12+ Best Genesis Plugins for Genesis Framework 2021 update

The WordPress Genesis framework  is one of the most widely used framework on the market and having powerful function and clean plugins is the key to the fully utilize it. This theme by SudioPress has been applauded by the WordPress community for its customizability, the shear capability to do better in SEO, and page load speeds. Overall, using Genesis framework is the key to success in the online world.

With tons of other frameworks out there, it is always the best decision to use Genesis framework over any other framework. Genesis also provides a powerful dashboard to control different aspects of the theme, and if you want to harness the power of Genesis framework, you must use the best Genesis plugins for your Genesis website.

Today, I am going to list the best Genesis plugins for your website. WordPress ecosystem is unique; it offers extended control of the system through plugins. Let’s not waste more time and get started with the best Genesis plugins for WordPress.

1. Genesis Simple Hooks

Genesis Simple Hooks WordPress Plugin

Genesis Simple Hooks is one of the most useful Genesis plugins. It comes pre-loaded with more than 50 hooks. These 50 hooks can be used to tons of customization including insert coding into the theme.

The hooks can tremendously reduce the amount of time you spend to insert new functions or customizing different aspects of the Genesis theme framework.

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2. Genesis Simple Edits

Genesis Simple Edits WordPress Plugin

Genesis framework is great and with the use of Genesis Simple Edits can improve your experience with the theme. The three main areas where most of the editing go are the post meta, footer area, and the post info(byline). With the help of this plugin, you can easily edit those areas, according to your requirements.

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3. Genesis Connect for WooCommerce

Genesis Connect for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is still the most used WordPress plugin for incorporating online shops into the WordPress theme.

Genesis Connect for WooCommerce enables Genesis themes to utilize the WooCommerce seamlessly. The easy integration enables the theme user to customize the difference aspect of an online shop without interfering without plugins and overall settings.

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4. Genesis Layout Extras

Genesis Layout Extras Plugin

Genesis Layout Extras is one of the top Genesis plugins out there. The plugin is downloaded more than 98000+ times and is still going strong.

The plugins help to edit the default layout of different pages such as search, attachment, the homepage, 404 pages and more.

Furthermore, you can utilize the nine new layouts that the theme offers. The plugin is lightweight, and it won’t impact much on the loading performance of the theme.

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5. Genesis Responsive Slider

Genesis Responsive Slider Plugin

The slider has always been an important part of a theme. And, the case holds true in the case of Genesis theme. If you are looking for a slider for your theme, then Genesis Responsive Slider offers what you are looking for.

The Genesis Responsive Slider is free of cost and allows you to incorporate a working image slider right into your theme. The slider can display images easily. It also offers other information such as post title and expert.

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6. Genesis Connect for Buddy Press

Genesis Connect for BuddyPress

Genesis Connect for BuddyPress enables the Genesis theme users to connect easily buddy press to their website. The plugins work out of the box, and also offers additional features when used with Genesis Simple Sidebar and Genesis Simple menus.

The plugin also provides CSS support pack for many official Genesis child themes.

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7. Genesis Optimized Social Share

Genesis Optimized Social Share Plugin

Social Share is important for any website. Genesis Optimized Social Share offers social sharing media options for the Genesis theme. The social share buttons will not affect the loading speed of the website, making it one of the best choices. In short, it doesn’t affect the page speed scores.

So, how does it achieve it? It loads all the social sharing assets asynchronously, leaving a lot of space of the main theme to load.

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8. Genesis Extender

Genesis extender plugin

Genesis Extender is one the most impressive Genesis theme. The ability to highly customize the Genesis theme can only be possible with Genesis Extender. The plugin from Cobalt Apps is not free and comes at a cost.

From the first look, the cost is justified for what you are getting in exchange.

Some of the key features of the Genesis extender are as follows:

  • Create Unlimited Custom Content areas
  • CSS customization is easy and in real-time
  • Homepage customization and creation is possible.
  • Lightweight and don’t hog on resources
  • Works with all Genesis child themes

The Genesis Extender is a must have and offers the right features for creating the best WordPress website. Highly recommended.

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9. Genesis Author Pro

Genesis Author Pro WordPress Plugin

Genesis Author Pro is a simple genesis plugin. The plugin can be used to display book author details in a systematic manner. The books can also be showcased in archive views. You can choose to add other information to the books such as price, ISBN, editor, published, edition, publish date and more.

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10. Genesis eNews Extended

Genesis eNews Extended Plugin

Genesis eNews Extender is used for adding mailing list functionality to the website. The Genesis 2.0 saw the removal of the default eNews widget and it is a good idea to use this plugin in place of the default one.

The plugin supports mailing lists such as MailChimp, FeedBurner, FeedBlitz and more.

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11. Genesis Style Trump

Genesis Style Trump Plugin

Genesis Style Trump is aimed at loading the Genesis CSS files after the plugin CSS files are loaded. This will enable the use of plugin CSS files, and the developer or webmaster do not have to use the !important declaration.

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12. Genesis Simple Sidebars

Genesis Tabs Plugin

Genesis Simple Sidebars can be used to add multiple widget areas into your Genesis website. The sidebars can be controlled according to the posts and what you are looking to do with it.

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Wrap Up

Genesis framework is great, but it requires plugins to take advantage off. Not everyone is conversant with coding, and the plugins come to an easy rescue.

Do you think, I missed a genesis plugin that should have been on the list? Comment below and let us know!

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