Here’s List of 6 Best Question & Answer Plugins for WordPress

Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms. – George Eliot.

Humans have evolved because of their nature of asking questions. The same curiosity is now evolved and we have lots of platforms over the internet allowing us to ask questions and seek answers from others. Quora is latest favorite question answer website while Yahoo Answers and many other are still in the favorite list. If you wish to offer a similar platform to your readers then here is your chance for that.

Create a WordPress driven website, choose a related theme and then install a plugin that can implement Question & Answer functionality inwards. Don’t worry about going on the hunt for best plugins as here I’m enlisting best Questions & Answers Plugins for WordPress. Just go through this collection and you’ll five more than five solutions to choose from.

Best Questions & Answers Plugins for WordPress

Let’s start with the list and I hope you’re ready for requirements at your end. Simply start matching them with plugins I’m adding downwards. I hope I leave at least one solution matching every requirement at your end.

#1 Sabai Discuss for WordPress

Sabai Discuss WordPress Plugin

It’s the first premium solution on this list that will cost you $24 and will offer features like Discussion stream, voting system, reporting abuse, flexible access control, user reputation, categories, filtration, search tool, comments, flagging, accepting answers, file attachments, close or reopen questions, etc.

It’s really handy plugin that is capable of delivering instant notifications via email (also comes with 10 preloaded email templates), compatible with almost every theme, widgets support and PHP Markdown editor for posting questions or answers. Yes, it is compatible with cross browsers and the latest version of WordPress script.

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#2 WPMU Dev Q&A

WordPress Q A Plugin

Welcome our first premium plugin from our favorite WP MU Dev unit and it comes with really handy tools for awesome and elegant looking user interface and design. The design part is so unique and elegant that it will ensure high user experience in almost every situation.

It comes being compatible with lots of themes and other plugins while also compatible with latest version of WordPress native script. Users are allowed to participate through on-page submissions and webmasters can either place a Question and Answer window on a separate page or through a Widget itself.

Features like Unanswered, pointing system for building reputation, comments, user profiles, categories, tags and subscriptions are all part inside and together they are powerful enough to help you run a well-managed and awesome looking Question Answer website.

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#3 DW Q&A

DW Question Answer Plugin

DW Q&A is our next plugin which is available for free and receives maximum stars in every review submitted by its existing users. It’s highly credible and comes with dozens of features like reCAPTCHA support, support for more than eleven languages, answers, and comments window, following questions or answers, sticky question, notifications via emails and voting system.

Along with all the features, I’ve added above it comes with simple to use Control Panel which is always available in the Dashboard area. Users are allowed to submit, filter, order, edit and delete questions right from the on-page area. This plugin is being updated regularly with new features and it’s kind of big deal.

The whole user interface throughout the plugin at either Dashboard or User’s (on-page) end, is simple and elegant enough to ensure higher readability and better user experience. Just prepare for the kind of Question & Answer website you wish to build and leave every functional thing on this plugin.

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#4 CM Answers

CM Answers Plugin

If you were looking for a plugin that comes in both free and premium forms then here is our first option. CM Answers is available at no cost and at $29 (for Single Site license). You can buy a license for maximum 10 sites at a cost of $130. It offers awesome features like complete WordPress integration, Drag and Drop builder tool, MicroPayments options, proper logs and statistics, StackOverflow, anonymous posting, community building, etc.

It can help you run a fully featured forum website easily and its basic plugin includes features like view3s count, answers count, administrative privileges, instant and detailed email notifications, customization options for different templates and dedicated support in seven international foreign languages including English.

Premium features include features like attachments, moderation, social media login, BuddyPress integration, Shortcodes, User Dashboard, WordPress Multisite support and a bunch of additional features you may or may not want to use.

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#5 WP Answers

WP Answers Plugin

An $89 priced plugin that comes with its own theme to quickly setup a Question & Answer website is our next and last option. It comes with ultimate plugin, well documented and coded theme, compatibility for almost every other theme, auto-generated content from Stack Exchange, completely responsive, social media integration and a bunch of other useful tools and options. Since it seems to be overpriced so check on its demo, review, and support pages properly before buying.

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#6 AnsPress

AnsPress WordPress Plugin

This is the first plugin of its kind and you don’t need to pay anything to avail its features. It comes with a basic functionality package along with extensions for adding any particular functionality easily. The plugin is updated regularly and right now it’s even compatible with latest version of WordPress.

Its feature list is long and almost covers every single requirement you have. Features like Ajax based submission, flag and moderation facility, theme system, sorting questions or answers with lots of options, private messaging system, reCAPTCHA, email notification, tags suggestion, best answer selection, comments on both questions and answers and even voting system are all part of AnsPress.

Users can register comfortably and you can even allow them different roles like a participant, editor, moderator, etc. You’re even allowed to change any user’s role in future based on his/her performance. With all these features, the whole package comes with easy to use control panel on the Dashboard area. I hope it didn’t miss any requirement in the list you’re holding.

Over to You

So which plugin you finally picked from the little portfolio I setup above? If anything else I can help you with in this related requirement then don’t bother pinging me up via discussion section beneath. One thing that I must share before leaving is that pick a better niche which isn’t targeted yet otherwise you will face tough competition from existing players over the web.

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  • phillip montgomery
    Posted at 13:25h, 05 May Reply

    It’s a nice and commendable plugin’s list you have mentioned as they are truly useful in order to customize a theme. Especially I loved the features of the 4th one “CM Answers” but the only negative thing is its price. At the present time, where number of sites like and others offering free WP plugins related to various categories, there price of $29 doesn’t seem genuine. It would be great if the price were slight more affordable.

    • Brian H
      Posted at 22:26h, 05 May Reply

      Hi Phillip,

      You are right, getting started with some of these plugins can be costly but we most all respect the author’s decision in making his/her product paid. My advice to those unable to afford any these is to look for a free alternative. I would stay away from nulled says for serval reasons that I will not get into here. But we all of to start somewhere…sorry to ramble on. Best of luck

      • phillip montgomery
        Posted at 11:31h, 19 May Reply

        I agree with you Brian,

        Usually I also would not like to have nulled but i think for some event oriented sites or website made for a short time can use nulled themes as well. 🙂

  • Rahul Aryan
    Posted at 01:37h, 02 August Reply

    Thanks for including AnsPress

  • John
    Posted at 04:34h, 18 October Reply

    DW Q&A is not free. There is a 14 day trial and after this you have to pay. Or you go via a membership channel which costs money too.

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