9+ Best Free and Premium WordPress Author Bio Box Plugins

Having Free and Premium WordPress Author Bio Box Plugin is a good way to stay connected to the audience who like the writes up penned down by the different authors of your team and even help them to navigate if they wish to read articles written by a specific writer under a particular niche. Well, there are many such options available to choose and the below list is just about them with all your required features included. So, have a look and choose whatever you want, free or premium.

Best Premium Author Bio Box Plugins

If you’re looking for paid Author Bio Box Plugins with all the features included in them like social network integration, skins, and much more, then here below are the results.

Simple Author Box Pro

Simple Author Box ProSimple Author Box Pro is a plugin that allows you to add a responsive author box wherever you want it on your website. The author box will display the author’s name, avatar, description, etc. Using such a plugin is a great way to give credit to all authors on your blog, whether you often have guest authors, or there are multiple authors working on one post.

Furthermore, the plugin integrates seamlessly with your WordPress and is compatible with other plugins and themes, ensuring you have a highly functional and visually pleasing website. When it comes to editing your author boxes, you can do so easily by using Author Box Gutenberg Block.

In addition, the author boxes can be customized to fit your website’s overall design and you can choose the color schemes yourself or use one of the pre-made templates. Also, the choice of font size and font type is all yours. Moreover, the great thing about author boxes within this plugin is the fact you have total control over it and decide on its style, position, and post type.

Simple Author Box Pro allows you to adjust how you want the links to behave, whether they will open in a new tab or apply the nofollow link attribute. What is more, you can individually select posts that you want the author box to appear.

Fanciest Author Box

Fanciest Author Box

There is another one of the best WordPress Author Bio Box Plugin named as Fanciest Author Plugin to make sure that the writers stay in focus for the work they’ve done with the content. The plugin comes with many features like Google authorship inclusion, completely responsive and retina ready, many color options, shortcode and widgets available, social network compatible, multi-lingual, get added automatically and can be placed manually as well. The plugin comes at a price of US $ 17 for the regular license.

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Best Free Author Bio Box Plugins

If you’re having lack of funds or want to try out some demo version for these Author Bio Box tools, here are some good deals for you.

Co-Author Plus

Co Authors Plus WordPress Plugin

If you run a website which has the content written by more than one writer or any article is done by a team, then this Co-Author Plus plugin is the best option available for you. You can easily make the contribution of one or more authors in an article and that will appear on the archived page of the authors.

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Starbox Author Box Plugin

Starbox Author Box Plugin

The Starbox WordPress Author Bio Box Plugin has been designed to make sure that the writers do every bit of customization with their profiles and let themselves more presentable for the readers. This plugin can be put on top or bottom, works with most of the themes and has many customization features to make it look different for every author.

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Author Box After Posts

Author Box After Posts Plugin

Here is one more WordPress Author Bio Box Plugin which comes at no cost and has many features to be your companion. The important features which make it good download are social media integration from over 10 networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc., you can set your avatar in place of registering on gravatar, compatibility with SEO by Yoast Plugin and much more. Now, I don’t have a reason to not to choose this freebie for my starter blog. Do you have any?

Author Box Reloaded

Author Box Reloaded Plugin

This WordPress Author Bio Box Plugin named as Author Box Reloaded is the choice of many bloggers as it allows them to connect with their social media accounts very easily and to almost all of them. It also is very handy to work with no useless things to get stuck with. You can now include a template tag, content shortcode or even both of them as well.

Guerrilla’s Author Box

Guerrilla Author Box Plugin

No, don’t get carried with the name. It is a WordPress Author Bio Box Plugin that comes for free and has decent features available to make sure that you get your work done easily. It is placed at the end of your post and shows name, description, avatar linked via gravatar and, of course the website link as well. Enough features from a freebie. Isn’t it?

WP-Author Box

WP Author Box

A WordPress Author Bio Box Plugin is very useful to let the visitors find the articles by their preferred writer or any specific topic related author easily. It also makes a bond between authors and readers very easily. Now, for the same purpose, here is this WP- Author Box premium plugin with many features available that is Google authorship compatibility, completely customizable, user role permission, unlimited responsive tabs, 6 predefined skins and many others as well. You can buy this tool for US $ 16.

Elite Members

WordPress Author Listing and Box

If you’re working with a team of many authors then this Elite Members WordPress Author Bio Box Plugin could be the thing you’re looking for. With the help of this plugin, you can easily put the author names in a list and help your visitors to find them without much navigation. Other features of this plugin include 3 author box styles, 4 author listing styles, extra profile fields, jQuery effects, many color configuration options, different avatar shapes, widgets, template tags & shortcode availability, admin settings and much more. It costs only US $ 11 to buy.

CCR Author Bio WP Plugin

CCR Author Bio WP Plugin

The last but not the least in the list of Premium WordPress Author Bio Box Plugin is this CCR Author Bio. It also has all the features to make sure that the writers get all the acknowledgment for their work. The features included in it are many customization options, font awesome icons, multi-language support, WordPress setting API, handy option panel, unlimited color options and supported by every theme. You will also much more and all of them just for US $ 14. Now, that’s a good deal!

Final Conclusion

At last, I would like to add just that if visitors are connected well with the writers or authors of your team then you have a better chance to get traffic and this is all you want I guess. Now, the above WordPress Author Bio Box Plugins are the best in the industry and we’ve offered you both, free and premium. However, you can let us know if there are any other options available which you’re using and not listed above. Also, do not forget to share your experience with us along with your questions in the comment section below so that we can solve them if any though.

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