your brand.

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