5+ Best Free WordPress Splash Page Plugins (2021)

A splash page is a cool way to showcase special offers or content of your website, but it can also affect user experience if set up in the wrong way. If we can set it up quickly and elegantly, we will all set to nourish results from it. Here I’m compiling the best free WordPress splash page plugins that you can use from day one and try increasing user engagement.

These plugins can be used to either showcase the special content of your website or also to create a special landing page to encourage product sales. In either way, doing the same thing via coding isn’t that easy (I’m counting you as a non-developer), so we got our best option, WordPress Splash Page Plugins.

The options I’m going to share are all free and used by at least thousands of users. But still, you need to check them on your own as there are many things you should consider before installing any plugin.

Certain requirements you need to check before using this specific niche of the plugin should offer an elegant user interface and support different types of media content. The call to Action section should be properly designed and functioning.

Note that you’re taking a kind of risk by implementing a splash page on a WordPress-driven website. It can make or breakpoint, in any case. If you’re not sure how to set up a landing page, you better learn related things before playing with bare hands.

Why Use A Splash Page Plugin For WordPress?

If you built your site into products or services, then there is no doubt that you need to make a splash page.

Splash pages will help you improve your conversions, allowing you to convert more visitors into buying customers.

Many WordPress beginners and business owners are not quite conversant with technology and most likely cannot write code. There is where the WordPress splash page steps in.

The WordPress Splash Page Plugins usually come with ready-to-use themes and drag and drop tools to allow editing and creation of unique landing pages from the ground up.

This gives you the flexibility to quickly create landing pages for all your marketing campaigns without hiring a developer. You can then choose to reuse the themes, build new ones or create your library to deploy the splash page designs.

Best Free WordPress Splash Page Plugins

So let us start with the compilation, and I’m going to add all free options. There are also premium options available offering better features, so you can go for them if any of these below-mentioned free ones aren’t covering your requirements.

Do you run an online store? What types of services or products do you offer online? Do you want to increase the number of users subscribing to your services? If so, likely, you have already heard about splash pages. Nevertheless, if you haven’t yet heard about them, this is probably the best time to learn about them. Keep reading to learn more about how you can make splash pages a crucial aspect of your marketing strategy.

A splash page largely focuses on brand and information building. For certain campaigns, you will need specific splash pages. These are the pages where you capture leads and convert them into sales. A splash page is a webpage with a special goal to get the people coming to your website to take the action you want. Every aspect of your splash page is primarily geared towards gaining the interest of your visitors to take a certain course of action.

The goal may be anything, including reading further details, purchasing products or services, providing contact details, filling subscription forms, or contacting the customer support team. You can even add some incentives, probably freebies that come with these WordPress Splash Page Plugins.

The best splash pages are created with certain intended purposes. They have ideal structures that ought to be maintained with subtle differences based on the specific needs of different websites. To make splash pages a greater success, the marketing team ought to undertake detailed off-page SEO optimization. The team ought to get additional traffic to the splash pages, and this is exactly what WordPress Splash Page Plugins offer. This is quite important to the success of your marketing campaigns. After a person gets into your splash page, you can leave the page to do the rest of the work.

#1 UnderConstructionPage


The UnderConstructionPage plugin is your best friend when you want to create a beautiful under-construction page for your upcoming website. Whenever you have work that you want to do on your website, you should always inform your visitors about it. You don’t want to risk losing any users because you failed to let them know about your website’s downtime.

That’s where UnderConstructionPage comes into play. The plugin offers you over 2 million amazing images that you can implement into your page, as well as over 270 templates you can customize entirely. There is a handy drag and drop editor to help you through the customization process, which allows you to create a page in few clicks. The editor also provides you with different elements and element dividers that you can place on the page. Furthermore, you can put a countdown on the page to produce even more anticipation and excitement from your visitors.

Aside from stylization, UnderConstructionPage provides you with tools for tracking your traffic and clicks. You can generate tracked inbound links and share them on your social media profiles. Also, you can integrate it with Google Analytics to have even more insight into how your website is performing.

You can choose between four different priced plans, but be sure that each version is packed with great features and useful options.

#2 Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Like the previous tool, but with a few different features, is the amazing Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin. While an under-construction page implies that your website is published but work is being done, a coming soon page can show that something entirely new is in the works.

Furthermore, a coming soon page can be even more beneficial to your website because it can bring users before you publish it. Coming Soon & Maintenance mode offers you more than 2 million gorgeous images you can use for your page and 170+ themes that you can customize according to your style. That being said, you can completely rebrand the plugin to fit your business; you can change the logo, colors, name, and text.

As for the maintenance part of this plugin allows you to remotely control all your sites, meaning you can view traffic stats, synchronize your data, and enable or disable the coming soon mode. Also, Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode takes care of your website’s SEO. It provides you with a preview of how your website performs on search engines and runs over 20 tests on various SEO aspects.

#3 Ultimate Coming Soon Page

Ultimate Coming Soon Page Plugin

The third plugin on the list is being installed over millions of times. It comes with custom CSS & HTML, translation ready, multisite support, BuddyPress compatible, Feedburner integration, and lots of customization. It supports multiple websites driven by WordPress script and works with almost any theme.

The kind of customization being allowed to tackle with colors, images, logos and fonts can change the whole look and feel of the splash page you’re about to develop. It supports all known media content formats and compatible with cross-browsers.

These all were the part of free version while you can even upgrade to its pro one that will bring additional features and improved performance. The only downside I found is that the full screen browser option is only available with pro version.

Full Details & Download

#4 WP Splash Page

WordPress Splash Page Plugins

If you wish to add an age verification page that can stop users from accessing the content of your website otherwise, then start using this WP Splash Page plugin. You don’t need to pay anything for any of its features, and it can add that age verification by following certain easy steps.

It is capable of detecting mobile devices and adjusting the whole layout accordingly. Other features comprise of SEO friendly, template system, fully customizable, live preview before changing, etc. You can set it for running even if JavaScript is disabled and even select days for which it runs over the website.

The full page background video is another eye-catching feature and users are even allowed to add separate pages covering agreements, terms of use and disclaimer (through checkbox opt-in) kind of information.

Full Details & Download

#5 WordPress Landing Pages

WordPress Splash Page Plugins

The Visual Editor is the main highlighting feature of this next plugin we have. This option can let you customize a lot of thing on the live mode (just before saving it). It can create beautiful landing pages where you can even share any kind of media content or normal text.

Apart from just basic page creation tools, it comes with an in-built analytic tool that can record conversions and related data that you can use to increase ROI and performance. It can also let you develop and show different pop-up forms that can further increase user engagement.

Full Details & Download

#6 Easy Landing Pages

Easy Landing Pages Plugin

This particular plugin can let you create lead generation pages, squeeze pages, sales pages, landing ones or even coming soon pages. You can even run a contest on the first page with which readers interact. The UI of the tool at Dashboard is simple enough to get used to with the whole interface and learn to do all possible things.

The whole script is customizable fully and you can even tweak the HTML and CSS code to add further any improvement at per your requirement. This particular feature (offering full freedom to developers) is the one that makes this plugin a cool player.

Full Details & Download

#7 WP Lead Plus Free Squeeze Page Creator

WP Lead Plus Free Squeeze Page Creator Plugin

It’s the last option that comes in two versions, free and pro (paid). The free one covers almost every needed feature and option to develop a page that can display ‘Coming Soon’ status or can even handle a lead creation layout. It comes integrated with email notifications and an auto-responder feature that is again helpful in case of the landing page.

Easy logo creation, customization, and flexible background options are also easy to offer you to tweak the design elements. I won’t spoil the surprise further and recommend you to try it out.

Full Details & Download

Over to You

The final decision is pending in the court owned by you, and there is no hurry in taking a decision. I recommend (as always) to test individual WordPress Splash Page Plugins you’ve finalized on test blogs before using them on your money tree.

Taking a closer look at the best WordPress splash page plugins, there is no doubt that the Ultimate Coming Soon Page is the best splash page plugin available in the market right now.

It has stunningly beautiful splash page templates. Also, the editor is easy to use, fast and intuitive. The most amazing aspect of this plugin is that it also works with different WordPress themes and it’s fully compatible with all the important WordPress Splash Page Plugins.

Once you find everything Ok, then use it to develop either a Splash page or landing page. In either way, you need to make sure that the content being offered on the page is cool enough to keep users engage otherwise they will bounce back to the previous page, adding a bad signal to SEO status of your blog. Good luck.

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